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Ostuni, "the white city", is one of the most renowned tourist centers of the Salento Peninsula, holder of the Blue Flag and the five Legambiente sails for over twenty years. The city is full of wonders, if you are planning to visit it in 3 days, here is an itinerary to take into account!


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1 day

Morning: Breakfast, Piazza della Libertà, Obelisk of Sant'Oronzo, Church of San Francesco, L'Ulivo che Sings.

For breakfast, one stop at Sweet moments it is almost an obligation: here you will find a wide choice of sweets and treats, which will give you the right strength to start the day. The bar is about a two minute walk from Piazza della Libertà, the cultural, historical and nightlife center of Ostuni. Here stand the former monastery, now the seat of the Municipality, the church of San Francesco and the famous Obelisk of Sant'Oronzo. Also known by the name of "Spire", the obelisk was built around 1771. Another 21 meters, the work was erected as a thank you to Sant'Oronzo, for the protection provided to the city during the period of plague and famine . There Church of St. Francis it dates back to 1304. In the Gothic style, in 1600 and in the second half of 1700 it underwent a series of changes, up to the complete incorporation of the facade within that of the current Town Hall, which made it "invisible" from the outside. Inside, however, the structure still has rich decorations, a canvas by Luca Giordano and several statues, dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. From Pizza della Libertà, moving on via Cattedrale, you will encounter a series of tourist attractions, all close to each other. Once you reach the intersection with via Antonio Petraloro, it is possible to distance yourself from the itinerary to stop at the shop "the olive tree that sings", where the owner will guide you in the mysteries of woodworking by hand.

Afternoon: Lunch, Museum of Preclassical Civilizations, the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Porta del Salento

Back on via Cattedrale, go to theOsteria Monacelle, ideal for a lunch break dedicated to the typical dishes of Ostuni, spending the right price. After lunch you can visit the neighbor Museum of Preclassical Civilizations. Inside the museum, inaugurated in 1989, there are important finds from the medieval and modern times, found near Ostuni, and all the finds brought to light in the Grotta di Agnano. Continuing along the road you will reach the co-cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Built in 1400, following a mix of Venetian and Gothic styles, the Cathedral has a finely decorated rose window on the facade: the second largest in Europe. Its interior is characterized by three naves, decorated chapels and a richly painted ceiling. About one minute away from the Cathedral is the modern artwork "the blue door" or "door of Salento"

Evening: Dinner, Largo Trinchera

The Osteria Piazzetta of the Cathedral it's the right place to stop for dinner. Sophisticated locations with excellent food, certainly does not boast very low prices, but still in the average city. The Osteria is located in Largo Trinchera, the Cathedral Square par excellence, and the place where the Episcopal Curia has always managed its power. The sides of the square are closed by an ecclesiastical palace: on the right of the cathedral, there is the Bishop's Palace, linked to Seminary Palace, on the left, via the bow breaks out. All the buildings have been renovated and / or completely rebuilt, following the earthquake of 1743 and, among these, the one that was most affected by the changes was the arch, originally built in wood, but rebuilt in stone in 1750, following the baroque style. The commissioner of the work was the bishop Francesco Antonio Scoppa, who had his arms affixed to it
of the keystone of the arch.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 800 m / 11 min
  • Places visited: Piazza della Libertà (free), Obelisk of Sant'Oronzo (free), Church of San Francesco (free), L'Ulivo che Sings (free), Museum of Preclassical Civilizations (€ 5,00), Porta del Salento (free ), the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (€ 1,00), Largo Trinchera (free)
  • Breakfast at Dolci Momenti (Get directions), Lunch at Osteria Monacelle (Get directions), Dinner at Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale (Get directions).

