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Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is thesoul of the region itself. Its charm derives from the domination of different civilizations which, intertwining, have shaped it and made it unique in the world. This contamination between Christian and Arab culture it is also reflected on an artistic and architectural level on imposing buildings, majestic churches, aristocratic neighborhoods, rich courtyards and hidden squares. Without forgetting the picturesque charm of the narrow alleys that unfold like a labyrinth in the medieval old town.

Seville is the ideal destination for a long weekend but, with more time available, it is the perfect base for visiting equally interesting places! So here it is what to see in Seville and its surroundings in 7 days!


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1 day

Start from Barrio de Santa Cruz, one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Seville, to take photographs of enchanted corners, gardens, and squares with lush flower beds.
The neighborhood flows into the splendid piazza della Cathedral (Mon-Sat 11: 00-17: 00, Sun 14: 00-18: 00). Built on an old mosque, the Catedral de Sevilla is a huge Gothic church, among the largest in the world, and houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Don't forget the patio de los naranjos and climb the Giralda to admire a truly unique view of the city.

Lunch at La Azotea (average cost per person € 30,00).
Cross Calle Federico Sánchez Bedoya and Calle Adriano and in 5 minutes you are Plaza de Toros, also known as Teatro della Maestranza, the largest bullring in Spain (every day 9: 30-21: 00, € 8,00 / Mon 15: 00-19: 00, free admission).
Via Calle Adriano, Calle Arfe and Calle Almirantazgo you reach Avenida de la Costitucion, which running alongside the city hall overlooking Plaza Nueva becomes Calle Tetuan, which together with the nearby Calle Sierpes is the shopping street.

This is also the ideal area for dining, stop by Taberna Manolo Cateca (average cost € 15,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,9 km / 36 min
  • Places visited: Barrio de Santa Cruz (free), Cathedral and Giralda (€ 9,00), Plaza de Toros (€ 8,00), Avenida de la Constitucion (free), Plaza Nueva (free), Calle Tetuan (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 62,00
  • Seville Cathedral: guided tour and priority access Seville Cathedral and Giralda: priority ticket
  • Lunch at La Azotea (Get directions), Dinner at Taberna Manolo Cateca (Get directions)

2 day

Dedicate the morning to another unmissable city must: the Real Alcazar de Sevilla (9: 30-19: 00, admission € 11,50). Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the oldest royal palaces still in use today. Rooms and gardens are a spectacle that will require at least a few hours to visit.

After the visit, have lunch choosing one of the numerous sandwiches offered by 100 Montaditos (€ 8,00).
After lunch continue (via Av. Isabel la Católica, 10 min walk) towards one of the most scenic locations in Seville: piazza di Spagna. There are countless glimpses to be immortalized in the most impressive and impressive square of the city. A semicircular square crossed by a navigable canal and surrounded by majolica benches, each representing a different province of the country.
Relax with a nice walk in the Maria Luisa park full of attractions such as the Glorieta Mas y pas, the Glorieta de la Concha.

End the day downtown. To reach it take bus n. 3 from Paseo Las delicias (Glorieta Méjico) and get off at Paseo Colon (Plaza de Toros). Dine at La Brunilda Tapas (€ 25,00)

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3 km / 37 min
  • Places visited: Real Alcazar (€ 11,50), Spanish Steps (free), Maria Luisa Park (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 48,00
  • Alcazar of Seville: fast track and romantic guided tour panoramic carriage ride Alcázar of Seville: skip-the-line ticket and guided tour
  • Lunch at 100 Montaditos (Get directions), Dinner at La Brunilda Tapas (Get directions)

3 day

Day in Ronda, 123 km from Seville. Reachable in 2 hours by car via the A-375 and A-374. The means are not comfortable: the train takes almost 3 hours because it leaves from Malaga (1 hour and a half), stops in Santa Ana, and then you have to continue towards Algeciras (1 more hour), € 44,00. Much better a comfortable organized day tour from Seville with hotel pickup included.

Ronda is one of the most visited villages in Andalusia. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it rises on a deep gorge, El Tajo, which divides the old town, in Moorish style, from the new one. The 2 parts are connected by the Puevo Nuevo, a spectacular stone bridge under which a very deep canyon opens up at a dizzying height.
Walking through Ronda, starting from Plaza del Gigante, you can admire La Ciudad and the Arab quarter, going as far as Ronda Bridge View Point, where you can admire a wonderful view over the city. Then go back to the center and visit the Palacio de Mondragon with its sumptuous garden (weekdays 10: 00-19: 00, Sat, Sun and holidays 10: 00-15: 00).

