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We are located in Taiwan, more precisely in its capital, Taipei, one modern and cosmopolitan city, but which still retains its ancient and traditional side. Among immense skyscrapers, shopping streets, shopping centers and nightlife, you will also find yourself visiting large gardens and green areas and ancient temples that will take you back in time.

Are you ready to discover a fascinating culture, completely different from ours? Find out with us what to see in Taipei in 7 days!


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1 day

Start this day by visiting the National Taiwan Museum, the oldest museum in Taiwan. Here, you can learn more about Taiwan's history through artifacts, photographs and temporary exhibitions. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm, admission costs TWD 30,00 (approximately € 0,90) and also includes admission to the Land Bank Exhibition Hall, behind the museum.
After the visit, take a walk in the beautiful park which is right in front of the 2/28 Peace Park, among paths, trees, ponds and monuments. Taipei is full of parks and gardens and you will be aware of this during your week of sightseeing.

Reach Liberty Square and stop for lunch at Chun Shui Tang, a typical restaurant with traditional cuisine, in order to get to know the flavors of Taipei as well (average cost per person € 8,00).
Visit one of the city's main attractions, theChiang Kai-shek memorial building, an imposing building dedicated to the memory of the homonymous President of the Republic. You can also watch the changing of the guard here at any time. Admission is free and the monument is open every day from 9:00 to 18:00.
Then enjoy a nice walk inside the Taipei Botanical Garden, a natural oasis in the city. Admire the more than 2.000 species of flowers and plants present and arrive at the pond with lotus plants, the highlight of the garden. Open every day from 5:30 to 22:00, admission is free.

End the day at Nanjichang Night Market, a night market in the city. In Taipei you will find these night markets everywhere and they are the best place to taste typical local street food at very affordable prices! Stop to taste the local specialties in the various stalls (average cost € 5,00 per person) and experience this local reality!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,4 km / 45 min
  • Places visited: National Taiwan Museum (€ 0,90), 2/28 Peace Park (free), Liberty Square (free), Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Building (free), Taipei Botanical Garden (free), Nanjichang Night Market (free) )
  • Daily shopping: € 15,00
  • Taipei Night Tour & Din Tai Fung Steamed Dumplings
  • Lunch at Chun Shui Tang (Get Directions), Dinner at Nanjichang Night Market (Get Directions)

2 day

Second day in Taipei, start it by visiting the Lungshan Temple, the oldest and most famous buddhist temple in Taipei, where both Buddhist and Taoist deities are worshiped. Open every day from 6:00 to 22:00, admission is free.
Then visit the Shintomicho Cultural Market, a market that today is also a cultural center. Today it is a place frequented by people of all ages, where workshops and shows are also organized. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, admission is free.

Start along Kangding Road, one of the main streets in this area, and stop for lunch at Coba Sushi (average cost per person € 10,00).
Visit the The Red House, the first public market in Taiwan. It is a red brick building (hence the name) which in recent years has been redeveloped as a cultural and recreational center, full of clubs, markets and theater. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 00pm, admission is free.
After that visit the Ximending Walking District, Taipei's shopping district! Enjoy a stroll through the streets and maybe indulge in some shopping!

End the day with a dinner at TGI FRIDAYS Ximen Restaurant (average cost per person € 20,00) and then stay in this neighborhood, which is also the center of nightlife.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,0 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Lungshan Temple (free), Shintomicho Cultural Market (free), Kangding Road (free), Red House (free), Ximending Walking District (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch at Coba Sushi (Get Directions), Dinner at TGI FRIDAYS Ximen Restaurant (Get Directions)

3 day

On this third day we take you to the most modern area of ​​Taipei. Start the day by exploring the Xinyi Wei Xiu Shopping District, the shopping district that develops around Taipei 101.
Enjoy a stroll in this district, pass the Taipei City Government (which can be visited for free outside) and take a tour of the Four Four South Village Simple Market, a small market where you can find beautiful souvenirs in memory of your trip to Taipei.

Stop for something to eat at Good Cho's, where you can choose simple dishes such as bagels and sandwiches but also more elaborate dishes (average price around € 8,00 per person).
And after lunch get ready to get on Taipei 101, the most famous building in the city, one of the tallest in the world! Inside this building there is an observatory from which to enjoy a magnificent view of all the surroundings. The observatory is open every day from 9:00 to 22:00, the ticket costs 600,00 TWD (approximately € 17,70).
Once you get off, visit the Building in memory of Sun Yat-sen, a beautiful building that respects the characters of traditional architecture with various exhibitions inside. Its gardens are also very popular with locals. Open every day from 9:00 to 18:00, admission is free.