2 day

Morning and Afternoon: Natural Archaeological Park of Santa Maria di Agnano

Il Natural Archaeological Park Santa Maria di Agnano it is located outside the city, about 2km from the historic center, and has in the cave of Santa Maria di Agnano its greatest attraction. Seat of ancient cults and rites of 300 years, the cave was in the past a real sanctuary, where two burials were found, Ostuni 1 and Ostuni 2, complete with funeral equipment, as well as numerous other finds from the Middle Ages. The park is approximately 12 minutes by car but can also be reached by public transport on Saturdays and Sundays. Buses depart from Italy Square, and you must have a regular travel document. The first ride is at 9,45, so it is advisable to stop for breakfast at the bar Paradiso to pass the wait. Furthermore, inside the park it is possible to carry out various activities, including guided visits to the excavations, and there are equipped picnic areas, also suitable for children. So, in order to make the most of the beauties available to the tourist, it is good to bring a packed lunch and dedicate the whole day to the visit. For info and reservations on visits to the Park visit the official website of the museum

Evening: Dinner, Historic Center

Located in the historic center, the Spessite restaurant it is located inside an 700th century oil mill. The characteristic location, and the possibility to enjoy a fixed price menu, makes it the right solution for a dinner dedicated to the typical features of the place. A walk around the Ostuni historic center is the right way to digest. Walking through the alleys of the old city, you will have the opportunity to notice some particularities that make it special. First of all we have the curious white color of the buildings, given by the lime flows that cover them which, in the past, protected the inhabitants from the plague epidemic. Secondly, however, it is impossible not to notice how the alleys of the city are all blind. In these streets there are houses sometimes carved into the rock, then joined by arches and semi-arches that serve as support.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 12 km / 24 min
  • Places visited: Natural Archaeological Park Santa Maria di Agnano (€ 5,00), Historic Center of Ostuni (free)
  • Breakfast at Paradiso bar (Get directions), Packed lunch, Dinner at Spessite Restaurant (Get directions)

3 day

Morning and Afternoon: Breakfast, Church of the Holy Spirit, Coastal Dunes Park

Once you have had breakfast at Monna Lisa Cafe, you can leave for the Church of the Holy Spirit, right next to it. Easily recognizable, thanks to its fifteenth-century entrance, adorned with Targotic bas-reliefs, it houses the seventeenth-century statues of Sant'Oronzo and the Madonna del Buon Consiglio. After the visit, it's time to leave for the Park of the Coastal Dunes. Unmissable destination for nature lovers, the park is 1100 hectares wide and contains various habitats, scattered over the 8 km of coastline and agricultural areas that compose it. Established in 2006. in order to recover and protect otherwise extinct animal and plant species, walking along its paths you will also be able to see some ancient masserie. It is possible to choose between the tour of the park and the tour of the ancient farms, all strictly by bike. To reach the area, special public transport runs are organized every year, visit the website of the Municipality of Ostuni for more information. The area is also easily reachable by own means in about 20 minutes. Visiting the park means taking a real dip in nature, and to enjoy it in complete tranquility, it is good to bring a packed lunch with you.

Evening: Church of the Madonna della Grata, Dinner

The return from the park could be a good opportunity to visit the Church of the Madonna della Grata, located in via Presidente Cucci, not far from the historic center of Ostuni and famous for a miraculous event that took place here. It is said that, in 1700, a man forced to walk bent over due to severe back pain, went to the sanctuary to pray to the Madonna and suddenly recovered. In memory of this event, each first Sunday of August the Madonna della Grata is celebrated with a spectacular procession. After the visit, a stop atOsteria don Quixote is what it takes to end with a flourish. Located in an old stable, the restaurant offers a series of typical Salento dishes and fish at reasonable prices. It is also possible to take advantage of the fixed menu solutions.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 25,7 km / 45 min
  • Places visited: Church of the Holy Spirit (free), Parco Dune Costiere (the itineraries available to the visitor are many, the cost for each is indicated here), Church of the Madonna della Grata (free)
  • Breakfast at Monna Lisa Cafè (Get directions), Dinner at Osteria don Chisciotte (Get directions)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Ostuni: summer is the ideal time to visit it. The other seasons should not be underestimated either. For example, in autumn, especially during the "Mediterranean Children's Week", the city shines with its wonders
  • by plane, the Salento airport is 35 minutes away by car: The Air Shuttle company carries out transfers to Salento tourist resorts on board air-conditioned minivans with 8 seats. It is necessary to book the service in advance from the official website or through the call center. By train, Ostuni stop. The station is a 10-minute drive from the city center. Several buses connect the station with the city
  • the city center is full of hotels and B & Bs, at prices that are more than fair Hotels and b & bs starting from € 48,64 per room -
  • Getting around: walking is the best situation. To reach the surrounding areas, it is recommended to rent a car or a scooter, in order to move more easily. Alternatively, public transport works quite well, and the cost of a single ticket is € 1,00

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