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    When is the cheapest time to go to New York? Our advice

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    How many times have we let ourselves be caressed by the idea of ​​giving up everything and making an unforgettable one trip to New York? Or more simply, how many times have we allowed ourselves to be overcome by the nostalgia for an overseas vacation that is now too far away in time? It is certainly difficult to count them for each of us!

    Unfortunately, however, when we take a look at the hotel rates and flight prices, we are often forced to retrace our steps, discouraged by what the total cost of the holiday would be. After all, as you can see in our article how much a trip to New York costs, the Big Apple is not exactly a low-cost destination: for 7 days you can spend a lot close to 1750 euros per person! Not quite pennies!

    With this article we want to go to the aid of all those who are trying to understand what is the cheapest time to go to New York: we will give you some advice on the cheapest month to fly, and some tips on how to understand which is the low season for hotels.


    • When is the best time to go to New York?
    • When is it worth flying to New York?
      • What is the cheapest airline for New York?
    • Can you save on hotels?

    When is the best time to go to New York?

    But when is the period of low season in New York?  The answer is simple: the months go by from January to March. Obviously, to find the cheapest prices, you need to book the trip for the days following the New Year, and you have to make sure that in the year chosen for the trip Easter does not fall in March. There is a reason why flights and hotels are cheaper in recent months: as you read in our article dedicated to the climate of New York, winter is quite harsh and many tourists choose warmer destinations.

    If it is true that the choice of the cheapest month to fly to New York is reduced to the winter period, it is equally true that you can find good offers even in the months of April May (Easter excluded) and between the end of September and first weeks of November (roughly until Thanksgiving). The remaining months (June, July, August, first half of September, second half of November and December) are to avoid for all those who are looking for low cost offers.

    New York Passes There is one method to save on admission to New York attractions valid for the whole year! If you want to know more, read our tips in the article dedicated to New York passes!

    When is it worth flying to New York?

    The very useful Skyscanner portal allows you to check the prices of flights to New York (and beyond) month by month, also calculating the cheapest month and detailing the best offers day by day. A quick analysis allows us to verify how the cheapest time to fly to New York is really January March:


    These estimates were made by the undersigned in July 2018 in view of the direct flights from Milan to New York scheduled for the first months of 2019: as you can see, fares can also be snatched less than 300 euros return! Obviously, to save money, you have to move in advance and pay attention to a series of small things that we have collected in our article on voli low cost in USA.

    What is the cheapest airline for New York?

    The universe of low cost flights offers more and more attractive opportunities, so much so that every three or four months appears a new company which offers incredibly competitive prices. There are those who say that at the present time it is Norwegian Airlines, there are those who instead claim that it is Air Italy ... the truth is that, according to our experience, there isn't one!

    After choosing the cheapest period, the way to save on your flight to New York is to use the search comparators: it is not uncommon to find offers that are unavailable even on the official websites of the companies! At the link below you will find an article where we have collected the most interesting and reliable portals.

    Advice on how to find a low cost flight

    Can you save on hotels?

    The recipe for save on New York hotels is the same: look for them well in advance for i low season months. Although the number of tourists decreases significantly in the winter period, we must not make the mistake of taking it too easy, because the risk of paying a higher figure than the seasonal average is just around the corner!

    If you need some additional tips to save further or, why not ?, grab a good price even in the mid or high season, I invite you to carefully read our article on where to sleep in New York on a budget.



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