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Known and visited above all for its salt pans, Trapani is one of those cities that lends itself well to being discovered calmly despite having a few days available.

Its historic center is truly characteristic, surrounded by churches and Baroque buildings among which there are also interesting museums.
The whole is surrounded by a beautiful promenade, a crazy coast and long streets, equally characteristic, ideal for shopping and nightlife.

If you have a few days off, why not dedicate it to this city? Here's what to see in Trapani in 3 days!


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1 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Anime Sante del Purgatorio Church, San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art

The first day can only start with a beautiful one breakfast Sicilian with excellent coffee and a huge variety of desserts in the Cinzia pastry shop for about € 4,00.

We start the visit of the city from San Lorenzo cathedral (free entry). It is the most important place of worship in the city. Impossible not to recognize it in his elegant baroque and neoclassical style and its particular structure. It also houses beautiful paintings by Caravaggio inside.

A minute's walk away, also visit the Anime Sante del Purgatorio church, Other Baroque masterpiece with free admission, built in the Spanish era with an imposing and equally elegant structure.

Both churches have very long opening hours to be covered all day and require reservations only in the case of groups and schools.
Take via S. Francesco d'Assisi and in a minute you will be at San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art (free admission) managed by the diocese of Trapani which collects a significant collection of contemporary art, mostly sacred, by 130 artists from 22 different countries and a total of 200 works. The museum takes about an hour and a half to visit.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, MOOI Museum of Optical Illusions, Lungomare Dante Alighieri, Piazza Mercato del Pesce

Just outside the museum you will find yourself close to the Il Cuoppo del Porto restaurant, ideal for a lunch typical Sicilian fish-based, where with an average of € 30,00 per person you can eat the best local dishes served in really generous portions.

At the end of the meal, in 5 minutes on foot following Via della Cuba, you will reach the MOOI museum of optical illusions, an interesting and fun place to unleash your imagination with the most bizarre photos. Admission costs € 13,00 for adults and € 8,00 for children, and the museum takes an average of 2 hours to visit.

Soon after, in another 5 minutes walk through the alleys of the center, head towards the extended Lungomare Dante Alighieri and enjoy a pleasant walk southwards observing the beautiful Sicilian sea as the sun begins to set.

Walking for about ten minutes you can reach it Fish Market Square, a large square surrounded by arcades and with a fountain in the center where once the fish market was set up and today is a characteristic place to be captured in photography.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Tramontana Walls Beach

From Piazza Mercato del Pesce, walk for another 5 minutes, continuing in the same direction, until you meet the Beach of the Walls of Tramontana, a suggestive stretch of coast surrounded by the walls of the ancient city of Trapani, where you can relax while admiring a beautiful sunset.

Finally, to end the day in the best possible way, move in a couple of minutes on foot to Corso Vittorio Emanuele and enjoy a good price of fish at the Antichi Sapori Restaurant where you can taste an excellent couscous and many seafood dishes at the average price of € 25,00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2 km / 25 min
  • Places visited: San Lorenzo cathedral (free), Anime Sante del Purgatorio church (free), San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art (free), MOOI Museum of Optical Illusions (€ 13,00), Dante Alighieri seafront (free), Piazza Mercato del Fish (free), Tramontana Walls Beach (free)
  • breakfast at Pasticceria Cinzia (Get directions); lunch at Il Cuoppo del Porto (Get directions); dinner at Antichi Sapori Restaurant (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Torre di Ligny Civic Museum, Villino Nasi, Colombaia Castle

For cheap and good breakfast, with super stuffed croissants, go to the Nettuno Lounge Bar.

The second day is dedicated to some attractions located in the historic center and directly overlooking the sea, which can be easily reached on foot in 15 minutes or by line 10 to Piazza Generale Scio.

Reach, on foot, via a long walkway over the sea, the Torre di Ligny Civic Museum (free admission / Mon - Sat 10:00 - 13:00) born inside the Torre di Ligny, an ancient watchtower used in the defense of the city whose rooms now house a rich collection of archaeological finds such as anchors, amphorae, helmets, artifacts and tools.
Furthermore, from the terrace you can admire a splendid panorama of the Trapani coast and a glimpse of the Egadi Islands.