End the day with a Fairy Taipei dinner (average cost per person € 10,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,9 km / 51 min
  • Places visited: Xinyi Wei Xiu Shopping District (free), Taipei City Government (free), Four Four South Village Simple Market (free), Taipei 101 (€ 17,70), Sun Yat-sen Memorial Building (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 35,00
  • Taipei 101 Observation Deck Ticket Taipei 101: Skip-the-line ticket for the Observatory
  • Lunch at Good Cho's (Get Directions), Dinner at Fairy Taipei (Get Directions)

4 day

This fourth day, dedicate the morning and a few hours in the afternoon to explore it Taipei zoo. But be careful: don't think you are in front of the typical European zoos, this one is more like a large park nestled in a forest! There are very large spaces, trees and lots of greenery. Various activities are carried out to learn more about animals and it is also possible to contribute by adopting them! Open daily from 9am to 00pm, admission costs TWD 17 (approximately € 00).

For lunch you can eat inside one of the many rooms of the zoo (costs vary, on average € 10,00), full of services, refreshment areas and picnic areas.
Devote a few more hours to this beautiful place, without forgetting to visit the Panda House!
After you return to the center of Taipei, from Taipei Zoo Station take the subway Wenhu Line and get off at Liuzhangli Station, you will reach the Linjiang Street Night Market, one of the best night markets in the city. It is open from 18pm until midnight.

Stop to eat at one of the many stalls, savoring Taiwanese street food (from € 5,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 7,3 km / 1 h 33 min
  • Places visited: Taipei Zoo (€ 2,00), Linjiang Street Night Market (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 22,00
  • Lunch at Taipei Zoo premises (Get directions), Dinner at Linjiang Street Night Market (Get directions)

5 day

Start with the National Palace Museum, which houses one of the largest Chinese collections in the world! It has 697.490 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and works of art, making it also one of the largest museums in the world.
It is located a little outside the city center, you can reach it by taxi (more comfortable and fast option, and also more expensive), or by first taking the metro and then the bus (depending on the area where you are staying, you will have to take different lines). Open Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 18:30 pm and Friday and Saturday until 21:00 pm, admission costs 350,00 TWD (approximately € 10,40). Find out more about how to organize a visit to the National Palace Museum.

For lunch, walk (about 20 minutes) or by taxi (about 10 minutes) to the center of the Shilin district (which also includes the National Palace Museum) and stop for lunch at the Bao Bao Bao restaurant (average cost per person € 8,00).
After that take the Tamsui-Xinyi Line of the subway at Shilin Station and get off at Beitou Station. Here you can enjoy an afternoon of total relaxation at Beitou Hot Springs, a public natural hot spring. This area is also full of several private spas and spas! The public ones are open until 22:00, admission costs only 40,00 TWD (approximately € 1,20).
After a few hours of relaxation, go back to the same subway as you went and get off at the Shilin stop, to spend the evening in Taipei's most famous night market, the Shilin Market, where you can choose between typical streed food for dinner.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 19,5 km / 56 min (by car)
  • Places visited: National Palace Museum (€ 10,40), Beitou Hot Springs (€ 1,20), Shilin Market (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch at Bao Bao Bao (Get Directions), Dinner at Shilin Market (Get Directions)

6 day

This sixth day is completely dedicated to nature. In fact, we bring you to discover the Yangmingshan National Park, one of Taiwan's eight national parks. With its wild nature and its beautiful trekking routes, it fascinates anyone who visits it!
The fastest way to reach the park is by car, then you can take a taxi and in half an hour you will be at your destination. Alternatively, you can take part in various organized tours, which will take you to discover the park. Finally, you can also take one of the numerous buses that will take you from the center of Taipei to the Yangmingshan Bus Terminal, where there are also car parks.

Start your tour from Yangmingshan Bus Terminal and walk through the beautiful landscapes for about 1,5km until you reach the Yangming park, a Chinese-style park, one of the main attractions in the area. Every year it fascinates many tourists thanks to its watches made of flowers!
This nature reserve is also full of waterfalls, then reach Datun Falls, completely immersed in the green, and enter with your feet in the water (be careful when you take the steps to go down to the base of the waterfall, they can be very slippery).

Retrace the path to the starting point and stop for lunch at Liu Ku Wenquan Restaurant (average cost per person € 10,00).
Spend the afternoon nearby Liu Ku Hot Spring, a natural thermal spring. Open every day from 6:00 am to midnight, the price is 300,00 TWD for two people (around € 8,90, per person around € 4,50) and you can stay for one hour. Don't miss the Hushan Green viewpoint.

