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    What to see in New York in one day

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    Is one day really enough to visit a metropolis like New York? The answer is definitely no, especially in the face of a long intercontinental journey. If, however, you are passing through at the Big Apple (perhaps during a tour of the United States) and you absolutely do not want to miss the opportunity to visit it, there are itineraries that allow you to not miss the most important attractions of the city, with the promise of returning, in the future, for a more in-depth visit.


    1. One day itinerary in New York: Morning
    2. One day itinerary in New York: Afternoon
    3. One day itinerary in New York: Evening
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    One day itinerary in New York: Morning

    1 - Brooklyn Bridge

    The morning alarm will sound very early, an indispensable condition to have more time available. The departure of your itinerary will be the borough of Brooklyn, reachable by subway at the "Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall" stop. Right near the famous bridge there is an unmissable place to immerse yourself in thepurely American atmosphere. We're talking about Starbucks, 67 Front Street, where you can have breakfast for an average of $ 5. The pedestrian walk leading to the bridge begins right at the metro exit. The route on the Brooklyn Bridge is about 1,5 km long (you can choose to walk just a part of it), we recommend that you stop at the first Gothic tower to observe the bronze plaque which bears the words "Erected by the cities of New York and Brooklyn". At the end of the path, use the stone stairs on your left to head towards Water Street. From this point, moreover, you can decide to take beautiful photos of the Manhattan skyline. It is, in fact, the most famous point in Brooklyn, called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass): from here you can also see the Empire State Building which stands in the center of Manhattan.

    2 - Wall Street, Bowling Green

    After the photo shoot, head to the Fulton Ferry Landing pier: with a one-way ticket, costing $ 4 Monday to Friday ($ 6 on weekends), you can take the East River Ferry and be taken to "Pier 11 / Wall St". From the ferry, walk to Wall Street, the heart of finance and the American stock exchange. Just beyond William Street you will find a grandiose skyscraper on your right: it is 40 Wall Street, wanted by President Donald Trump, who for many years held the title of the tallest building in the world. Continuing the route you will arrive at the intersection with Broadway Street, effectively entering the heart of Wall Street. Here are the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Hall Memorial, where there is a bronze statue of George Washington, located right where he was sworn to become America's first President in 1789. Stay on Wall Street continuing west, you can admire Trinity Church, in neo-Gothic style, built, destroyed and rebuilt three times. On Broadway you will find the famous "Wall Street Bull". Touching the bull, to date, is a superstitious act for those looking for a bit of luck in business. Behind the statue you will find Bowling Green, the oldest park in New York, a historic site that, until the Declaration of Independence, housed the statue of the English King George III, which was torn down by the citizens. Behind the park is also one of the most beautiful buildings in New York, the Alexander Hamilton Custom House, the Customs Building, which today is home to the National Museum of the American Indian.

    In summary:

    • Distance traveled: 4,3 km / 51 min
    • places visited: Brooklyn Bridge (free), East River Ferry ($ 4 or $ 6), Wall Street (free), New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall Memorial (free), Wall Street Bull (free), Bowling Green (free) ), Alexander Hamilton Custom House (free)
    • Brooklyn Bridge bike tour Wall Street tour
    • where to have breakfast: Starbucks, 67 Front Street

    One day itinerary in New York: Afternoon

    1 - Ferry ride with a view of the Statue of Liberty

    Your walk continues through Battery Park to reach the terminal from which, approximately every 30 minutes, i free ferries to Staten Island. Using this means of transport you will be able to enjoy one of the most famous views and most beautiful in the world, the one on New York and above all on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ferry ride takes around 25 minutes, then you will have to wait another half hour to get back, so consider spending at least an hour and a half. The ferry, being used a lot by commuter workers, is crowded at peak times but if you arrive at the pier in the middle of the morning you shouldn't find any queues at boarding. Photographs of the Statue of Liberty are a must, in memory of the hope and joy felt by all immigrants who, in the past, arrived in America after having faced an intercontinental journey by ocean. About 10 minutes from the pier, once back, you will find Stone Street, the oldest paved road of the city where you can also take a break for lunch. We recommend the Stone Street Tavern, at number 52, where you can have a hamburger or steak lunch surrounded by iconic managers and employees in suits. It's not very cheap (average $ 25 each) but it's worth it, if only for the setting.

