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Here we are in Stuttgart, the capital of the Baden-Württemberg region, in the southwestern part of Germany. The town is located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by woods, vineyards and hills and is known all over the world for being the city of cars, this is where the headquarters and factories of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are located. There are also numerous museums, castles and concert halls.

But in a week you don't stay alone in the city, you also visit the beautiful surroundings and enjoy a morning or an afternoon of total relaxation in one of the many natural springs found in the area. Stuttgart is indeed one of the largest spas in Europe.

Are you ready to leave with us? Here what to see in Stuttgart and surroundings in 7 days.


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1 day

For a first approach to the city, use the evergreen tourist bus tour that will take you to the main sites of the city and you can take advantage of the information in the audio guide.

Start with the discovery of Stuttgart-Mitte, where the first stop can only be Schlossplatz, a square located in the heart of Stuttgart, where numerous festivals and events are held throughout the year, such as the Stuttgart Wine Village, the Summer Festival and the Christmas markets. Visit the New lock (8: 00-20: 00, free) and then enjoy a walk in Oberer Schloßgarten, the gardens behind the castle.

Stop for lunch at Carls Brauhaus, a brewery where you can taste typical German dishes and drink good beer (average cost per person € 20,00).
Continue the day with a visit to the collegiate Church (10 am-00pm, except Fridays and Saturdays until 19pm, Sundays until 00pm, free), the beautiful church of the city which houses evidence of Renaissance art from the 16th century.
Then continue by visiting the Landesmuseum Württemberg (10: 00-17: 00, on weekends 10: 00-18: 00, the permanent collections are free), museum housed inside the Altes Schloss. Here you can admire a large collection of objects and artifacts, including the crown jewels of the kings of Württemberg.

End the day with a dinner at the Alte Kanzlei restaurant, where you can enjoy typical regional cuisine, such as Spatzle and Stinco, and drink excellent beer (average cost per person € 20,00).
End the evening enjoying the city streets at night, all illuminated.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,9 km / 23 min
  • Places visited: Schlossplatz (free), Neues Schloss (free), Stiftskirche (free), Altes Schloss (free), Schillerplatz (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 40,00
  • Stuttgart: the most important places in the center in 1 hour
  • Lunch at Carls Brauhaus (Get directions), Dinner at Alte Kanzlei (Get directions)

2 day

In the morning visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum (9: 00-18: 00, closed Mondays, € 10,00, reduced € 5,00), the museum dedicated to the famous automobile. Here you will also see the first automobile in the world. A milestone on a trip to Stuttgart, even if you are not a fan of engines. There are 6 floors, we advise you to dedicate a whole morning to it, read our article for details on what to see and how to visit it.

At the end of the visit, take the bus line 56 from the Mercedes-Benz Welt stop to the Rosensteinbrücke stop.
Stop for lunch at Alter Hasen, a small restaurant where you can enjoy traditional German dishes (average cost per person € 15,00).
After lunch, enjoy a afternoon in the middle of nature at wilhelma zoo and botanical garden (8: 15-16: 00, € 16,00). Here are preserved many species of flowers and plants in the many greenhouses of the park. Inside, don't miss the Damaszenerhalle, the Orchideenhaus and the Maurischer Garten.
At the end of the visit, head towards the Europaviertel district, with the U-Bahn 14, where the Stuttgart City Library (9: 00-21: 00, closed on Mondays, free), a building that focuses on the minimalism of architecture. Inside you will find books by authors and publishers from all over the world, dealing with every topic.
Then take the U-Bahn 12 again and head towards the historic center to spend the evening.

End the day with a dinner at the Brauhaus Schönbuch, a brewery where you can choose between different traditional German dishes and excellent craft beer (average cost per person € 20,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 7,9 km / 1 h 41 min
  • Places visited: Mercedes Benz Museum (€ 10,00), Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden (€ 16,00), Stuttgart City Library (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 70,00
  • Lunch at Alter Hasen (Get directions), Dinner at Brauhaus Schönbuch (Get directions)

3 day

Discover a symbol of Stuttgart: Schloss Solitude, the Castle of Solitude (Tue-Sat 10: 00-12: 00 / 13.30-17: 00, Sun 10: 00-17: 00, € 4,00, reduced € 2,00). From the center you can easily reach it by bus 92 in about 30 minutes.
It was built at the behest of the Duke of Württemberg as his hunting lodge. The its magnificent gardens, the Solitude Garten.

