What to see in Miami in 3 days

Florida's famous tourist destination, Miami is the emblem of the American dolce vita made up of white beaches, the sea, 24-hour entertainment, unbridled luxury and glamorous shopping. But that is not all.

Overlooking Biscayne Bay, it is a lively city that is also suitable for a long weekend of culture and good food.

It is the world capital of Art Decò, just stroll through its streets and observe the mix of Latin elements, contemporary art and modern architecture that characterize its buildings and urban decorations. Here is a 3-day itinerary of Miami!


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1 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Bayfront Park, Gesu Church, Historic Museum

Load up with an energetic breakfast with a "taste of home" at Gualt's Gourmet Italian Café (approximate costs: espresso $ 1,96 / € 1,78, cappuccino $ 2,99 / € 2,72, savory croissant $ 5,79 / € 5,26, ).

Start the first day's itinerary with a nice walk in Bayfront Park, a beautiful park overlooking the ocean with a photo stop at the Bayfront Amphitheater.
From here continue towards Gesu Church, the oldest Catholic church in the city.

Learn more about Miami's history by concluding the morning at Miami History Museum (adults: $ 8,00 / € 7,27 - students $ 7,00 / € 6,36 - children between 6 and 12 years: $ 5,00 / € 4,54 - children under 6 free).

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Freedom Tower, Perez Art Museum (or Phillips and Patricia Frost Museum of Science), Miami Beach, Art Deco District

For lunch we recommend the Bubba Gump Shrimp where you can enjoy excellent fried fish for an average of $ 65,00 / € 59,00 per couple.

After lunch, head to the nearby (5 minutes walk) Freedom Tower, the symbol of the city.

A 10 minute walk will get you there at Museum Park, you can choose between one of the two most famous museums: the Perez Art (PAMM) (adults: $ 20,95 / € 19,00 - children 3-11 years: $ 16,00 / 14,54 - children under 2 free), dedicated to th and st century art, and the Phillips and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (adults: $ 29,95 / € 27,22 - over 65, students and children between 7 and 18 years: $ 12,00 / € 10,90 - children under 6 free), which houses a planetarium, an aquarium and numerous courses on the world of science.

From Biscayne Blv & NE 11 St take Bus 199 S-Aventura Mall, get off at Collins Av & 18 St (22 stops approximately 30 minutes).
Here you are in Miami Beach, the neighborhood that made the city famous! We advise you to stroll through the famous Art Deco District: Start at the Art Deco Welcome Center & Museum, then move on to Ocean Drive. Among the most interesting Art Decò buildings we point out the Celino South Beach, the Beacon, the Colony, the Hispanic Villa Casa Casuarina (Gianni Versace was killed here!), The Carlyle Hotel and the Cardozo.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Ocean Drive

Dinner at On Ocean 7 Cafè, a fabulous location overlooking the sea with a very varied menu at prices in line with the city average, around $ 30,00 / € 27,00 per person.

Continue the evening at Ocean Drive. Choose from the countless and various places of all kinds that follow one another or simply strolls admiring the comings and goings of extravagant and eccentric characters.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 13 km / 2 h 47 min
  • Places visited: Bayfront Park (free), Gesu Church (free), Miami History Museum ($ 8,00 / € 7,26), Freedom Tower (free), Perez Art ($ 20,95 / € 19,00), Phillips and Patricia Frost Museum ($ 29,95 / € 27,19), Miami Beach (free), Art Deco District (free)
  • Pub Crawl Miami: 3-hour South Beach tour
  • breakfast: Gualt's Gourmet Italian Café (Get directions); lunch: Bubba Gump Shrimp (Get Directions); dinner: On Ocean 7 Cafè (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Coco Walk, Villa Vizcaya

For breakfast, immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the Greenstreet Café, a place that offers classic American cuisine including pancakes, cinnamon roll pancakes, bagels, etc ... (pancakes $ 10,00 / € 9,09, French toast $ 9,00 / € 8,00, 12,00, omelettes $ 10,90 / € ).

