When is the hurricane season in Mexico? Statistics and periods to avoid

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Mexico is the largest state in Central America and it is so large that its territory contains the most varied natural environments, consequently different types of climate. Tropical beaches, rainforests, lagoons, arid deserts, plateaus and mountains, Mexico lacks nothing.
However some periods are to be avoided due to the frequent and abundant rains and others that are even dangerous due to the hurricanes that can hit the coasts.


  1. Period and seasons to avoid: when not to go to Mexico
  2. Hurricanes in Mexico: forecasts, statistics and months most at risk
  3. When to go: the best time to visit Mexico
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Period and seasons to avoid: when not to go to Mexico

June to November is the season with hurricane risk, (specifically in the southern part / Caribbean area), with a risk peak from August to October. They usually come from the south or east and can be very violent, sometimes destructive.

The most violent rainfall, on the other hand, is very frequent between September and October, and affect the southern and central areas, mainly the coasts.

Along the south west coast of Mexico (Acapulco) and in Baja California Sur, always in the rainy period (July / October), tropical cyclones capable of unleashing strong winds, the cordonazos. However, these disturbances remain less intense than those that form in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricanes in Mexico: forecasts, statistics and months most at risk

In Mexico, the risk of tropical cyclones arriving in the form of hurricanes is quite high and affects both coasts of the country, as they are exposed to both cyclones from the Pacific Ocean and those from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Some cyclones manage to reach even the center of the country but during the journey they tend to weaken so they do not arrive with the same power with which they hit the coasts.

  • Last hurricane occurred: Franklinn, August 7-10, 2017, minimum category 1 hurricane
  • Number of hurricanes in the past 10 years: 3 of strong intensity / 6 of negligible intensity
  • Months most at risk: August, September, October
  • Alert level in the risk period: 7/10

When to go: the best time to visit Mexico

Choosing the right time to go to Mexico depends on what you plan to visit.

To go to the beach in Baja California or to go hiking in the surrounding deserts, the best times are spring and autumn, which is the two least warm and least rainy intermediate seasons.

To visit the south-west area of ​​the country, better known as Tierras calientes, the best seasons are winter and spring, warm and without rain.

Those wishing to go instead to the area of ​​Mexico City and the central highlands, or the Tierras Frias, have more choice on the period, in fact from autumn to spring this area has little rain, although it must be borne in mind that winter nights can to be cold.

Finally, the east coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan, whose best season is spring and especially the month of April, when the winds of March have ceased and the storms of May are still far away.

  1. Northern Mexico (Tijuana, deserts and the Gulf of California): intermediate seasons from March to April and from September to October. Spring is also good for Cabo di San Lucas and Baja California.
    Flights to Tijuana from € 850,00 - - Hotels and b & bs from € 26,00 per room
  2. Central - Southern Mexico (Tierras Frias and Tierras Templadas): in the Tierras Frias (plateaus and Mexico City) the ideal season is the intermediate one (November-April) to avoid rains, with a preference for March-April, while in the Tierras Templadas (Gudalajara) from February to May.
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  3. Southern Mexico (Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas): Acapulco from November to April, Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan (Veracruz, Cancun) from March to May, with a preference for April. Let's say that in all these places, called Tierras Calientes, generally the best months are those from December to February.
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

Mexico, being very extensive, has different climates according to the different areas. Generally on the west coast the climate is arid, on the central highlands it is moderately rainy, while on the east coast, the one overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, it is typically tropical, therefore hot and very rainy. However, the wettest season is summer on most of the territory, however, the driest season is winter even if a few rainy days occur anyway.

Let's see for example the average temperatures of the capital, Mexico City, which being located approximately in the center of the country has a milder climate than the arid one in the west and the rainy one in the east.

Where it is

Mexico is the largest state in Central America, in fact it extends from the United States to Guatemala occupying a large part of Central American territory.
The capital Mexico City is 10.240 km from Italy and the flight hours it takes are about 13, while it takes 11 hours to reach the Riviera Maya which is located further east than the capital; finally, to get to Baja California (Southern California), which is the most distant destination in the extreme west of the country, it takes almost 20.

How to reach us

  • From Milan and Rome: from Rome there are direct flights from Alitalia to Mexico City and Neos to Cancun. The flights of the national airline Aeromexico depart from Milan Malpensa, usually with a stopover in Madrid.
    Flights to Mexico City from € 649,00 - - Flights to Cancun from € 525,00 -
  • From the main European capitals: direct flights depart from Madrid and Munich to both Mexico City and Cancun. From Madrid with Aeromexico to Mexico City and with Evelop to Cancun, from Munich with Lufthansa to Mexico City and Eurowings to Cancun.

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