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Rome was not built in a day. The capital is not just a real one open-air museum, with its infinite number of monuments visible even while walking through the districts, but offers a myriad of different attractions for all kinds of tourists, from the shopping enthusiast, to the lover of Roman gastronomy, traditions, history that you can breathe simply by crossing the metropolis on foot or by public transport. Visit the city in just 24 hours it is not simple, but neither is it impossible: with a few small tips, we will be able to plan a route which allows, in a single day, to create in one's mind an indelible memory of the mythical city "caput mundi".


  1. One day itinerary in Rome: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Rome: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Rome: Evening
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One day itinerary in Rome: Morning

1 - Colosseum and Roman Forum

Breakfast at the Pompi bar in via Albalonga. The place is above all known for the production of artisanal tiramisu of various tastes, which earned the place the title of "King of Tiramisu" (price range: € 7,00 - € 14,00). The breakfast might be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it.

By boarding the 87 bus, just 18 minutes from the bar, you can reach the "masterpiece" of the capital: the Coliseum, which can also be visited inside upon payment of an entrance ticket. There is, however, an extraordinary option: the payment of a single ticket to visit, in addition to the Flavian Amphitheater, also the palatine and Roman Forum, reachable on foot in a few minutes.

2 - Piazza Venezia and the Trevi Fountain

After this intense dive into history, the advice is to board bus 170 from Petroselli, the suggestive destination Piazza Venezia; to conclude this morning walk through the Roman streets, all that remains is to admire - respecting its grandeur - the famous Trevi Fountain, made famous in the cinema by Federico Fellini.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 4,5 km / 56 min
  • Places visited: Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum (multiple admission: full € 12,00; reduced € 7,50; online presale fee € 2,00); Venice plaza; The Trevi Fountain
  • Skip the line entrance to the Colosseum
  • Where to have breakfast: Bar Pompi, via Albalonga 7b-9-11 - Get directions

One day itinerary in Rome: Afternoon

1 - St. Peter and the Vatican Museums

Lunch in a restaurant in the suggestive Spanish Steps, starting point of the afternoon tour. You can have lunch near the famous square for relatively little money, at the Osteria da Giggi (average cost of a lunch between € 15,00 and € 35,00), located just 200 m from the square.

After having lunch - perhaps after a delicious brunch, the restaurant's "top course" - the tour can start which will take you, via the metro from Barberini, or by bus 492, directly to the Vatican Museums, a stone's throw from the extraordinary Saint Peter Square and from Basilica whose entrance, allowed from 07:00 to 19:00 (18:30 in winter) is absolutely free: a more unique than rare opportunity to admire the quintessence of the Vatican faith without spending a euro.
An advice? Take the ticket to skip the line, you will save a lot of time!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,2 km / 40 min
  • Places visited: Piazza di Spagna; Vatican Museums (admission: € 16,00 full, € 8,00 reduced); St. Peter's Square; Basilica of Saint Peter
  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • Where to have lunch: Osteria da Giggi, Via delle Carrozze 53 - Get directions

One day itinerary in Rome: Evening

1 - Piazza Navona and Pantheon

The evening itinerary that closes this "crazy", but extraordinary 24-hour tour of the Eternal City includes a return to the center. After taking bus 64 which from Termini leads to Navona Square, you can reach and visit the Pantheon (it is also possible to book guided tours online; entrance inside the building is absolutely free).

2 - Mouth of Truth, Circus Maximus and dinner

Once in the area (reachable by taking bus 83 from Corso / Minghetti), it is a must to consult the legendary Horse's Mouth, a real "institution" in Rome.
The Roman tour ends with an obligatory stop at Circus Maximus, reachable on foot in 10 minutes or by taking the bus from Greca (81,160,628): in this magnificent location, after having breathed the "healthy" Capitoline air, you can enjoy a typical Roman dinner based on fish (or, alternatively, mushrooms and game) in the restaurant Alvaro at the Circus Maximus (reachable in 9 minutes on foot and in 5 minutes by taking buses 81, 118, 160 from Circo Massimo (MB)): the figures are not modest (a dinner costs on average between € 50,00 and € 55,00), but courtesy and quality of the raw material are both noteworthy.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 4,9 km / 1 h 2 min
  • Places visited: Piazza Navona; Pantheon; Mouth of Truth (free offer); Circus Maximus
  • Audio guided tour of the Pantheon
  • Where to dine: Trattoria Alvaro at Circo Massimo, Via di S. Teodoro - Get directions

Before leaving: useful tips

What to do once in Rome? After all, twenty-four hours are a long time to move around the capital and visit it inch by inch ... or almost. It is important, however, to follow a few small tips, especially if the preferred option is to move walking preferring, alternatively, the most economically appropriate transport options for the tourist, such as metro or bus.

  • First of all, a foregone advice but, for this very reason, underestimated: get comfortable shoes, possibly from gymnastics, in order not to risk finding yourself with swollen and sore feet at the end of the unusual "picnic" on the Capitoline streets;
  • Get a map of the city of Rome (or use the special apps for smartphones: optimal option for the 2.0 tourist), in order to organize special itineraries that allow you to visit as many locations as possible, taking care to choose monuments, places and attractions that are as close as possible between them;
  • Metro and bus they are the best means of transport to move between the various attractions of the city, and not only because they are the cheapest. Climbing aboard tram number 3, for example, it is possible to get to know an almost unprecedented Rome, with little-traveled streets in the classic itineraries and neighborhoods where you can breathe a deep air of history, with references ranging from the nineteenth century to the of the second postwar period;
  • Inquire about probable in advance entrance fees in museums and monuments, to avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises;
  • If you choose to visit Vatican City - and St. Peter's Basilica - the diktat is: dress appropriately, respecting the sacredness of the place. The same respect deserve monuments such as the Trevi fountain, too often violated by indecent behavior and revenge us from vehement and rude tourists.

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

As expected, it will not be possible to visit all the beauties that Rome has. One of the big ones excluded from the 24-hour tour, for example, is the dreamy local Hollywood, or the film industry of Cinecittà, unfortunately too far from the other locations visited.
Site on the right bank of the Tiber, too Sant'Angelo castel - one of the bulwarks of Roman history and monuments - it is quite far from the final stages of the 24-hour tour and therefore, reluctantly, you have to give up admiring it. For the same reason, he was also excluded from this unusual tour Olympic Stadium of Rome and the suggestive Villa Borghese (the latter reachable by public transport in about 20 minutes: too many in a single day of "transfer"), both of note and can be visited - as well as Cinecittà - at a later time, having greater availability of time.

On the other hand, the Baths of Caracalla which, despite being located not far from the Circus Maximus, may be closed in the evening (the times are rather flexible, but generally the time of exit from the Baths varies between 17:00 and 19:15, which is why it is better to reserve this pleasant stop in a possible trip to the capital lasting more than 24 hours). The same reason is also adduced with regard to the missed visit to the famous Altare della Patria, which deserves more than a fleeting stop. Another location that - alas! - cannot be experienced in a single day Roman tour is the lively square Campo dè Fiori, the center of the Capitoline nightlife, a must, however, in a long Roman holiday.

  1. Cinecittà
  2. Sant'Angelo castel
  3. Olympic Stadium
  4. Villa Borghese
  5. Baths of Caracalla
  6. Altar of the Fatherland
  7. Campo dè Fiori

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