At this point you are ready to catapult yourself into the unique atmosphere typical of the Florida of yesteryear, indulge in a walk and a little shopping along the famous Coco Walk, the heart of the shopping village by Coconut Grove.

From Coconut Grove Metrorail Station, take the green line to the famous in 36 minutes Villa Vizcaya, Renaissance-style house-museum built in 1912 by the industrialist Charles Deering, surrounded by a luxuriant garden (adults $ 22,00 / € 19,99 - adults over the age of 65 $ 16,00 / € 14,54 - university students and children between 13 and 17 years $ 15,00 / € 13,63 - children between 6 and 12 years: $ 10,00 / € 9,09 - children under 6 free).
The villa and the garden deserve a lot, consider at least 3 hours of visit!

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Virginia Key, Miami Seaquarium, Crandon Park, Faro

Have lunch at the PM Fish & Steak House, which specializes in fish dishes and grilled meats but where you can also find simple sandwiches and fresh salads at medium to high prices.

Take bus 102 to Brickell Av & SE 15 Rd, after 10 stops (10 minutes) you are in Virginia Key, a small island where the famous Miami Seaquarium (adults: $ 45,99 / € 41,79 - children between 3 and 9 years old: $ 37,99 / € 34,52) and you can watch the spectacular stunts of the dolphins.

After visiting the aquarium, take line 102 again and get off at Crandon Park where you can relax with a stroll through Crandon Park (one of the most beautiful views in Miami with sand dunes, beaches and mangroves).

On the opposite side of the islet, inside the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is the Cape Florida Lighthouse, historical building that has managed to withstand several wars and numerous hurricanes.

3 - Evening: Dinner

Dinner at DUNE Burgers on the Beach where you can try the experience of enjoying a burger with your feet immersed in the sand (average of a burger $ 20,00 / € 18,17).

It is also the right place for after dinner view the location and the list of cocktails.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 26 km / 5 h 18 min
  • Places visited: Coco Walk (free), Villa Vizcaya ($ 22,00 / € 20,00), Virginia Key (free), Miami Seaquarium ($ 45,99 / € 41,75), Crandon Park (free), Cape Florida Lighthouse ( free)
  • Miami Seaquarium: Go Miami Card Admission Ticket: Up to 55% discount on top attractions
  • breakfast: Greenstreet Café (Get Directions); lunch: PM Fish & Steak House (Get Directions); dinner: DUNE Burgers on the Beach (Get Directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Calle Ocho, Walk of Fame, Little Havana

Breakfast at El Exquisito which offers typical dishes at really affordable prices.

Walks on Calle Ocho, the main street: don't miss the cigar shops and the Walk of Fame that celebrates Latin stars famous as Julio Eglesias, Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan.

Head into the lively now Little Havana, where a mix of traditions, cultures and colors, has made the city a multi-ethnic reality.
In fact, many Cuban refugees live here. Between crowded markets and colorful buildings, Old Cuba is revived.

Take bus 11 to SW 1 St & SW 15 Av, after 9 stops get off and at SW 1 St & 1 Av take line 2 which, in 16 minutes ( stops) will take you to Wynwood.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Wynwood, Liberty City

Dine at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar which offers Latin-inspired global cuisine for all budgets (from $ 14,00 / € 12,72 for shrimp tacos to $ 32,00 / € 29,00 for roasted snapper).

The Wynwood neighborhood is famous for its graffiti, the development of the textile and homemade art industry, as well as for craft breweries. At 2550 NW 2nd Ave, take bus 77 and get off at NW 7 Av & NW 60 St, walk 600m and arrive at Liberty Square.

Liberty City is the city's iconic neighborhood for fighting for the civil rights of black people. Start from Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park where a statue of the famous preacher Martin Luther King Jr. is erected. The "wall" is still visible, which testifies to the racial segregation carried out in the 30s.

