What to see in the Mariana Islands: beaches, attractions and islands beautiful

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The archipelago of the Mariana Islands represents a real paradise on earth at the edge of the world, with a wild and uncontaminated appearance.

Thanks to their wonderful beauty, these islands attract many visitors from all over the world, driven by curiosity and the desire to relax on white sands, swim and dive in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and relax in these remote and hypnotic lands.

The northern part of the archipelago, consists of 14 islands, which form the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, under the rule of the United States. The southern territory includes the island of Guam which, on the other hand, constitutes a separate dependence. Don't miss the chance to discover a little more about this fantastic archipelago, which will surely enter your list of next destinations to explore.
Here's what to see in the Mariana Islands: beaches, attractions and the most beautiful islands!


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Travel informed: useful information and necessary documents

  • Inhabitants: 48.220 (for the capital Saipan); 80.362 throughout the archipelago
  • Capital: Saipan, for the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, an island in the archipelago that stands alone
  • Languages: English, Chamorro and Carolinian
  • Local currency: US Dollar (€ 1,00 = USD 1,10)
  • Weather: it is of a tropical marine type and average temperatures are between 24 ° C and 31 ° C throughout the year
  • Time zone: GMT + 10 (+ 9h compared to Italy)
  • vaccinations: no vaccination obligation required
  • Entry requirements: passport valid for no less than 6 months and return ticket. The visa is not necessary for Italian citizens for stays of less than 30 days
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where are

    The Mariana Islands are located north of Micronesia, halfway between Hawaii and the Philippines, in the Pacific Ocean, exactly between the oceanic and Asian continents. The Northern Marianas they are of volcanic origin and mainly mountainous, while the southern ones are calcareous and surrounded by coral reefs, with a flatter and hilly territory.

    10 things to see absolutely

    1 - Saipan Island

    The largest and most populated of the archipelago. With its clear waters you can dive to admire the richness of its depths, or enjoy days in total relaxation on the beautiful beaches of soft and white sand.

    On the island of the capital you will find awide variety of hotel facilities with hotels, resorts and golf courses.

    The first place in the ranking of the most touristic places of the Mariana Islands goes to Garapam which hosts numerous pubs and restaurants, as well as famous sushi bars and night clubs.

    Among the beaches of Saipan we cannot fail to mention Micro Beach, starting point for numerous water activities such as snorkeling and windsurfing, for the more adventurous. While a little further north is the American Memorial Park, a vast protected natural area, the kingdom of numerous species of birds.

    2 - Ladaren Tangke Trail and Suicide Cliff

    In Saipan, you can immerse yourself in the tropical forest of Marpi.

    After a short drive, you will find yourself at Suicide Cliff, a very famous promontory of the archipelago, which owes its name to a tragic event. From here, in fact, the Japanese soldiers threw themselves to avoid being captured by the Americans, choosing to die rather than being tortured.

    This promontory offers a truly incredible panorama which deserves to be admired. Once you get off the coast, you can also participate in scuba diving to admire the many wrecks of ships, planes, tanks, Jeeps and much more, dating back to the period of the Second World War.

    3 - Island of Tinian

    The island is located two kilometers south of Saipan, it is also known for a sad event. In fact, the "Enola Gay" bomber took off from here on 6 August 1945 and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    This island is full of beaches surrounded by crystal clear water and wonderful coral reefs, which still remain among the most pristine in the world. This gives you an idea of ​​why this place is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving while admiring the many species of tropical fish that swim in these waters. The cost for guided dives in this area is between USD 70 and USD 90 (€ 65,00 - € 80,00) depending on the duration.

    4 - San Jose, Taga House and Blowhole

    Without leaving Tinian Island, visit the small village of San Josè, where you will find streets named "Brodway", "42nd Street" or "Riverside Drive" just like the names of the famous streets of New York, although it is 13.000 km away. distance.

    The attraction par excellence of this village is the famous "Taga House", consisting of an expanse of megalithic rocks which, according to ancient scholars, would be the foundations of the palace of Taga the Great, the legendary ruler Chamorro, a well-known character among the local population of the Mariana Islands.

