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It is believed to be the Japanese capital of good food, an important commercial and industrial center of the entire island, with an average population of over two and a half million. We are talking about Osaka, another favorite destination for tourists for its "daytime" life, its traditions and its landscapes.

How to fully combine culture, entertainment and the inevitable shopping moment in one 24-hour mini-tour? Just follow a few simple tips, which the staff of ForTravelAdviceLovers will try to provide you for a day you will not easily forget.


  1. One day itinerary in Osaka: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Osaka: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Osaka: Evening
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One day itinerary in Osaka: Morning

1 - Visit to the Dōtonbori district

We begin this 24-hour tour de force in Osaka with a hearty breakfast. To refresh body and spirit we head from Pablo, where with an expense included between € 6,00 and € 23,00 it is possible to taste one of the local specialties, the delicious cheese tart in all its innumerable variations. After having refreshed ourselves properly, we start our tour in Osaka by starting to visit the neighborhood Dōtonbori.
Shopping, entertainment, chaos and lights characterize the lively Dōtonbori district, very active day and night. The neighborhood is a real "Mecca" for lovers of high society and the most "profane" Osaka: breathtaking view from the bridge Ebisu-bashi, the amazing games room Pachinko!, the quintessence of entertainment in videogame format.

2 - Noh Theater at Osaka Nohgaku Kaikan

From Dōtonbori we head to the nearby metro station Shinsaibashi where, with the orange line Midosuji, we head in less than 20 minutes to the first stop of our trip around the city: Osaka Nohgaku Kaikan. Here it is possible to attend the performances of Teatro Noh, a theatrical form with ancient roots that is characterized by its evocative dialogues, the richness and elegance of the movements and its masks.

3 - Shitenno-ji Temple

We leave the theater and head to the nearby Umeda metro station. Still using the orange line, we reach the Buddhist temple of Shitenno-ji, one of the most visited religious attractions in the city. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the temple still retains its Buddhist structure and allure. Worthy of particular attention is the main room inside which we can admire a pictorial cycle dedicated to the story of Buddha and imposing statues.

4 - Osaka Castle

We close this morning with the main attraction of the city: the castle. We reach the subway station from Shinsaibashi and, taking the yellow line Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi, we reach this monumental structure, surrounded by the characteristic cherry trees and composed of well 8 plans. We will learn about the history of Osaka thanks to the finds and artifacts present in the rooms of the castle and we will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from panoramic terrace located on the top floor: a nice hike, which alone is worth the price of the entrance ticket.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 19,5 km / 46 min
  • Places visited: Dōtonbori, Osaka Nohgaku Kaikan, Shitenno-ji temple (€ 2,00 entrance to the temple, € 1,50 access to the gardens), Osaka Castle (€ 4,00; free up to 15 years of age)
  • Useful tickets: Welcome tour with a local
  • Where to have breakfast: Pablo, 2-8-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku - 1F Shinsaibashi Zeo One Bldg.

One day itinerary in Osaka: Afternoon

1 - Umeda Sky Building

We take a taxi to the next stop on our 24-hour tour in Osaka. From the castle, theUmeda Sky Building - as well as the place chosen for lunch - is just 16 minutes away (we recommend using a taxi to avoid a longer journey on the subway). Thus we reach the characteristic Kiji Umeda Sky Bldg., a small but always full place where, with just € 9,00, we can taste two of the typical specialties of whole Japan: okonomiyaki and yakisoba. A typical menu includes one of two courses, "washed down" with a very fresh beer.
We leave the restaurant full of energy to head to theUmeda Sky Building, just a minute's walk away. This immense skyscraper, made up of ben 39 plans, combines the modernity of the city with the immense poetry of a Breath-taking view, enjoyable from the top floor of the structure. On the penultimate floor it is possible to stop for a coffee or an ice cream at the bar, however at rather ridiculous prices.

2 - Nakanoshima

We close this afternoon in Osaka by visiting the business district, Nakanoshima, located between the two rivers Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa, reachable on foot in 20 minutes. However, the area is not only known for being the location of the major banks in the city, but also for being the "heart" of Osaka's history and its historic park, "green lung" of the resort, accessible to all for free.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 7,8 km / 21 min
  • Places visited: Umeda Sky Building (€ 8,00), Nakanoshima
  • Where to have lunch: Kiji Umeda Sky Bldg., 1-1-90 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku - Umeda Sky Bldg. B1F Takimi Koji

One day itinerary in Osaka: Evening

1 - Dinner and Amerika Mura neighborhood

Before going into the craziest "stars and stripes" neighborhood in Japan, let's go to dinner, right in this neighborhood, reachable by metro with the blue line Yotsubashi starting from Higobashi station. With a fair expense, between € 15,00 and € 20,00 per person, we can enjoy a succulent steak at theIkinari Steak Amerikamura, accompanied by rice, vegetables or soup.
The land ruled by Trump revives in this unusual district of Osaka, a riot of western music, lights, colors and strange "anthropomorphic" lamps. A district, that of Amerika Mura, which even if it encounters conflicting opinions among tourists, is worth a visit, even to better learn the concept that the Japanese have of the westernmost part of the world. The inevitable copy of the Statue of Liberty, which stands proud on top of a building.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,3 km / 14 min
  • Places visited: Amerika Mura
  • Useful tickets: 3 hour night tour
  • Where to dine: Ikinari Steak Amerikamura, 1-8-15 Nishi Shinsaibashi Chuo-Ku - Stage 9 Bldg.

Before leaving: useful tips

As the third most populous city in Japan, visit Osaka's top attractions in just one day it is an almost difficult undertaking. It is important to plan the stop in one or two reference areas of the city, focusing one's interest on the main attractions in these areas and sacrificing the rest while waiting to organize a longer stay.
As with the main Japanese cities, Osaka also boasts a quite efficient public transport system. If you also choose to cross some areas of the city on foot, it will be a must to dress in comfortable clothes and shoes, bring a map of the city with you and use the mobile technology to help you move. Also take into account the exchange rate Euro - Yen, to buy your souvenirs of the city for relatively little money.

  • Focus your visit on a few areas of interest
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Get a map of the city
  • Use smartphone for travel
  • Take into account the monetary exchange rate
  • If you decide to extend your stay and enjoy Osaka by night, you can consult our offers for accommodation in Osaka.

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

There are numerous attractions in Osaka that, reluctantly, it was not feasible to include on this day tour in Osaka. TheOsaka Aquarium, which would be worthy of an in-depth visit, perhaps even for the little ones. The quaint neighborhood of Namba with its attractions is unfortunately excluded from the tour, as well as the Science Museum. The Universal Studios in Osaka deserve a separate mention, whose tour costs around € 60,00: a rather expensive expense for a tour of only 24 hours.

  1. Aquarium
  2. Namba district
  3. Science Museum
  4. Universal Studios

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