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Visiting the Big Apple at least once in a lifetime is the dream of many, because this American city has a lot to offer. Anyone will fall in love with its long streets, modern skyscrapers, immense parks but also the banks of the Hudson River and the slightly retro neighborhoods. Obviously in a weekend you will not be able to see everything but here is an itinerary to discover New York in just 3 days which will allow you to know something of this wonderful metropolis.


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1 day

1 - Morning: Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

To optimize your time, start your day in New York by taking the 1 or R subway and get off at the South Ferry stop. Here go to the pier for Battery Park, take the ferry that leaves every 40 minutes and once you get on, treat yourself to a good breakfast at the boat bar overlooking Manhattan before heading down to Ellis Island ($ 7,00 coffee and muffin - $ 6,00 approx). The ticket is included in the New York City Pass or alternatively costs $ 18,00 (€ 17,00 approximately).

Once you have landed on the island, allow 2 hours and 30 minutes to visit Statue of Liberty and the unmissable Immigration Museum; here you will understand how people were welcomed when they arrived in the "Big Apple" in search of fortune. Return to the mainland and walk 10 minutes to the Wall Street financial district.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch on Wall Street, World Trade Center, Little Italy

Eat something light at Wall Street's Just Salad ($ 15,00 - about € 14,00) among businessmen in suits taking a break for lunch; then reach the famous Taurus and take one
From here in 10 minutes on foot you reach the area of World Trade Center where it is a must to stop at the memorial dedicated to the fallen of 11 September. Unfortunately, having only 3 days you will not have time to visit the Museum so be content to take a peek from the outside. If you want a good Italian coffee, go to the small but characteristic district of Little Italy where you can sit in a bar to breathe the scent of home.

3 - Evening: Times Square Dinner and Broadway Show

Reach Times Square with the subway, consider that more or less all lines arrive here. Get lost in this square full of lights, sounds and colors and go to enjoy a good real american burger at Burger Joint, one of the best in the city ($ 15,00 - approximately € 14,00).
To end the evening nearby treat yourself to the luxury of a Broadway night where the most famous musicals in the world are staged every evening.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 21 km / 3 h 40 min
  • Places visited: Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, World Trade Center, Little Italy, Times Square and Broadway
  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island: 4-Hour 11/3 Museum and Memorial Tour: Skip-the-Line New York Ticket: 5, 7, or Attractions Pass
  • Breakfast bar on Ellis Island ferry (Get directions), Just salad lunch (Get directions), Burger joint dinner (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Fifth Avenue and Moma

Wake up early (you must try to optimize the time available as much as possible) and get on the N, R or W line of the metro that takes you to 5 Avenue Station.
Look for the nearby Starbucks for a good breakfast, check out the beautiful shops on Fifth Avenue and dream in front of the luxurious shop windows of brands like Tiffany, Apple and Vuitton.
At this point, head to the nearby Moma, the Museum of Modern Art which houses a large collection of works of the most famous artists in the world such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Warhol and Pollock. Enjoy the visit inside the museum, and admire the masterpieces of these great artists; on the top floor there are numerous famous paintings, unmissable of their kind.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch Bill's Bar & Burger, Rockefeller Center, Top of The Rock, High Line

Take a rest for lunch at Bill's Bar & Burger, a casual place to eat a little bit of everything without breaking the bank (burgers for $ 10,00 - around € 9,00)
From here you reach the neighbor Rockefeller Center where there is also one of the large skyscrapers from which you can admire the city. Get on the Top of The Rock, at a height of 300 meters and enjoy the "Big Apple" from above for a while: you will feel like you are in a movie (cost $ 36,00 - about € 34,00).

When you get off, take the nearby metro to reach the Highline (lines 1,2,3 stop 14th Street), la old railway today it has become an urban park with a beautiful pedestrian street just over 2 km long. If you feel like walking it all, it takes about 1 hour and you will reach the Meatpack District, a trendy and youthful neighborhood.

3 - Evening: Dinner at Please Dont'Tell and evening in the Prohibition club

For a different evening we suggest you go and eat a very special hot dog at Please Dont'T ell, in the East Village. To reach it take metro lines 4 or 6 and get off at Astor PI station and then in 10 minutes on foot you will reach this place. Apparently it will not seem like anything, but when you enter the telephone booth inside the small room you will understand what it is. This place is a bar from the prohibition era and from one door you can access the real place where you will enjoy exquisite cocktails in a slightly retro atmosphere.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 8,6 km / 1 h 52 min
  • Places visited: Moma, Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Top of The Rock, High Line, East Village
  • New York Explorer Pass: 85+ Tours and Attractions Museum of Modern Art Skip-the-Line Top of the Rock Observatory: Flexible Date Ticket
  • Starbucks Breakfast (Get Directions), Lunch at Bill's Bar & Burger (Get Directions), Dinner at Please Don't Tell (Get Directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Central Park, Grand Central Station

