What to see in the Riviera d'Ulisse: Gaeta, Formia and Sperlonga

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La Riviera d'Ulysses is the strip of coast of Southern Lazio south of the province of Latina. Its "heart" is the Gulf of Gaeta. A place perhaps unique in the world: over fifty kilometers of fine sand beaches with the particular morphology of rocky and mountainous coastal promontories with the Aurunci reliefs that rise over 1000 meters overhanging the sea. From Gaeta a FormiaWithout forgetting the wonderful village of Sperlonga, here what to see around the Gulf of Gaeta.


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The lands of myth ...

A territory of indisputable charm, the Ulysses Riviera is also its singular, ancient history, which makes you lose its meaning between reality and legend.
Thus theOdyssey narrates the meeting of Ulysses with the people of the Lestrigoni and the island of sorceress Circe in front of Mount Circeo ... And in Caieta, today's Gaeta, Virgilio makes the nurse die of Aeneas, buried here by the Trojan hero during his journey.
In Roman times, then, it is the territory where the ancient route of the Via Appia: land particularly appreciated for its climate, trade, agricultural production of wines and oil, the fishiness of the sea and therefore elected as an ideal place for holidays.
In this strip of land, after the Trojan myth, there was no lack of suggestive events handed down also by religious memory: it is here that, at the death of Christ, legend has it that the mountain splits in two (Monte Orlando), soft and mating, with the signs of the hand of the unbeliever Turk.

Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park

The area affected by the Riviera d'Ulisse Regional Park it became protected in 1986. I places of absolute interest in the vicinity of the park are the Sanctuary of the Trinity and Frotta del Turco, the already mentioned Split Mountain and the mausoleum of Lucio Munazio Planco.
These places are scattered in the territory of the municipalities of Gaeta, Sperlonga and Formia.
But it is the wonderful natural setting that attracts tourists more than anything else.
Trekking and hiking enthusiasts they will be able to enjoy a fairytale setting, getting lost in paths rich in vegetation typical of the Mediterranean Macchia. The lovers of the sea instead they will be able to enjoy magnificent beaches where they can enjoy days of full relaxation.

Gaeta, Formia and Sperlonga

Gaeta is a city located between Rome and Naples. Its long history dates back to Roman times, a period in which it became an important military garrison. Gaeta is made up of two sections, a historic quarter and a modern quarter, which together make up a pleasant seaside resort that offers some impressive tourist opportunities such as Angevin-Aragonese Castle, Mausoleum of Lucio Munazio Plancoand Church of the Annunciation.
Exactly like Gaeta, Formia also has a historical and natural heritage of great value, it is no coincidence that historical evidence shows that it has been inhabited since 500 BC by an ancient Italic people known as the Volsci.
Among the places of greatest interest we point out the Tower of Castellone, iI Port of Caposele, Villa Rubino and Forum of Nerva. Finally, the fantastic deserves a mention village of Sperlonga, counted among the most beautiful in Italy.
It is a town loved for centuries by historical personalities and entertainment stars, a magical mix of ancient and modern, the perfect place to relax and live incredible cultural experiences. Absolutely not to be missed Grotto of Tiberius, visible walking along the eastern side of the Riviera di Levante.

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