After the visit, a 10-minute walk away, there is the Villino Nasi, a historic villa of 1898 with free admission open every day from 10:00 to 17:00, owned by the Trapani politician Nunzio Nasi. Inside are located a series of frescoes and a large library with nineteenth-century wooden furnishings.

Going back, walking for about 7 minutes, you reach another interesting maritime attraction, the suggestive Castello della Colombaia, an imposing medieval fortress whose very first construction is attributed to the Trojans in 260 BC and later rebuilt by the Aragonese in 1280. This castle with free admission is only open for events in the city, but the outside is already worth a visit. It is in fact one of the most beautiful and ancient examples of architecture in all of Sicily and inside it preserves, still in excellent condition, a labyrinth of rooms and corridors full of coats of arms and historical testimonies of the Carthaginians, Romans and Aragonese.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Saline di Trapani and Paceco, Salt Museum

A minute away, there is an excellent restaurant, Lo Scoglio, where you can pranzare with the best Sicilian specialties and fresh fish dishes accompanied by a good local wine at a price range between € 20,00 and € 30,00 per person.

After having refreshed you will be ready to leave for saline, the most popular attraction in the city, which will keep you busy all afternoon.
From the historic center, the urban line 31R (€ 1,20 each way) gets off at the Via Libica stop, or you can reach the salt pans by car via the SS 115 or on foot if you want to take a long 30-minute walk.

Awaits you a nature reserve of 1.000 hectares between windmills and salt pans, home to migratory birds and pink flamingos, observing live the ancient activity of salt extraction. Admission costs just € 3,00, the experience that awaits you and the views are truly unique.

But the visit of the salt pans cannot be considered complete without having entered the extraordinary Salt Museum, dedicated to white gold, which will make you discover the history of the salt trade, dating back to the Phoenicians, complete with events and vicissitudes to better understand the important role this has had over the years for the economy of the city.

The museum exhibits work tools, period photos and artifacts such as old wooden blades of the mills, all accompanied by descriptions and stories. Admission is € 2,50 and is open every day from 9:30 to 18:00.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Corso Vittorio Emanuele

At the end of the visit of the salt pans and the museum it will be time for price and we want to suggest the Trattoria del Sale, a characteristic restaurant where you can immerse yourself even more in the Sicilian culinary culture. Here the average cost of the meal is between € 15,00 and € 25,00 per person.

Immediately after returning to Trapani, this time with the 31R line, if you had chosen public transport, and reach Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a long street surrounded by elegant Baroque buildings that becomes even more characteristic in the evening. Here the choice between various types of premises is wide. You can opt for a drink in a lounge bar or for an excellent homemade ice cream!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 33,3 km / 1 h 9 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Torre di Ligny (free), Villino Nasi (free), Castello della Colombaia (free), Saline di Trapani and Paceco (€ 3,00), Salt Museum (€ 2,50), Corso Vittorio Emanuele (free)
  • Trapani: full-day tour to the salt flats and historic center
  • breakfast at Nettuno Lounge Bar (Get directions); lunch at Lo Scoglio (Get directions); dinner at Trattoria del Sale (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Erice Cathedral, Bell Tower, Venus Castle, Pepoli Tower

The third day we want to dedicate it to Erice, an enchanting and characteristic village 13 km from the city, located on the summit of the homonymous mountain.

It can be reached via the Trapani cable car, but also by bus 21. The ascent by cable car costs € 9,00 round trip and a large parking area is available for € 1,50 to leave the car.
But first we want to recommend a good coffee and many sweet delicacies, including homemade ice cream, at the Gelateria Ciuri Ciuri located near the cable car (full breakfast around € 4,00).

Reach Erice where ancient houses, stone alleys and a suggestive view of the sea await you. From the cable car enter the historic center through the Porta Trapani and start discovering the Erice Cathedral and its Bell Tower (every day 10:00 - 18:00 / ticket € 2,50), built in 300 through various architectural styles of which remains a very simple exterior but a surprisingly elegant interior.

