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Generally, when we talk about Tunisia, we are more likely to think of a holiday full of sun, sea and relaxation. The capital, Tunis,
offers all this and more. Cultural and historical attractions, it is enough to mention his Medina and Bardo Museum, the most important archaeological museum throughout the Maghreb. Without forgetting his strategic position which allows you to make day trips to sites of great historical value such as El Jem and Carthage.

The city is essentially divided between the old part, the one where the Medina develops, and the new and modern one, the Ville Nouvelle. The center is quite compact and can be easily explored on foot.

The attractions are not many, a long weekend is perfect to enjoy it calmly and also allow yourself a trip out of town. Let's see together how better organize 3 days in Tunis.


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1 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Place du Gouvernement, Kasbah Mosque, Sidi Ben Youssef Mosque and Mausoleum, Rue du Pacha Al-Zaytuna Mosque (Great Mosque)

Start with a nice one breakfast in the Medina in the characteristic M 'Rabet Cafè (€ 3,50) choosing between the interior with traditional furnishings and the panoramic terrace.

Walk along Rue de la Kasbah (400 m) and reach Place du Gouvernement, large airy square surrounded by government buildings, flowers, palm trees and fountains. Everywhere the red flags of the country fly and, looking around, you can see an architectural mix that mixes the oriental-Arabian style and that of French derivation. On one side of the square thevery high minaret of the Kasbah Mosque (unfortunately not accessible to non-Muslims).

In 2 minutes on foot, taking Rue Sidi Ben Zied, you will find yourself in front of the Sidi Youssef complex which includes Mosque and Mausoleum.
At this point, with a walk of 800 meters through Rue Sidi Ben Arous you will find yourself in Rue du Pacha, the most picturesque street in Tunis with a high photographic impact. Follow it calmly, pausing to admire brightly colored shutters and doors.
At the end of the street you are in the Medina. Reach the al-Zaytuna Mosque of which you can only admire the long external colonnaded gallery and the 44 meter high minaret.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Souk el Attarine, Place de la Victoire, Bab el Bahr

Have lunch with a typical dish from Dar Essafa (€ 8,00) and continue the tour of the Medina pausing, in particular, at Souk el Attarine, the market of perfumes and essences. Crossing Rue Jamaa Ezzitouna (700m) you will find yourself in Place de la Victoire with Bab el Bahr in the center, imposing door on the model of the Parisian triumphal arch that separates, physically and symbolically, the old part of the city from the Ville Nouvelle.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Habiba Bourguiba Avenue

Price from Chez Slah, a renowned fish restaurant where it is convenient to book early (€ 18,00). Finally you do an evening stroll along Habiba Bourguiba Avenue, the long avenue that crosses the new city and leads to the Marina.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 5 km / 1 h
  • Places visited: Place du Gouvernement (free), Mosque de la Kasbah (free), Sidi Ben Youssef Mosque and Mausoleum (free), Rue du Pacha (free), Grand Mosque (free), Souk el Attarine (free), Place de la Victoire (free), Bab el Bahr (free), Habiba Bourguiba Avenue (free)
  • Tunis: Medina Guided Walking Tour
  • M'rabet Cafè breakfast (Get directions); lunch at Da Essafa (Get directions); dinner at Chez Slah (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Bardo Museum

Fate breakfast in one of the many clubs in Place de la Victoire, for example from Mon Cafè (€ 4,00) and then take a taxi to take you to the Bardo Museum (journey of about 15 minutes for € 2,50 with taximeter ).

At the Bardo you plan to spend the whole morning there (it is really the minimum, both for the size and for the beauty of the works that you will find in front of you). The museum is open from 9.00 to 17 and the ticket costs € 00. Only dinars are accepted!

This it is the most important as well as the oldest archaeological museum in the Arab world and the Maghreb. It Contains the richest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, all of exceptional workmanship and in perfect condition. The structure is spread over 3 floors and is divided into 6 departments which represent the historical-archaeological stages of the town. The exhibits are located in 34 rooms of which they occupy floors, walls and even the ceilings.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Habiba Bourguiba Avenue, Municipal Market, Hotel Majestic, Theater Municipal, Clock Tower

Have lunch just outside the Museum at Dash Food & Drinks, an easy place open 24/24, ideal for a quick meal (€ 6,00).

Take the taxi again (approximately € 2,50) and be taken to Place de la Victoire and reach (300 meters via Rue Al Jazera) the Municipal market to enjoy a slice of local daily life.

Spend the rest of the afternoon long Habiba Bourguiba Avenue, the central avenue of the Ville Nouvelle where, on both sides, Art Deco style buildings; linger on the facades of theHotel Majestic, Theater Municipal and on the decorations of the street lamps. About halfway down the avenue, the Clock Tower.

This area is very busy, even by the citizens themselves who love to walk and sit at the tables of one of the many restaurants, in the evening and during the weekend.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Habiba Bourguiba Avenue, fountain, Clock Tower

Turn off Habiba Bourguiba Avenue e dine at Le Carnot, a restaurant located inside the Insitute Francaise of Tunisia. Write down the address because it is not very obvious, indeed not at all! It does not have a direct entrance on the street but to reach it you have to pass the security checks. Then you will find yourself in a very elegant and modern environment that serves Mediterranean / Western dishes of excellent quality and at fair prices (eg € 12,00 cut of meat).