Finally, pop into the Miami Times Building which, for decades, housed the headquarters of the African-American newspaper in Miami.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Downtown

From Dadeland South take the Metro Rail and after about 15 minutes (8 stops) get off at Government.

A few more steps on foot and you are in Downtown Miami, the heart of the city. It is the financial center of Miami, full of skyscrapers and very interesting buildings; its sky-line is reminiscent of a miniature New York.

Dine on a Peruvian menu from Cvi.che 105 (max courses $ 20,00 / € 18,17). End your weekend in Miami in Le Chat Noir, a club with a bohemian atmosphere in the heart of Downtown where you can watch jazz, poetry and more.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 28 km / 5 h 58 min
  • Places visited: Calle Ocho (free), Walk of Fame (free), Little Havana (free), Wynwood (free), Liberty Square (free), Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park (free), Miami Times Building (free), Downtown (free)
  • Miami: Little Havana Food, Culture, Mojito and Street Art Tour
  • breakfast: El Exquisito (Get Directions); lunch: Wynwood Kitchen & Bar (Get Directions); dinner: Cvi.che 105 (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Miami cost

Miami is certainly not an economic destination.
However, saving money, as in all places, is still possible with a certain foresight.

It all obviously depends on the period in which you stay, the best period is between March and April, but it is also the most expensive period, from June to November are the quietest months and the city becomes cheaper.

Direct flights to Miami depart from Rome and Milan, which take less than 10 hours of flight. The cost is substantial, and to save money, the only way is to book your holiday well in advance, avoiding the high season - Flights from Rome starting from € 356,00 -
Let's see, in detail, how much a weekend in Miami costs:

  • Costs to eat: daily average of $ 55,00 / € 49,98 per person. Consider that in the US, tipping is mandatory and corresponds to approximately 15-20% of the bill.
  • Costs for museums and attractions: quite expensive, an average ranging between $ 20,00 and $ 30,00, about € 27,00 (full fare). The cost of the entrance tickets for the proposed itinerary is around $ 105,00 / € 95,41 per person.
  • Transportation: following the total itinerary about $ 21,00 / € 19,08.
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 81,00 per room -.
  • Fun: various and any such as snacks, aperitifs, souvenirs, in total about $ 60,00 / € 54,52 per person.
  • Total cost of a weekend in Miami: starting from € 500,00 per person, excluding return flights - Confonta i flights - starting from 356,00

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Miami: has a tropical climate with pleasantly warm winters and sultry summers. The best time is spring, temperatures are similar to summer ones but without heat. In summer, beware of rains and hurricanes
  • the city has 2 airports, the International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL). To reach the destination: Beach Airport Express ($ 2,25 / € 2,04), bus ($ 2,25 / € 2,04), shuttle (from $ 63,00 / € 57,17), supershuttle (from $ 27,00 / € 24,50), car rental (from $ 38,50 / € 35,00) - flights starting from € 356,00 -
  • Miami Beach is one of the most expensive areas, suitable for those who love the seaside atmosphere, South Beach is the liveliest neighborhood in the city full of clubs and restaurants, Miami Downtown and Design District are metropolitan neighborhoods, Coral Gables is very quiet and elegant - Hotels and b & b starting from € 81,00 per room -
  • Getting around: the most convenient choice is to rent a car. If you want to use public transport, you can choose between free metromover, metrorail (from $ 2,00 to $ 2,25 / € 2,04), bus (metrobus - $ 2,25 / € 2,04), free tram (trolley), water taxi (from $ 30,00 / € 27,00)
  • Useful cards: The Go Miami Explorer Pass includes 3 attractions starting at € 86,00. With the Go Miami Card you get free access to more than 30 sites, including the Duck Tour, the Seaquarium and the tourist bus; the card can be valid from 1 to 5 days, from € 76,00
  • Entry requirements: passport with expiry date after the date scheduled for the return to Italy. For stays of less than 90 days, no entry visa is required; only the ESTA authorization is required, it must be obtained at least 72 hours before departure via the Internet to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization
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