Then move in 10 minutes to the Castle of Venus and Tower Pepoli (castle: every day 10am - 00pm / admission € 18 - Turret: every day 30am - 4,00pm / admission € 10), an ancient Norman fortress and its tower built on the ruins of a Phoenician-Roman temple to protect the citadel. From here you can enjoy a crazy view!

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Old Town

A few steps from the castle, you will find the Osteria di Venere, the ideal place for a lunch typical, abundant and cheap where you spend around € 25,00 for a two-course meal.

As for the rest of the day, we suggest you take it easy and relax walking through the alleys and squares of this splendid village enjoying the ancient and characteristic atmosphere, perhaps stopping to buy souvenirs and typical products in the numerous shops that you meet.
In this regard, we also recommend one unmissable stop: Pasticceria Maria Grammatico to taste the famous Genoese with custard and the renowned almond sweets. At the end of your tour, reach the cable car again and return to Trapani.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Via Fardella

Once back in the city, follow Corso Mattarella which in 20 minutes will lead you to Via Fardella where we have planned the rest of the evening. A very long, modern course close to the historic center, full of restaurants, pubs, lounge bars, ice cream parlors and more.

for price you can vary to typical or fish-based meals by choosing the I Love Pizza pizzeria with its good and wide range of flavors ranging from the most classic to the most innovative and complex. In any case, if you prefer, the restaurant also offers a wide choice of courses from appetizers to desserts. The prices fully respect the Sicilian standard and remain between € 10,00 and € 20,00 per person based on what you choose to eat.

Finally, enjoy the last evening on Via Fardella by choosing the type of venue you prefer for your tastes and interests.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,7 km / 24 min
  • Places visited: Erice Cathedral and Bell Tower (€ 2,50), Castello di Venere and Torretta Pepoli (€ 4,00), Historic Center of Erice (free), Via Fardella (free)
  • Erice: private half day tour - Erice, Scopello and Castellammare Del Golfo: tour from Trapani
  • breakfast at Gelateria Ciuri Ciuri (Get directions); lunch at Osteria di Venere (Get directions); dinner at I Love Pizza (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Trapani cost

Trapani, like many Sicilian cities and southern Italy in general, presents low-medium costs, especially as regards food and transport to which are added attractions that are largely free and low cost connections with the rest of Italy.

In addition, you have the opportunity to stay in the hotel for about € 20,00 per night, many times with breakfast included. If you decide to spend a little more, we are talking about € 50,00 per night, then you can also find half-board facilities.

Adding it all up, you won't be spending too much for a weekend. Here are the costs in detail:

  • Costs to eat: about € 50,00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 18,50 per person following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation: about € 25,00 per person (if you take advantage of the transfer to and from the airport and public transport if you are not staying in the center of Trapani)
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 22,00 per room -
  • Fun: from € 20,00 per person (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Trapani: from € 260,00 per person (return flight excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Trapani: the best time to enjoy the city thanks to the excellent temperatures is from April to November - for more info
  • the reference airport is "Vincenzo Florio", well connected by many low cost flights to various Italian and European cities, from which Trapani can be reached in 40 minutes by AST buses (€ 4,90 one way). Alternatively, you can choose to land at the "Falcone-Borsellino" in Palermo and from there move to Trapani with the Segesta bus (starting from € 8,00). It is possible to reach the city by ship from the main italian ports thanks to direct trips to Tunis that stop in Trapani, the cost starts from € 40,00 - flights to Trapani from € 79,00 -
  • the central area is excellent for those without a car, while the immediate vicinity and in particular the Lido San Giuliano district, located on the sea, are convenient for those who are by car but do not want to stay too far from the center - Hotels and b & b in starting from € 22,00 per room -
  • Getting around: the city center can be easily visited on foot. If you are staying in the surrounding neighborhoods, public transport managed by ATM offers 13 urban and 3 extra-urban lines (single ride € 1,20). Detailed information on lines, stops, timetables and prices are available at the Subscription Office in Piazzale Papa Giovanni Paolo - for more info

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