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Romantic and picturesque, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in France. The town, characterized by medieval alleys and small houses with sloping roofs, embodies the spirit of the past by making its visitors experience a real dive into the past. The name of German origin (Alsace has been under both French and German control) means 'crossroads' and best represents the delightful labyrinth of narrow streets that distinguishes the old part of the city ... Not surprisingly, declared a World Heritage Site of humanity!

Thanks to its conformation and the concentration of the main points of interest, it is pleasant to walk in the maze of alleys, breathing in the atmosphere of other times and admiring the beauty of the buildings. Among the many, it cannot go unnoticed Notre Dame Cathedral which, with the spire exceeding 142 meters in height, is considered the tallest historic building in the world (modern skyscrapers are excluded from this category, of course).
Here then is a series of tips on what to see and what to do in Strasbourg in one day.


  1. Strasbourg day itinerary: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Strasbourg: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Strasbourg: Evening
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Strasbourg day itinerary: Morning

1 - Petit France, Ponts Couverts

Quick breakfast at bar of the Brioche Dorée chain, located in the Place des Halles area, where with a few euros you can enjoy a good French croissant and a coffee. After that, the tour departs from the most suggestive district: the Petit France. Once inhabited by fishermen, millers and tanners, these houses overlooking the waterways date back to the 1230th / th century and constitute the best preserved area of ​​the historic center. Not far away, there are the Ponts Couverts (covered bridges), a complex of bridges and towers that served as a defensive work on the Ill River. Its construction dates back to around , when the bridges were equipped with wooden roofs with the aim of protecting the soldiers who had to garrison them. Today the roofs are gone, having been removed towards the end of the 1700s, but the name that defines them has remained unchanged. In 1928, they were classified Historical monument of the city.

2 - Place Kléber, Church of St. Peter the Younger

From the covered bridges, we return to the most central area of ​​the historic center reaching the Place Kléber. Here, the inhabitants of Strasbourg gather during important demonstrations and events. At Christmas, however, a large fir tree from the Vosges mountains lights up the whole square. In homage to General Jean-Baptiste Kléber, who died during Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, the square acquired its present name in 1840 when it was decided that the general's body should be buried in his hometown. Not far from the square, the Church of San Pietro il Giovane has a graceful cloister, while the interiors are in Gothic style. The pier covered with seventeenth-century paintings is very beautiful, and the large one Silbermann organ of 1780.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,2 km / 27 min
  • Places visited: Petit France (free), Ponts Couverts (free), Place Kléber (free), Church of Saint Peter the Younger (free)
  • private walking tour in the historic center
  • Where to have breakfast: Brioche Dorée, Center Commercial Les Halles, 24 - Get directions

One day itinerary in Strasbourg: Afternoon

1 - Place Gutenberg, Place de la Cathédrale

You cannot visit a French city without going through the local cuisine. Lunch at the restaurant La Cloche à Fromage, a nice little place where with € 30,00 it is possible to taste tasty dishes, in pure French style. After some refreshments, it's time to move to the quiet Place Gutenberg, where they often take place used book markets: not for nothing, Gutenberg invented movable type printing while he was in Strasbourg ... The construction of the statue of Gutenberg which is located in the exact center of the square, made by the artist David d'Angers, was welcomed with three days of celebrations by the inhabitants. From here, it will then be very easy to continue towards Place de la Cathédrale. Many important buildings of the historic center overlook this square, including the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

2 - Notre Dame Cathedral, Cerf pharmacy, Kammerzell House

Notre Dame Cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic art and the undisputed emblem of the city. It hosts 4 million visitors every year: it is in fact the most visited French cathedral in the whole country, second only to the homonymous Parisian. Outside, the sculptures recount salient episodes of the medieval period, while inside take a look at the monumental organ, but also at the astronomical clock and the beautiful stained glass windows. The spire of 142 meters has made it the tallest building in the world until the early 1900s. Always overlooking the Cathedral Square, we also find the old Cerf pharmacy (at No. 10) considered the longest-lived in all of France . At No. 16, on the other hand, the Kammerzell House is one of the best known houses in Strasbourg, with stone floors and a carved wooden upper floor.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1 km / 13 min
  • Places visited: Place Gutenberg (free), Place de la Cathédrale (free), Notre Dame Cathedral (free), Cerf pharmacy (free), Casa Kammerzell (entrance to the house is reserved for hotel or restaurant guests)
  • Skip-the-line guided tour of Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Where to have lunch: La Cloche à Fromage, rue des Tonneliers, 27 - Get directions

One day itinerary in Strasbourg: Evening

1 - Dinner and Pont du Corbeau

To enjoy an excellent Alsatian dinner, immersed in a welcoming and informal atmosphere, I recommend eating at the restaurant Le Tire-Bouchon. The restaurant consists of a characteristic winstub, albeit a bit small (for this reason, advance booking is recommended). The dishes are traditional, delicious and usually with € 30,00 per person you can get by.
Evening strolling along the river in the moonlight: the Pont du Corbeau in fact, despite being aesthetically very beautiful with its pink and white sandstone, was actually the place where criminals were publicly condemned (and then drowned). On the other hand, this should not surprise us too much: Strasbourg is a city with strong medieval origins and, as we know, in the Middle Ages the punitive methods were decidedly more violent than now.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 350 m / 4 min
  • Places visited: Pont du Corbeau (free)
  • gourmet tour with 10 tastings
  • Where to dine: Le Tire-Bouchon, rue des Tailleurs de Pierre, 5 - Get directions

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to go: beautiful in any season, the most popular are winter and spring. In winter for the Christmas markets, in spring for the colors and scents of the summer - More info on when to go to Strasbourg
  • City Card: it is possible to buy the Strasbourg Pass and the Strasbourg Pass Junior (with reductions for children aged 4 to 12, and from 13 to 17) valid for three days. The card allows you to visit the most characteristic places of Strasbourg by taking advantage of interesting discounts in partner hotels. The purchase of the card is approximately € 21,50 for adults and € 10,00 / 15,00 for children and teenagers.
  • Clothing: wear comfortable shoes because the only way to enjoy the city is on foot. Also, don't forget your camera at home: every glimpse / detail you come across deserves to be immortalized.
  • if you decide to extend your stay and enjoy Strasbourg by night, consult our accommodation offers

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

  1. European Parliament, too out of the way compared to the Old Town: it would be really challenging to reach it on foot - More info on the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  2. Alsatian Museum, developed between several residences of the sixteenth century. For lack of time, however, it is better to give it up: it would make no sense to visit it hastily!
  3. Palais des Rohan, a beautiful palace built by the noble Rohans family, from which the cardinals who once ruled the city descended. Unfortunately it is to be excluded from our itinerary, even if it is worth a visit.

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