After the visit, take the bus line 92 again to the Rotebühlplatz stop, where change and take the bus line 43, to the Oskar-Schlemmer-Straße stop, just 400 meters from the afternoon stop.
But first stop for lunch at the Naturfreundehaus Steinbergle, a small characteristic restaurant where you can taste traditional German dishes (average cost per person € 15,00).
Il Killesbergpark is a huge 123 hectare park, full of paths, gardens to visit, play areas for children, an observation point, the Aussichtspunkt Sankt-Helens-Steg, and also a small internal railway active in summer for extensive visits to the whole park.
But the real strength is there Killesberg Tower, a 40 meter high tower from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole city and its surroundings (open from 7:00 am until sunset and remains closed with heavy rain, snow and ice for safety reasons. The entrance fee is a symbolic sum of € 0,50, 1,00 per person, € per family. The park is always accessible and free).
Once the visit is over, take the U-Bahn line 5 or line 6 which will take you back to the historic center, up to Schlossplatz.

End the day with a dinner near Schlossplatz, at the AMADEUS Restaurant & Bar where you can choose both traditional and more international dishes (average cost per person € 20,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 29,5 km / 57 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Schloss Solitude (€ 4,00), Killesbergpark (free), Killesberg Tower (€ 0,50)
  • Daily shopping: € 45,00
  • Stuttgart: Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour
  • Lunch at Naturfreundehaus Steinbergle (Get directions), Dinner at AMADEUS Restaurant & Bar (Get directions)

4 day

First excursion near Stuttgart, we want to take you to discover a beautiful castle, the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg (15 March-15 November 10: 00-17: 00 / from 16 November to 14 March 10: 00-17: 00, closed on Mondays, € 8,00, reduced € 4,00). To get there, you can take bus 427 from Stuttgart's Hoheneck Heibad station which will take you to your destination in about 50 minutes.
It is a complex with 3 internal courtyards, 452 rooms divided into 18 buildings and a large park of 32 hectares. It was the residence and seat of the dukes and kings of Wurttemberg. Given its vastness and the time it takes to reach it, we recommend that you dedicate the whole morning to it.

Have lunch at the Zum Badgarten - Wirtshaus & Biergarten (average cost per person € 20,00), located in the beautiful gardens behind the castle and, after lunch, take some time to visit them all.
Then explore the city of Ludwigsburg, starting with its main square, Marktplatz, the market square. We also recommend visiting another small castle, lo Schloss Favorite (generally 9: 00-18: 00, € 4,00), located inside the large Favoritepark.

End the day with dinner at Friend's Burger Saloon, a modern and welcoming venue specializing in hamburgers and meat dishes (average cost per person € 15,00).
Then take the 427 bus back to Stuttgart.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 37,1 km / 1 h 7 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg (€ 8,00), old town (free), Marktplatz (free), Schloss Favorite (€ 4,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 50,00
  • Lunch at Zum Badgarten - Wirtshaus & Biergarten (Get directions), Dinner at Friend's Burger Saloon (Get directions)

5 day

Visit a location north of Stuttgart, in the heart of the Baden-Württemberg region, we are talking about Tübingen, called Tubingen in Italian.

It is crossed by the Neckar river, it is a medieval town, with narrow and cobbled streets. You can to reach it easily thanks to the direct train between Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof and Tübingen Hauptbahnhof stations, journey time 45 minutes.

In the morning we advise you to stroll through the streets of the historic center.
Start at the market square, Marketplace, where the Town Hall is located, originally built in 1435 and then enlarged with subsequent works in 1508. Then get lost in the small streets, but don't forget to visit the Stiftskirche St. Georg (9: 00-17: 00, free), it is the main church of the city, built in the Gothic style and dating from the th century.

Stop for lunch at Die Wurstküche, a typical German restaurant with wooden interiors where you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes and lots of beers (average cost per person € 20,00).
In the afternoon we recommend that you visit the beautiful Schlosslabor Tübingen, a Renaissance complex built on the former Tübingen Castle, which was mentioned for the first time in 1078. Centrally located above the city, you will enjoy a magnificent view. Today it houses an important museum (generally 9: 00-20: 00).
Il Museum of Ancient Sculptures it is probably the most famous (Wed-Sun 10: 00-17: 00, € 5,00).

End the day with a dinner at the Schloßcafé (average cost per person € 20,00) and then take the direct train back to Stuttgart.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 103 km / 1 h 57 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Old Town (free), Marktplatz (free), Stiftskirche St. Georg (free), Schlosslabor Tübingen (€ 5,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 50,00
  • Lunch at Get Directions (Get Directions), Dinner at Schlosscafé Tübingen (Get Directions)

6 day

For this day we recommend another very characteristic small town, Esslingen am Neckar, one of the best preserved ancient German cities. Thisvillage medieval it is characterized by beautiful restored palaces, ancient walls and original portals! Being only 16 kilometers from Stuttgart, you can reach it easily with the S1 line of the S-Bahn to Esslingen (Neckar) station.

La dedicate morning to visit the historic center, starting from Marketplace, the main square of the city, where the market is set up on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Visit the Stadtkirche St. Dionys, the Church of San Donisio (9: 00-18.00, free). Also go through the Rathaus Platz, where the ancient astronomical clock is located.