End the evening walking on the boulevard and enjoying the scenery created by the plays of light from the fountain in front of the Clock Tower.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 12,2 km / 2 h 35 min
  • Places visited: Bardo Museum (€ 3,50), Municipal Market (free), Habiba Bourguiba Avenue (free), Theater Municipal (free), Clock Tower (free)
  • Tunis: Bardo National Museum and Tunis Medina Half-Day Tour
  • breakfast at Mon Cafè (Get directions) lunch at Dash Food & Drinks (Get directions); dinner at Le Carnot (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Carthage

Breakfast in a café on the Place de la Victoire, the Café Baba Club (€ 2,50).
Take it on your own for this day a daily taxi (from € 10,00) or a guided tour (€ 43,00) - book online
First you reach, in the first suburbs, the archaeological site of Carthage which is only 20 km from the city (30 minutes by taxi about € 5,00). This place will amaze you, it is unique, magical because evokes ancient times and millennia of history.
The entrance ticket costs € 4,50 + € 1,00 for photography rights. The site is open in winter from 8:30 to 15:00, in summer from 8:00 to 18:00.
The site is very vast and half a day is the minimum indispensable to visit at least the main attractions which are: the Amphitheater, the Roman Villas, the Roman Theater, the Paleochristian Museum, the Museum of Carthage, the Tofet di Salambo, the Baths of Antonino and the Magon District.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Sidi Bou Said

Once out of the archaeological site have lunch from Salon De Thé the Hill's, French restaurant with panoramic terrace (€ 20,00).

By taxi (€ 2,00), head to Sidi Bou Said, another must-see.
The village of Sidi Bou Said is perched on a promontory overlooking the Gulf of Tunis, for this reason it is nicknamed The Balcony of the Mediterranean. The characteristic that distinguishes this village is the predominance of white and blue hues: the houses are of an iridescent white (to keep them cool in summer and to keep mosquitoes away) and blue doors, gates and shutters stand out on the facades. A fantastic glance made even more dazzling by lush bougainvillea bushes!
Stroll through the cobbled alleys, with the beauty of the colors and a breathtaking view of the sea that is a marvel for the eyes.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Sidi Bou Said

The village is also very suggestive in the evening, so we recommend that you spend the last evening of your long weekend here. Get started having dinner at Au bon vieux temps where to eat an excellent couscous (€ 6,00) with a sea view.

After dinner, stroll among the alleys of the village in a more magical atmosphere than in the afternoon because the crowd of tourists is thinner and you sip a typical mint tea with pine nuts at the Cafè des Nattes, a famous restaurant on the top of a hill at the end of the main street.
The Cafe des Nattes is certainly a place of great charm despite having become a tourist attraction. It was in fact the meeting place of avant-garde artists in the early twentieth century. The furnishings of the bar are those of the past and yellowed photos hang on the walls that testify the passage of personalities of the caliber of Paul Klee, Simone de Beauvoir, Andrè Gide and Jean Paul Sartre.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 31,7 km / 57 min by taxi
  • Places visited: Carthage (€ 4,50), Sidi Bou Said (free)
  • Carthage and Sidi Bou Said: Half-Day Tour from Tunis, Tunis: Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Saïd Guided Tour
  • breakfast at Cafè Baba Club (Get directions); lunch at Salon De Thé the Hill's (Get Directions); dinner at Au bon vieux temps (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Tunis cost

Tunis is not a particularly expensive destination. There are accommodations for all budgets and all types, but even the most modern and "western" structures are not very expensive.

Public transport has a very low cost and if you want to treat yourself well by traveling by taxi, that too is really cheap. There are various options to eat, from street-food to luxury restaurants but, even in the latter case, a dinner in a suggestive location like an ancient palace can cost € 50,00 / € 60,00.

In short, if you can find a flight at a good price, you can have a pleasant weekend at a low price.

  • Costs to eat: about € 25,00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 8,00 per person following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation: about € 10,00 per person considering all the taxis to reach the Bardo, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said plus the transfer to and from the airport (always using the taximeter!)
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 35,00 per room -
  • Fun: from € 10,00 per person per day (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Tunis: approximately € 193,00 per person (flight excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Tunis: the best time is spring, when the temperatures are pleasant, the trees in bloom and there is not yet the scorching heat of midsummer.
  • Tunis - Carthage airport is only 9 km from the center and to reach your destination you can take a taxi (15 minutes and € 3,00 with a taximeter) or bus no. 35 (€ 0,12).
  • the choice is between "western" hotels belonging to international chains (eg Ibis) in the new area, or guest-houses housed in ancient buildings of the medina (similar to a riad), a somewhat spartan but very suggestive solution.
  • Getting around: you can easily get around on foot, but there is no shortage of cheap public transport: the light rail which covers 6 zones (€ 0,12) and 3 bus lines (€ 0,12). Another alternative is a taxi (the meter starts at € 0,40).
  • Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND), 1 TND = € 0,3189
  • Documents: valid passport

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