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Trapani is one of the best known cities in Sicily. Its coast, with white sand and crystal clear sea, attracts hundreds of tourists every year for summer holidays. Yet Trapani is not only sea, but it is also culture and a lot of history. The origins of the city, which according to mythology was founded by the Trojans, date back to the Carthaginians. Over the centuries Trapani has passed from hand to hand, leaving however tangible imprints of the two dominations of the architecture of the palaces and churches of the city.
Trapani has many nicknames. It was the "city of a hundred churches", the "city of salt" or "the city of sailing", all of which testify to the multifaceted soul of this place. Are you curious to find out more? Here is ours itinerary on what to see in Trapani in one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Trapani: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Trapani: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Trapani: Evening
  4. User questions and comments

One day itinerary in Trapani: Morning

1- Erice

The day in Trapani starts from Erice. If you come from Palermo, Erice will be the first "attraction" of Trapani you will meet. Also known as the "city of Venus", Erice rises on top of the Monte San Giuliano. For centuries inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and other populations, today it is a beautiful medieval village full of attractions.

To make it famous all over the world, however, are not only its monuments, but also (indeed, above all), its breathtaking panorama. Here, between a visit to the Matrix a jump to Balio Gardens, where you can enjoy a 360 ° view across Trapani and its surroundings, you can have breakfast atAncient Confectionery of the Convent, perhaps with a slice of ricotta cake or with traditional Sicilian sweets (under € 5,00).

2 - Conte Agostino Piepoli Regional Museum and Saline Nature Reserve of Trapani and Paceco

Once your visit to Erice is over, take the funivia which will take you to the center of Trapani. The city develops in length, so taking Corso Piersanti Mattarella you will be able to visit everything there is to see without jumping through hoops. Here you will immediately come across the first attraction of the city on our itinerary, the Conte Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum, with collections of paintings and sculptures, which tell the development of the figurative arts in the Trapani area, with particular attention to the processing of coral, majolica, and precious materials. Continue on the course until you reach the Saline Nature Reserve of Trapani and Paceco. In this natural oasis, among dense vegetation and rich and varied fauna, you can observe how the salt was extracted that had made Trapani a true commercial power.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 14,2 km / 30 min
  • Places visited: Matrix of Erice (€ 2,00 approximately), Conte Agostino Piepoli Regional Museum (€ 6,00). Saline di Trapani (about € 4,00 with the museum)
  • Guided tour of Erice, Segesta and Saline di Trapani
  • Where to have breakfast: Antica Pasticceria del Convento, via Guarnotti

One day itinerary in Trapani: Afternoon

1 - Fish Market and Conca Trapani Bastion

Continuing on Lungomare you will arrive at fish market, which rises in the homonymous square. In ancient times the market was located outside the walls of Trapani, but with the expansion of the city they were incorporated into one of the most popular places for the inhabitants of the city. Built in 1874 by Giovan Battista Salotti, you will also recognize it for the large portico made up of round arches. Continue along the seafront until you reach the Conca Trapani Bastion, not far from there. Built on the Walls of Tramontana, this bastion allowed the soldiers to keep under control the sea that washes the city. Here you can have lunch at Tramura, one of the clubs in the area, spending about € 15,00 per person.

2- Towers and Churches

Continuing along the seafront you will arrive at the Tower of Ligny. This seventeenth-century building, which represents the most extreme point of Trapani, initially it was supposed to be a fortress, then it was transformed into a lighthouse and today it is the seat of the museum of prehistory of the city. Go back to via Lutazio Catulo and now head towards the Colombaia Tower. Also called the Castle of the Sea, according to legend it dates back to the Trojans or even before the Carthaginians. Over the centuries, this tower has also had various uses, including that of a prison until the construction of the penitentiary of San Giuliano.
Now go back taking Viale Regina Elena until you reach the Church of Purgatory. Built in the late 1600s, it is one of the most important churches in the city. Its bell tower is a remnant of the Arab watchtower that stood right there before the church was built. Also on the façade you will see 13 statues representing the apostles and Jesus. Walking along via Generale Domenico Giglio you will arrive at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which also houses a work most likely made by Caravaggio.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 12,1 km / 40 min
  • Places visited: fish market (free), Bastione Conca Trapani (free), Torre di Ligny (€ 1,00), Torre della Colombaia (free), Church of Purgatory (free), Cathedral of San Lorenzo (free)
  • Where to have lunch: Tramura, via Libertà 20

One day itinerary in Trapani: Evening

Porta Oscusa and Astronomical Clock

In the evening, dedicate it to discovering the alleys of Trapani. On Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, near the Palazzo Senatorio you will find the Porta Oscura and the Astronomical Clock. This clock dates back to the th century and was installed on one of Trapani's watchtowers. Don't try to tell the time, you won't be able to. In fact, its hands indicate the zodiac signs, the solstices, the equinoxes, the cardinal points and the seasons.

Trapanese dinner and nightlife

In the evening, take a walk on the main street, Via Fardella, up to the height of Via Salvatore Lonero. Here you will find a delightful bistro wine shop, The Champagnotta, which offers aperitifs, cold cuts and cheeses and truly exceptional cuts of meat, to be accompanied with an excellent wine. Average price, around € 20,00 per person. Better to book, the place is small and very popular!
Along via Fardella there are several clubs, even if the "university" nightlife is concentrated more in the port area.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3 km / 11 min
  • Places visited: Astronomical Clock (free)
  • Where to dine: Enoteca La Champagnotta, via Salvatore Lonero 3/5

Before leaving: useful tips

Are you already traveling to Trapani? Wait a moment and read our tips. They may be useful to you during your stay in this city, even if it is short.

  • Connections: the city can be reached via the Vincenzo Florio airport. Although well equipped with public transport, it is best to visit Trapani on foot.
  • Entrances and museums: most of the attractions are paid, even if at a very low price
  • If you decide to extend your visit, take a look at our offers of accommodation in Trapani

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

For several reasons, seeing all of Trapani in one day is really difficult. We were able to see most of what the city has to offer but not everything. Here's what we gave up for this time.

  1. Trapani port: the city is surrounded on three sides by the sea, do you really want to "waste time" going to the port?
  2. Saline Museum: this museum is definitely out of town. However, you can visit it if you are traveling by car or heading towards the airport.
  3. Neighboring countries: generally a tour in Trapani also includes a visit to Segesta, Marsala, but it is clear that already in this way the rhythms are quite crazy ... if we take these excursions too ...
  4. Islands: as for the previous point, depending on the season, usually one or two days are dedicated to visiting Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. But not if we only have one day available ...
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