For lunch, stop by Pedro Romero Ronda (average cost per person € 50,00).
Then visit the nearby one Plaza de Toros, one of the most important Spanish arenas (every day 10: 00-19-00, admission € 8,00 / Mon free 8: 00-10: 00, Tue and Wed free 9: 00-10: 00).
Then come to the most famous viewpoint in the city, the Mirador de Ronda. In the surroundings, even just on the way, admire the Pueblos Blancos perched on the rocks.

Back in Seville you can have dinner at Baratillo (average cost per person € 15,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 169 km / 3 h 54 min including travel from / to Seville
  • Places visited in Ronda: Plaza del Gigante (free), Ronda Bridge View Point (free), Palacio de Mondragon (€ 3,50), Plaza de Toros (€ 8,00), Mirador de Ronda (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 80,00
  • Full-day tour to Ronda, soul of Andalusia White cities of Andalusia and Ronda Ronda: sightseeing walking tour
  • Lunch at Pedro Romero Ronda (Get directions), Dinner at Baratillo (Get directions)

4 day

Day trip to Cordoba, 133 km from Seville, reachable in 1 hour and 30 minutes by car via the A-4. Your best bet is a full day organized tour to Cordoba from Seville. If you prefer to go on your own, the direct train leaves every hour from Santa Justa station and reaches the destination in 50 minutes (€ 18,00 on average).

Once in Cordoba, from the Jardines de la Victoria, go through the Almodóvar gate, the entrance to the Juderia, the historic Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Head to the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, the symbolic monument of the city. You will be enchanted by the interiors and you will spend at least a couple of hours there (every day 10: 00-19: 00; Sun 8: 30-11: 30 and 15: 30-19: 00).

Lunch at the Bodegas Mezquita (Céspedes) (average cost per person € 12,00).
Head towards the Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir, cross it and reach the Calahorra tower, climb to the top to enjoy the view over the bridge (10: 00-14: 00 and 16: 30-20: 30).
TheAlcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the second most famous monument of Cordoba (free on weekdays after 18pm).

Back in Seville, have dinner in the center at the Taberna Coloniales (average cost per person € 15,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 286 km / 3 h 43 min including travel from / to Seville
  • Places visited: Jardines de la Victoria (free), Juderia (free), Mosque-Cathedral (€ 10,00), Roman bridge (free), Torre Calahorra (€ 4,50), Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (€ 4,50, free every weekday after 18:00)
  • Daily shopping: € 65,00
  • Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral: Skip-the-Line Guided Tour of Mezquita Cathedral Mosque, Jewish Quarter and Alcazar
  • Lunch at Bodegas Mezquita (Céspedes) (Get directions), Dinner at Taberna Coloniales (Get directions)

5 day

Day trip to Cadiz, 122 km from Seville. The best solution is a guided excursion from Seville. The car option is also convenient (1 hour and a half via AP-4) or the train that leaves every hour from Santa Justa station (1 hour and 40 min approx € 17,00).

Start at the Roman Theater and continue with the most famous monument of the city: the Cathedral of Cadiz, with the golden dome (9: 00-21: 00, Sun until 15:00). Then take a tour of the colorful market. Excellent place to have lunch with fresh and genuine products (average cost per person € 6,00).

Move to the seafront, Campo del Sur and enjoy a beautiful walk along the city beaches until you reach the San Catalina castle (11: 00-19: 00).
Then enjoy a relaxing walk in the nearby Genoese Park, which closes at 18:30.

Back in Seville for dinner, stop near the station at Milonga's Santa Justa (€ 30,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 254 km / 3 h 32 min including travel from / to Seville
  • Places visited: Roman Theater (free), Cathedral (€ 1,50), Lungomare (free), Santa Catalina Castle (free), Genoese Park (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 60,00
  • Cadiz full day guided excursion Cadiz: 2-hour segway sightseeing tour and beaches Cadiz: guided city tour
  • Lunch at Market (Get Directions), Dinner at Milonga's | Santa Justa (Get Directions)

6 day

After three days exploring the surroundings, it's time to go back and explore Seville!
Start with a visit to the interesting General Archive of Indias (every day 09: 30-17: 00, Sun and holidays 10: 00-14: 00). The General Archive is one of the five central Spanish state archives, preserves precious documents that allow you to recreate the history of relations between Spain and the American overseas colonies.
Then reach, via Calle Arfe and Calle Adriano (550 m), the Barrio Arenal, one of the most emblematic and traditional neighborhoods of the city of Seville. Stop at the Museo de Bellas Artes where the most significant works of the golden age of Spanish art are kept (9: 00-20: 00, Sun and holidays until 15:00).