    Also do not miss the most spectacular natural monument called Blowhole, where you can admire this geyser shooting water into the sky up to 10 meters high, a true spectacle of nature. Then head to Taga Beach or Chulu Beach, where you will find several Japanese shrines.

    5 - Rota Island and the As Nieves quarry

    On this island, which is located halfway between Saipan and Guam, the landscape is made up of lush, verdant tropical forests and long white beaches.

    The main village is Sinapalo, which is not only the largest on the island, but is also the most populated, followed soon after by the village of Songsong, which was built under the towering 150-meter-high Taipingot Mountain.

    The Rota quarry, better known as "As Nieves", it is an archaeological site in which you can admire a set of megaliths abandoned in these huge excavations. One of the theories regarding these megaliths corresponds to a kind of competition between tribes for the true similarity of the megaliths found on the island of Tinian.

    6 - Tonga Cave and Chungai Cave

    A must-see on Rota Island, near Songsong Village, is the natural cave of Tonga, which houses stalactites and stalagmites inside, of a disarming beauty. A curiosity dates back to the period of the Second World War, in which the Japanese settled in this cave setting up a temporary hospital.

    The Chungai caveInstead, it has about a hundred paintings inside attributable to the cult of the ancient Chamorro people.

    If you are a bird enthusiast, go to Chenchun, the seabird sanctuary, in a pristine limestone forest, the perfect nesting place for many specimens. The island of Rota also offers wonderful beaches such as Tweksberry, known as the best beach on the island, surrounded by coconut trees, perfect for a relaxing afternoon, or indulge yourself in the Agusan's Hole Natural Pool.

    7 - Island of Guam

    In addition to being the largest of the southern islands, it is also thethe only island to be an autonomous territory to all intents and purposes, it is politically separated from the American Commonwealth.

    Its capital is Agena, which houses numerous hotels, and is the beyondonly tourist point around the island offering a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops. What makes this city special is the ensemble of architecture that composes it. Indeed you can walk among stone buildings dating back to the Spanish colonization, only to come across it in modern American style buildings and end up amazed to find us in front of us to indigenous wooden buildings.

    Among the places not to be missed on this island we mention the archaeological remains of the House of Gobierno e the mysterious pillars of Latde, which are reminiscent of giant mushrooms. Do not miss the most beautiful beaches on the island, Agana Bay and Cetty Bay, from which you can admire some of the most beautiful views of the island.

    8 - Pacific War Museum and the Mariana Trench

    If you are a true history buff, take the time to visit this museum, where you will find many historical artifacts dating back to the Second World War, such as weapons, aircraft remains and personal items dating back to the soldiers who lived on this island.

    Yokoi Cave is famous, at the Talofofo Falls Park, which owes its name to the Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi, who remained hidden there for about three decades after the end of the world war.

    Who hasn't heard of the The Mariannes Trench? Considered among the scariest places for some, and among the most interesting for the most curious. This natural crack arouses much interest from scholars and divers, due to its impressive depth, 10.911 meters precisely, also considered as the deepest point on the whole Earth.

    9 - Isle of Managaha

    This island is sheltered from the more touristy lagoon of Saipan.

    It is the perfect place to train in scuba diving, thanks to the rope courses on the seabed, or for guided snorkeling tours.

    The boat ride around the island costs approximately between USD 130 and USD 180 (€ 117,00 - € 163,00), with lunch included in the price.
    The snorkel operators will then offer you food to feed and attract the fish, and you will find yourself swimming among colorful fish. However, this is not a healthy thing for the reef and its inhabitants, so the most professional tour operators will not give you this possibility.

    10 - Obyan beach

    On this long, soft beach you will find paradise. Exceptional for snorkelers, divers or anyone who loves swimming in crystal clear water.

    On the beach you will find a couple of large Japanese WWII weapons bunkers.
    Close an ancient Chamorro village is located, in which you will find several megaliths, which are believed to have been the foundations of some wooden houses of the ancient people. You can walk inland to reach a couple of very interesting caves. The Obyan area also offers several hiking trails, and a couple of them pass through the cliff, up to the Naftan peninsula.

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