For your last day in New York there are plenty of things to see: so get up early and at 8.30 try to be close to Central Park. To get here, get off at 72 Street Station where lines B and C pass and enter the entrance opposite the Dakota Building, one of the most exclusive residences in Manhattan. Then don't miss it Strawberry Field Memorial dedicated to John Lennon and before continuing the visit have a breakfast in the park at Le Pain Quotidien (from $ 6,00 to $ 15,00 - from € 5,00 to € 14,00).
At this point, pass by the terrace and the Bethesda fountain and finally head to the romantic Bow Bridge to take a picture and admire the landscape. There is still much more to see in this huge city park, but if you don't have time, take the 79th St. Transverse exit and join the 77 St. Metro. Take line 6 and get off at Grand Central Station to admire this immense and historic station. Change lines, take 4 and get off at Brooklyn Bridge City hall Station.

2 - Afternoon: Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo neighborhood

Before continuing, stop by Augustine for lunch where they serve a fabulous brunch (main courses $ 15,00 to $ 22,00 - € 14,00 to € 20,00). Once refreshed, walk through one of New York's best-known landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge where you can breathe a wonderful atmosphere and you can admire an amazing landscape.
At the end of the 2 km we suggest you reach the neighbor Dumbo neighborhood, a former industrial estate with old renovated warehouses where today there are art galleries, boutiques and luxurious apartments. To conclude the afternoon treat yourself to a good aperitif in one of the many bars that have a panoramic terrace and admire Manhattan.

3 - Evening: Soho and dinner at The Mercer Kitchen

Take the subway line A or C from Brooklyn Bridge Station, get off at Canal Street Station and in a few minutes walk you will reach Cast Iron Discrict in Soho. Before going to dinner you can admire the numerous historic buildings that served as the backdrop for various film scenes famous and take some souvenir photos. To conclude your 3 days in New York, go and eat at The Mercer Kitchen an excellent restaurant serving American cuisine (main courses from $ 18,00 to $ 30,00 - from € 16,00 to € 28,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 15,4 km / 3 h 19 min
  • Places visited: Central Park, Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo Borough, Soho
  • Central Park: bike rental
  • Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (Get directions), Lunch at Augstine (Get directions), Dinner at The Mercer Kitchen (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in New York cost

New York is not exactly a cheap city, however, everyone can decide to spend according to their possibilities. There are many bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities that please anyone a little, the important thing is to understand exactly what you intend to do. Moreover You can purchase discounted passes to visit various attractions and many museums are free on certain days and times of the week. Obviously, those who decide to come for a weekend will not have much decision-making power, but just pay attention and follow our advice to save something.

  • Costs to eat: approximately $ 53,00 (approximately € 60,00) per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about $ 89,00 (about € 78,00) pass which includes several attractions per person following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation: $ 32,00 (approximately € 28,00) per person for the 7-day metro card
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: starting from € 150,00 per room -
  • Fun: from $ 110,00 (approximately € 98,00) per person (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)
  • Total cost of a weekend in New York: from $ 540,00 (approximately € 480,00) per person (flights excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit New York: every time is good, but the best times are spring and autumn, when mild temperatures allow you to be outside and fully enjoy the city - more on when to go to New York
  • Kennedy or JFK airport, is located 25 km from Manhattan; it is connected to the city by an Airtrain ($ 5,00 - approximately € 4,50) and then by the metro (Jamaica or Howard Beach stations). The other airport is Newark, 33 km from the center which can be reached by train that arrives at New York's Penn Station ($ 13,00 - approximately € 12,00). Finally, La Guardia airport is the one used for internal flights in the USA and Canada, it is located 14 km from Manhattan but is served only by taxi ($ 40,00 - about € 35,00) and by bus to and from from Harlem ($ 9,00 - approximately € 8,00)
    Flights starting from € 284,00 -
  • the best area is that of Times Square, which in addition to having numerous services and attractions, is served by many subway lines. Alternatively, comfortable, elegant and elegant, the Upper West Side area near Central Park is also served by the subway
    Hotel and b & b starting from € 90,00 per room -
  • Getting around: on foot and by subway, which allows you to get to almost anywhere and works 24 hours a day. We suggest the Metro Card for 24 days in the first station you meet because in this way you will save a lot compared to single tickets ($ 7 - about € 32,00) - more info on how to get around in New York
  • Other: you need an electronic passport and an ESTA, a document required to enter America which is valid for two years and must be taken before leaving (cost $ 14,00 - approximately € 12,00). The currency used is the dollar, indicated with the $ symbol, but credit cards are accepted everywhere even with contactless payment.
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