    2 - Grand Central Terminal, New York Public Library

    Take the subway to reach Grand Central Terminal, a historic place like Ellis Island, as it was once considered another "Gateway to America" ​​for immigrants, who passed through here before heading to other American cities. The building is beautifully decorated, it also houses a famous clock and the ceiling where the constellations and the zodiac are represented. On the lower floor there is the famous "Whispering Gallery": thanks to an acoustic effect it is possible to hear the words of other people positioned in opposite corners. Choose the exit on Lexington Avenue, where the Chrysler Building is located, and head to 42nd Street, reaching the New York Public Library. This is the public library but also of one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, near Bryant Park. It is possible to enter for free and a quick visit is recommended, as it seems more like a museum than a library. Its façade, however, may seem familiar to you: the two marble statues located at the entrance and depicting the two lions Leo Astor and Leo Lenox, have appeared in famous Hollywood films such as, for example, Ghost Busters and The Day After Tomorrow.

    In summary:

    • Distance traveled: 13,5 km / 39 min
    • places visited: Battery Park (free), Staten Island ferry with Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (free), Stone Street (free), Grand Central Terminal (free), Chrysler Building (free), New York Public Library (free) )
    • Statue of Liberty: Skip-the-Line Entrance (with Pedestal) Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island: 4-Hour Tour Grand Central Terminal Audio Guided Tour
    • where to have lunch: Stone Street Tavern, Stone Street 52

    One day itinerary in New York: Evening

    1 - Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center

    Back on Fifth Avenue and heading north you can go along the most famous shopping avenue in the world and, at 50th Street, you can see Rockefeller Center on your right. In this place you will find many shops, offices and restaurants. In the middle of the afternoon, a snack is a must: in the building there is a shop of the famous Magnolia Bakery chain, where you will find many different types of sweet cupcakes, but also many other dining options. On the same floor you will find the ticket office of the Top of the Rock observatory, where we recommend that you arrive at sunset: the show on the Empire State Building, on Central Park and on many of the other attractions of the city will be even more exciting! In front of the Rockefeller Center, during the Christmas period, it is also installed the famous Christmas tree and the ice skating rink.

    2 - Times Square and Dinner

    At this point you will be quite tired and the day will be about to end, but you will still have some time and energy to visit one of the most famous places in the city, Times Square. From Rockefeller Center it is possible to reach it along 50th Street towards 7th Avenue, at the intersection you must then head south, which is to your left. There is no such place in the world: lights, crowds of employees and tourists, shops, bars and restaurants make this area the beating heart of New York. Where to dine? Surely you have seen, at least once, the film Forrest Gump, with Tom Hanks. Overlooking Times Square, you can find the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., 1501 Broadway, a venue inspired by the activity of the film's protagonist. The average dinner fee is $ 40, but it's worth it. Are you a lover of the theater? Times Square intersects with Broadway Street, by booking your ticket online you can also attend one of the shows.

    In summary:

    • Distance traveled: 10,7 km / 53 min
    • places visited: Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center (free, the guided tour costs 25 dollars instead), Top of the Rock observatory (from 28 to 34 dollars depending on the period), Times Square (free)
    • Tickets to the Top of The Rock Tour of Times Square and Broadway
    • where to dine: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., 1501 Broadway

    Before leaving: useful tips

    • get ready to walk a lot and to use the efficient subway, which will facilitate your travels and, above all, make them faster
    • take a metro pass, in particular we recommend the Metrocard Pay Per Ride, a kind of rechargeable card starting at $ 5,50 up to $ 80. You receive an 11% bonus and $ 2,75 will be deducted on each ride. It is ideal for those who have to make a few trips, to avoid paying the single trip every time: without Metrocard it would cost $ 3
    • the climate of New York is continental, highly unstable, with cold winters and hot summers. There is not an ideal period to visit it, given the high instability of the climate: bring yourself very warm clothes during the winter season (which can be really freezing) e light clothes in summer (the humidity can be very high)
    • If you decide to extend your visit, remember to take a look at our hotel accommodation offers in New York

    What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

    1. Empire state building. It is the dream of every tourist who goes to New York, but we advise you to avoid it. The ticket costs 20 dollars, you have to queue at least two hours and the visit, in total, lasts only 4 minutes.
    2. Central Park. Unfortunately it is a huge park and in just 24 hours you could not visit it as it deserves.
    3. Little Italy. It does not represent the Italian-American culture at all and, even the restaurants, no longer guarantee real local food.
    4. MOMA and other museums. It is almost useless to assert that, for a one-day visit, it is impossible to visit any museum.
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