Dine at the Restaurant Armonia-Reichsstadt, a modern and welcoming place (average cost per person € 20,00).
In the afternoon visit the famous Esslinger Burg, Esslingen Castle (always accessible, free) Being located on a hill, surrounded by a large park, it can be reached by walking just over 300 steps. But the effort will be absolutely rewarded, from here you can enjoy a beautiful view over the whole city.

End the day with a dinner at Kitchen Restaurant Esslingen, a restaurant located in the historic center, near the station (average cost per person € 20,00).
Once dinner is over, take the train back to Stuttgart.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 32,5 km / 47 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Old Town (free), Marktplatz (free), Stadtkirche St. Dionys (free), Rathaus Platz (free), Esslinger Burg (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 50,00
  • Lunch at Restaurant Armonia-Reichsstadt (Get directions), Dinner at Kitchen Restaurant Esslingen (Get directions)

7 day

Last day in Stuttgart and we advise you to dedicate yourself to complete relaxation by visiting Bad Cannstatt, the residential area full of mineral and natural spas, including Leuze MineralBad and le MineralBad Cannstatt. It is also famous for its wine, in the taverns you can taste very good ones.
To reach the district from the center, just take the S-Bahn line S1, S2 or S3.
In the morning we advise you to stroll in the historic center with half-timbered houses and paved alleys and among its beautiful green areas.

Stop for lunch at the German restaurant Zur alten Schmiede, in the center of Bad Cannstatt (average cost per person € 15,00), but be careful not to eat too heavy, because in the afternoon the famous Mineralbad Leuze spa, where you can relax for a few hours. This spa uses three therapeutic springs for the pool water and for the sauna. The areas have different opening hours, but most areas open every day from 8:00 to 21:00. Kinderland, an area reserved for children, is open from 8:00 to 21:00. There are different types of admission: admission for only 2 hours costs € 9,50, reduced € 7,60, while the day ticket costs € 14,00, reduced € 11,20. The supplement for the sauna is € 6,00.
Once you leave, go back to your hotel and then go out for dinner.

End the day and the trip to Stuttgart with a dinner at the Weinstube Kachelofen, a place with a typical German atmosphere and excellent traditional dishes, all to be accompanied with rivers of beer (average cost per person € 25,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 6,2 km / 1 h 20 min
  • Places visited: Bad Cannstatt district (free), Mineralbad Leuze (€ 14,00).
  • Daily shopping: € 60,00
  • Lunch at Zur alten Schmiede (Get directions), Dinner at Weinstube Kachelofen (Get directions)

How much does a week in Stuttgart cost

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Stuttgart, being still far from mass tourism, is a city suitable for all budgets. In fact, you can find a wide range of hotels and b & bs at different costs, finding the perfect solution for your budget. The same goes for restaurants and clubs, where you can eat excellent dishes on a budget. To get around you can rely on public transport, without having to use taxis, obviously more expensive.

  • starting from € 60,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50 per room -
  • Stuttgart: the most important sights in the center in 1 hour Stuttgart: guided wine walk and wine tasting StuttCard: all-inclusive card for Stuttgart
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 570,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Stuttgart: the best time is the mid-season, therefore autumn and spring, when temperatures are pleasant and mild and the days are less rainy. Winter is very cold, with temperatures that go below freezing, while summer can be very hot and even humid - find out more
  • the city is served by the Flughafen Stuttgart - Manfred Rommel airport, located 13 km from the center. To reach it there are several options: with the S3 line of the S-Bahn, station at Terminal 1, travel time about 30 minutes, ticket cost € 2,90; by bus lines 122, 806 and 828, station at Terminal 4, travel time 30 minutes, ticket cost € 3,50; finally by taxi, with an average cost of about € 30,00 per trip, travel time 25 minutes, traffic permitting
  • the best area is Stuttgart-Mitte, the old town, where most of the attractions are located, of course it is also the most expensive area. Stuttgart-West is great if you want to stay in a less touristy and less chaotic area, but still close to the center. Bad Cannstatt is one of the most famous and therefore busiest districts, full of museums and events. If you are looking for a quieter area you might want to consider Degerloch.
  • Getting around: the historic center can be easily explored on foot, as most of the attractions are all close together. To reach the more distant ones, the best way is the subway, with 7 lines, single ticket cost € 1,40, day tickets from € 5,00 to € 13,00. Then there are buses, with more than 20 lines and a single ticket € 1,40, and the S-Bahn, which connects the city well to the most distant areas, with 5 lines, cost of a single ticket € 1,40 - find out more
  • Recommended cards and passes: StuttCard allows free admission to museums and attractions, discounts on city tours and selected theaters, as well as free travel on public transport for the duration of the pass. Prices vary according to the duration: 24 hours € 18,00 (without transport) or € 27,00 (with transport), 48 hours € 25,00 (without transport) or € 38,00 (with transport), 72 hours € 30,00 (without transport) or € 48,00 (with transport)

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