Cross the Puente de Isabel II and arrive on the other side of the river. Here you are in Barrio Triana. Take a tour of the Triana market, perfect for a lunch break (average cost between € 10,00 and € 15,00) and then immerse yourself in the popular-gypsy atmosphere of Barrio Triana.
Go back to the other bank and walk along the river to the Torre dell'Oro, one of the most important monuments of the city, Arab heritage. Inside there is the Naval Museum (Mon-Fri 9: 30-18: 45, Sat 10: 30-18: 45, Sun and holidays closed).
At the end of the visit, near the Tower, you will find the landing stage to take a mini cruise on the Guadalquivir, lasting one hour: an interesting experience to admire all the main monuments from a different point of view.

For the evening, return to the historic center and stop for a tapas dinner at El Traga (€ 20,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 4,9 km / 1 h
  • Places visited: Archive General de Indias (free), Barrio Arenal (free), Museo de Bellas Artes (free), Barrio Triana (free), Triana market (free), Torre dell'Oro and naval museum (€ 3,00), mini cruise on the Guadalquivir river (€ 16,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 55,00
  • Guadalquivir cruise with explanations 3 hours panoramic tour
  • Lunch at the Mercato de Triana (Get directions), Dinner at El Traga (Get directions)

7 day

Always end your trip in Seville, but with a day different from all the others!
Reach the Expo area, where the Expo took place in 92, and enjoy a day of relaxation and fun at Isla Mágica, theme park with many attractions including roller coasters and various other types of rides, as well as live and movie shows.
Continue the day of leisure in the adjacent Isla Marina, a water park associated with Isla Magica.
For lunch, inside the parks you will find various kiosks and clubs for all tastes (from € 15,00).

At the end of the day, from Puerta de La Barquet, take bus 14 and get off after 11 stops at Plaza del Duque. At 200 meters you will find yourself in front of the futuristic structure Metropol Parasol, one of the attractions of Seville, an example of contemporary architecture built in the Encarnacion square in 2011 by the German architect Jurgen Mayer. The structure represents a huge parasol, completely made of wood.

Dine on tapas at La Linterna Ciega (average cost per person € 20,00) and after dinner enjoy the illuminated scenery from the Metropol viewpoint and enjoy your last night on the town!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,2 km / 28 min
  • Places visited: Isla Magica (€ 29,00), Isla Marina (€ 8,00 supplement to the Isla Magica ticket), Metropol Parasol (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 75,00
  • virtual reality experience at Metropol Parasol
  • Lunch at Isla Magica (Get directions), Dinner at La Linterna Ciega (Get directions)

How much does a week cost in Seville

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Despite the strong tourist turnout, Andalusia is one of the cheapest destinations in Spain. The offer is however very wide and there are prices for any type of holiday, from low-cost to luxurious. Seville is therefore a destination accessible to all. For accommodation there are accommodations to suit all budgets. To spend little, just move a little out of the center and reach the main attractions by public transport, which is not expensive at all. Not even too expensive are monuments and museums. With the Seville Card you will save a lot and you will have no more thoughts.

Going to tapear in Seville and its surroundings is a way of life to which we recommend that you adapt. Have lunch or dinner with the tapas is the perfect choice to sample local specialties, live like a local and, above all, save. In fact, tapas have variable prices, the simplest ones cost only € 1,00.

  • starting from € 90,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -
  • skip-the-line Cathedral tour and Alcázar option walking tour and optional flamenco show romantic panoramic carriage ride
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 690,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Seville: Mediterranean climate with very hot summers. Mid-seasons are perfect and also winter, which is milder than ours. The strictly hot summer months are not recommended - find out more
  • the airport is 10 km from the city. The center can be reached by bus line EA (Especial Aeropuerto, 30 min / € 2,40) or taxi (15 min / ride € 20,00 approximately)
  • Barrio Santa Cruz, El Centro and El Arenal are in a privileged position for traveling to the center within walking distance. From Alameda de Hercules, Barrio Triana and Nervión it is necessary to use public transport
  • Getting around: on foot in the center. To reach more distant attractions and places, bus (50 lines, single ride € 1,40), metro (3 zones, tickets from € 1,35) and tram (single ride € 1,40) - find out more

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