What to see in Miami in one day

Who hasn't dreamed of going to Miami? Or more generally in Florida? Accomplices, in addition to the beauty of the city, also the various TV series and films, Miami has become the most common American Dream, and it has always attracted many tourists, among its skyscrapers, hectic life and beautiful beaches.

As you can imagine, there are so many things to do and see and a week would not be enough. But if maybe you are busy on the road or you simply have little time, it will be important to select the things to see to enjoy this splendid city to the fullest. Here what to see in Miami in one day!


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Miami day itinerary: Morning

1 - Little Havana and Calle Ocho Walk of Fame

Start this day in Miami at Little Havana, the Cuban immigrant neighborhood of the city. Before starting to walk through its streets, treat yourself to a good one breakfast at the Versailles Cuban Bakery, open as early as 8:00 in the morning, so it will allow you to start the day early. Here you will find coffees, juices and juices, sweets and even savory options. On average, you'll spend around $ 8,00 per person (about € 7,20).

After breakfast, start strolling through the streets of this quaint neighborhood, full of colorful murals, flowers and Spanish-speaking people. We recommend you get lost in Calle Ocho, the main point of the area where the Walk of Fame is located, and at the end of which you will find the Cuban Memorial Boulevard Park.

Then take bus 11 and go to Bayfront Park, in Downtown Miami, next stop of the day.
The stop is located at SW 1 St & SW 13 Av, 900 meters from Cuban Memorial Boulevard Park, and you will have to get off at SE 1 Av & E Flager St, not far from the park (single fare $ 2,25, approximately € 2,00, ). Alternatively, you can take the taxi which will drop you right in front of Bayfront Park. Even better, you can use the Uber service by booking a taxi from the special app and knowing in advance the cost you are going to pay.

2 - Downtown Miami and boat ride

Here you are at Downtown Miami, Miami's financial and administrative hub, but also a district full of museums, shops, hotels, shows and sporting events.

After passing through Bayfront Park, a beautiful park overlooking the sea, with a popular amphitheater, fountains and used for many events, you will arrive at the Bayside marketplace, a large shopping center full of shops and restaurants. But not only that, from here all the boats that go around the bay leave. And this is the activity that we want to offer you for the second part of the morning.

Certainly you can have a beautiful overview of the whole city despite the short time and in addition Miami is a seaside city, between taxi boats and boats you cannot miss a nice ride.
You can also book your tour in advance, thus guaranteeing your seat and not wasting time queuing at the ticket office. For example, the Millionaire's Row: Panoramic Cruise tour will take you on a beautiful boat excursion lasting an hour and a half at a cost of € 25,00 per person. There are many departures during the morning, we recommend that you take the first one at 10:30 or maximum at 11:30.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1 h 47 min / 5,2 miles
  • Places visited: Little Havana (free), Downtown Miami (free), boat ride (€ 25,00)
  • Millionaire's Row: Sightseeing Cruise Miami: Half-Day Double-Decker Bus and Boat Tour Miami: 45-Minute Sightseeing Speedboat Tour
  • Where to have breakfast: Versailles Cuban Bakery, 3501 SW 8th St, Little Havana - Get directions

Miami day itinerary: Afternoon

1 - Wynwood neighborhood and Wynwood Walls

Once the boat ride is over, disembark again at Bayside Marketplace. From here, travel by public transport or by taxi or uber to the Wynwood neighborhood for lunch.
We advise you to have lunch at Dr Smood, a beautiful green place where you can find various healthy and special proposals, including salads, wraps, sandwiches and toast, there is something for everyone. Here you will spend an average of $ 15,00 per person (about € 13,60).

If you decide to take public transport, from Bayside Marketplace take bus 120 (single fare $ 2,25, approximately € 2,00) from the Biscayne Bd & NE 3 St stop to the Stephen P Clark Center stop, and from there walk for two minutes to at the NW 2 Av & NW 2 St stop where you can take bus 2 (single ride $ 2,25, approximately € 2,00) and get off at the NW 2 Av & NW 22 St stop, just a two minute walk from the venue suggested.

After lunch, take a walk through the streets of Wynwood neighborhood, known as the artistic heart of Miami, full of art galleries, eclectic clubs, murals and craft breweries. Nowadays, this is also one of the most popular areas in the city. Among its main attractions, there is certainly the Wynwood Walls, a real open-air gallery where street art reigns supreme. This attraction is open Monday through Thursday from 10:30 am to 23:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 am to midnight and Sunday from 10:30 am to 20:00 pm, admission is free.