Return to downtown Taipei for dinner and stop along the way at Qingguang Market, both day and night market with many stalls and cafes where you can enjoy typical local cuisine (prices ranging from € 5,00 for street food at the market up to € 15,00 for a seated dinner, depending on the restaurant chosen).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 28,1 km / 1 h 2 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Yangmingshan National Park (free), Yangming Park (free), Datun Falls (free), Liu Ku Hot Spring (€ 4,50), Hushan Green (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 20,00
  • Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Spring Tour
  • Lunch at Liu Ku Wenquan Restaurant (Get directions), Dinner at Qingguang Market (Get directions)

7 day

In the morning we recommend that you take part in a tour that will take you to discover the Yehliu park, where the famous Queen's Head rock formation. Departing at 8:00 am the cost is € 37,49 and includes, in addition to transport, also the entrance ticket to the park.

Be ready at 8:00 am outside your hotel in Taipei and set off for 4 hours to discover the Taiwan coast, making a stop in the city of Keelung, an important port city in the country. The guide will take you to discover the main places and attractions.
He will later accompany you to the Yehliu Geopark, a nature reserve famous for its natural rock formations, including Queen's Head, Sea Trench and Turtle Head Mountain. Follow the various paths and discover the whole area.
As the tour lasts 4 hours, you will return to Taipei for lunch time.

Stop for lunch in the most modern area of ​​the city, near the attraction in the afternoon, near Taipei 101, perhaps at Nola Kitchen (average cost per person € 15,00).
Here you will find yourself close to the start of the afternoon activity: just 230 is the starting point for walk the Xiangshan Trail, a path that will take you to Elephant Mountain, in a route of about 1,9 kilometers with beautiful panoramic views over the city of Taipei.
Take lots of photos, complete the whole tour and then return to the starting point.

End the day with a dinner in this area, perhaps at Maple Tree House, a place specializing in Korean barbecue (average cost per person € 25,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 56,7 km / 1 h 25 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Keelung and Yehliu Geopark Discovery Tour (€ 37,49), Xiangshan Trail and Elephant Mountain (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 80,00
  • North coast tour including Yehliu park
  • Lunch at Nola Kitchen (Get Directions), Dinner at Maple Tree House (Get Directions)

How much is a week in Taipei

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Taipei is a destination that fits all types of budgets! Given its vastness, the many neighborhoods and the great offer, you can find very cheap hotels and accommodation, as well as large luxury hotels. The most expensive area is the one near Taipei 101, in the most modern part, but in the neighboring neighborhoods you can easily find good offers.
Also for lunches and dinners you can really spend little: if you eat in the night markets you will spend on average € 5,00 per person, while for the clubs you will find restaurants of any price range. What will most affect your budget is certainly the cost of the plane ticket, which we recommend you book as soon as possible!

  • starting from € 262,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
  • Taipei 101 Taipei Night Tour Observation Deck Ticket & Din Tai Fung Steamed Dumplings 1 day private tour by car
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 1.030,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Taipei: the best period is from November to March (our winter), when temperatures are milder and rainfall is lower, even if the sky is often overcast. This period in fact corresponds to the dry season, while from April to October there is the rainy season
  • the main airport is Taoyuan International Airport, 30 kilometers from downtown Taipei. It can be reached with the Express and Commuter lines of the underground (ticket cost 160,00 TWD, approximately € 4,70), with the Express Airport Bus (ticket cost 350,00 TWD, approximately € 10,30) or with the taxi (average fare 1.200,00 TWD, about € 35,50) - Compare flights starting from € 262,00 -
  • the western part of Taipei is typically traditional and ancient, the eastern part is more modern, with skyscrapers and shopping districts. The Zhongshan area is central and very convenient for travel
  • Getting around: it is okay to walk only within the different neighborhoods, but from one part of the city to the other it is best to use public transport or taxis. Taipei has a subway with 5 lines (ticket costs from 20,00 TWD to 60,00 TWD, from about € 0,60 to € 1,80) and an efficient bus network (tickets from 15,00 TWD, around € 0,45) - find out more
  • Local currency: New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) / € 1,00 = TWD 33,80
  • Time zone: + 7h compared to Italy, + 6h when daylight saving time is in force in Italy
  • Entry requirements: passport with residual validity of at least 6 months, in possession of a return flight ticket for the return to Italy or for the continuation of the journey in another country, an entry visa is not required for tourist stays of less than 90 days
  • Recommended cards and passes: Taipei Fun Pass, which includes admission to various attractions in the city, free use of public transport and various discounts at partner clubs and shops. There are 4 different Fun Passes: Classic, Transportation, Exploring and Unlimited
  • Safety info: there are no Italian Embassies in Taiwan. Upon arrival or before departure, you must report your presence to the Italian Office for Economic, Commercial and Cultural Promotion located in Taipei. Visit the Taiwan section on the Farnesina website

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