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Treviso is one cities to visit in every season, equipped with the slow pace and the calm soul of those who want to breathe the quiet city life, and discover the beautiful views, born from the meeting of the rivers with the city structures. Let's see together what to visit, when you only have one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Treviso: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Treviso: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Treviso: Evening
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One day itinerary in Treviso: Morning

1 - Piazza dei Signori

Before starting to visit Treviso, you can stop for breakfast at the Beltrame Bar: the prices are not really low, but given its location, the price is justified.

Right in front of the bar is the first stop of the visit: Piazza dei Signori. Here stands Palazzo dei Trecento where, In the past, municipal assemblies made up of three hundred members met. The building extends over the whole square merging with Palazzo Podesta and its tower, 48 meters high. Also in Piazza dei Signori it will be possible to visit: Palazzo Pretorio, to the west, and to the south, between via XX Settembre and via Indipendenza, the first headquarters of the Municipal Library and Art Gallery, built in 1847.

2 - La Peschiera, Canal Cagnan, the San Franceso bridge

Crossing the portico located between the Prefecture and Palazzo dei Trecento you enter the "water area", that is the place where the Sile river passes. From here you reach the Pescheria, small island home to the traditional fish market, where it is still possible to admire the mills, with their ancient wheels, and the spectacle of the buildings that are reflected in the waters.

Retracing your steps, along the Canal Cagnan, you reach the bridge of San Francesco: in this part of the city it is possible to walk quietly, enjoying the view of historic places and mills, all framed by weeping willows.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 550 m / 6 min
  • Places visited: Piazza dei signori, the Peschiera, Canal Cagnan and the San Francesco bridge
  • 2,5 hour private guided tour of Treviso
  • Where to have breakfast: Bar Beltrame, Piazza dei Signori - Get directions

One day itinerary in Treviso: Afternoon

1 - Porta San Tomaso, city walls, Paradise peninsula

Crossing the complex of San Francesco and viale Burchiellati, you reach the most elaborate of the three Venetian doors existing in the city: Porta San Tomaso. Venetian-Lombard construction, the door has a rich facade decorated with trophies of arms, coats of arms, and the inevitable Venetian element placed in the center.

Near Porta San Tomaso there is the Osteria Arman, where it is possible to stop for lunch, enjoying typical Treviso dishes at the right price. To digest, a walk along the walls of the city of Treviso is recommended, easily identifiable from the gate. These, they were designed in 1509 in order to protect the town from attack by Venice: they were then integrated by a hydraulic system, which flooded the surrounding countryside using the waters of the canals.

Moving along the walls you reach the Paradise peninsula, a green area where geese, rabbits and other animals are left free to live in peace.

2 - The Cathedral, San Nicolò, Calmaggiore, the fountain of the Tits

The walk continues with the Cathedral, built on an early Christian temple, of which traces remain in via delle Canoniche: inside it is preserved the painting by Titian "The Annunciation". Once out of the Duomo, thanks to the efficient tourist signs, it is very easy to identify the church of San Nicolò, the second most important in the city. The majestic building is embellished inside by twelve pillars, on which beautiful frescoes stand out: it is allowed to take pictures.

After the visit, returning to the Duomo area and Piazza dei Signori, the recommended destination is Calmaggiore: the shopping street, lined with arcades and shops, very popular for the weekend "rub". Entering a shopping arcade on the left, towards Piazza dei Signori, you will find the famous Fountain of the Tits which, once, on the occasion of the celebrations, dispensed white and red wine.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,1 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Porta San Tomaso, city walls, Paradise peninsula, the Cathedral, the church of San Nicolò, Calamaggiore and the Fontana delle Tette.
  • Guided tasting and wine tasting at Castello di Roncade
  • Where to have lunch: Osteria Arman, Via Alessandro Manzoni 27 - Get directions

One day itinerary in Treviso: Evening

1 - The Loggia of the Knights, Dinner

Two minutes away from Piazza dei Signori, in via Martiri della Libertà there is the Loggia dei Cavalieri: the symbol of the political power of the nobles of the time. Built during the podestà of Giacomo da Perugia, the structure was the ancient place dedicated to conferences, conversations or games, between the different members of the nobility.

About a minute away we find the Trattoria Hesperia, where you can stop for dinner. Here they serve typical dishes of the Apulian cuisine, at more than fair prices, always taking into account the almost central location.

2 - Buranelli Canal

Visiting Treviso also means getting lost in its narrow streets, and admiring the splendid landscapes born from the meeting of the buildings, ancient and modern, with the water of the canals in the city. Between these Canale dei Buranelli absolutely deserves to be seen. With its series of porticoed houses that reflect on the water, the Canal ensures tourists a glimpse of ancient Treviso to photograph and then, it is only a few minutes from the restaurant.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 300 m / 4 min
  • Places visited: Loggia dei Cavalieri, Canale dei Buranelli
  • Food and wine experience in the Treviso countryside
  • Where to dine: Trattoria Hesperia, Piazza Fransceo Crispi - Get directions

Before leaving: useful tips

  • By car: organize your trip in order to arrive at one of the free parking spaces available
  • Clothing and accessories: in the months of May, June or November, bring umbrella and raincoat with you
  • When to go: The best months to visit Treviso are April, May, June, July, August, September and October
  • When not to go: to be avoided absolutely the months of January and February, since the climate is really bad
  • Events: in Treviso they often organize events, even in the evening. The ideal would be to be able to organize your visit in correspondence with one of these, so as not to miss even the "Treviso to live".

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

Treviso is a city full of churches and religious monuments and, due to lack of time, it is certainly not possible to visit them all.

  1. Porta Santi Quaranta and Porta Altinia which, in addition to being more "sober" than Porta San Tomaso, are located in different areas of the city
  2. There are so many historic buildings in Treviso, and you can't see them all in a single day.
  3. The Park of the Talking Trees, recommended for families, includes 4 paths that explore themes such as the ice age, science and cartoons. It certainly cannot be visited with so little time available
  4. Civic Museums, unless you are a fan, or you arrive in the city with the intention of visiting them, it is also good to avoid, always and exclusively for lack of time

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