2 - Miami Beach, Middle Beach, Lummus Park and South Beach

Once you have finished visiting the Wynwood Walls, take a taxi or public transport to get to Miami Beach, one of the most popular areas of Miami.
From the Wynwood neighborhood you can take the direct bus 110 which will take you to Middle Beach in just half an hour (single fare $ 2,25, approximately € 2,00).

And here you are, ad admire the great beaches surrounded by skyscrapers, the classic image of Miami, the one you see in most magazines. You can spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach, or exploring this area of ​​Miami Beach. We advise you to arrive until Lummus Park, in South Beach.

To move along the coast you have many buses available, including lines 103, 112, 113, 119 and 150, which follow the seafront. A single ride always costs $ 2,25 (approximately € 2,00).

South Beach is famous for its great beaches, clubs, nightlife and restaurants. Here is also theArt Deco District, a district on the famous Ocean Drive characterized buildings and palaces in art deco style well preserved.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2 h 7 min / 6,4 miles
  • Places visited: Wynwood neighborhood and Wynwood Walls (free), Middle Beach (free), South Beach (free), Lummus Park (free), Art Deco District (free)
  • Miami: Happy Beach Sunset Tour in South Beach Miami: Bike Rental in South Beach Miami: South Beach Food Tour
  • Where to have lunch: Dr Smood, 2230 NW 2nd Ave, Wynwood - Get directions

Miami day itinerary: Evening

1 - Dinner, Sout Beach

For dinner we recommend that you always stop at South Beach, to fully experience Miami nightlife. But before you go wild and enjoy the night, we recommend you stop at price at The Lobster Shack, a seafood restaurant not far from the beach open until 23pm and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
Obviously here the great protagonist is the lobster (lobster in English), but you will also find alternatives if you are not a lover of this dish, such as burgers and salads. On average you will spend about $ 25,00 / $ 30,00 per person (approximately € 22,00 / € 27,00).

Now, after regaining the energy of the evening with a great dinner, it's time to discover the night side of Miami Beach. If you want to party certainly there is no shortage of clubs, alternatively you can enjoy a walk through the streets of the center or along the seafront. Or again, you can stop in one of the many quieter places and drink an excellent cocktail to toast this magnificent day in Miami.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 33 min / 1,7 miles
  • Places visited: South Beach
  • South Beach: Drink, Taste & Dance, Salsa & Mojito Lessons Miami: Happy Beach Sunset Tour at South Beach Pub Crawl Miami: South Beach 3-Hour Tour
  • Where to dine: The Lobster Shack, 40 South Pointe Dr # 104, Miami Beach - Get directions

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Wake up early: having little time, the best thing is to wake up early to enjoy the whole day of visits to the fullest; the ideal would be to have breakfast at 8:00, maximum 8:30
  • When to go: the best time is between February and May, when temperatures are high but not excessive
  • Getting around: the city is very large and the attractions can also be very far away, if you are unable to move on foot you can use the numerous taxis or the Uber service (to be used via a special app), or public transport such as the tram (free) and the metrobus (single fare $ 2,25, approximately € 2,00); water taxis are also active here, useful for moving between the beaches, but whose rides are more expensive (a one-way ride costs $ 15,00, about € 13,50)
  • Recommended cards: the Go Miami Card has a duration of 24 hours, costs $ 79,00 (approximately € 71,30), $ 59,00 for children between 3 and 12 years (approximately € 53,25); Includes free or discounted admission to 30 attractions, discounts at shops and restaurants - learn more and purchase the Go Miami Card

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

As we have already said, Miami is huge and full of things to seeobviously it is impossible to see everything in one day. With this itinerary that we have proposed you will go to touch some of the most famous points and districts of the city, but you will have to start the day early.

To move, we advise you to use taxis or Uber as they are faster for the attractions of the morning, while for Miami Beach the means are really good.

Among the most famous things there are some to give up, either because they are too far away or because they are not essential:

  1. Virginia key
  2. Key Biscayne
  3. Miami Seaquarium
  4. Little Haiti
  5. North Beach
  6. Bal Harbour
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