What to see in Mexico? Here are 13 must-see visits!

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Mexico City nestles at a height of over 2200 meters and today represents the greatest human concentration on the planet! Necessarily, the city suffers from serious pollution problems due to its overdevelopment. But to understand Mexico City, it is necessary to go beyond these figures which are not the most beautiful part of the picture. Indeed, there are many things to see in Mexico City, including these 13 must-see visits!

Explore the historic center of Mexico City

The “City of Palaces” as it is nicknamed, was built in the 16th century on the ruins of an important Aztec city (Tenochtitlan). Thereby, it conceals hidden treasures! Moreover, Unesco has declared the historic center, where the famous Metropolitan Cathedral, Zocalo Square and Xochimilco Park stand, a World Heritage Site.

La place Zocalo

This is why you will no doubt be surprised when you visit this city full of contrasts. Magnificent architectures sometimes sit in the middle of other buildings built anarchically. We are embarrassed by the pollution and suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of a flower garden cultivated since the Aztecs ... You have to see it to believe it!

Visit the National Museum of Anthropology

Located in Paseo de la Reforma, the national museum of anthropology presents important collections, some of which come from important archaeological excavations. The museum also presents temporary and thematic exhibitions. Do not hesitate to consult their website to see the theme of the moment. In addition, if you book in advance, you may be entitled to a guided tour in French. What better way to discover the history of Mexico and its capital!

The National Anthropology Museum

Discover the Château de Chapultepec

At Chapultepec Castle, many thematic rooms of the National Museum of Art and History will allow you to relive the conquest of Mexico, the Viceroyalty, independence, the revolution ... Two rooms seem to have remained intact, that of Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte of Belgium. Go back in time and discover this magnificent castle, built in the 18th century. Its style will remind you of the great European palaces, which is not common to see in Mexico City!

Chapultepec castle

Marvel at the National Arts Museum

Mexican art is not the most famous in the world, and that's a shame. The National Arts Museum is therefore a great opportunity to get to know Latin American painting from the 16th to the 20th century. Located in the historic center, the collections of paintings and sculptures are to be seen in Mexico City, especially if you are sensitive to Art in all its forms! Indeed, classical music concerts are also given there every month.

The National Arts Museum

Admire the Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is a must visit to see in Mexico City. This monument owes its massive appearance to Spanish Baroque art. One of the characteristics of this cathedral is its construction on a relatively marshy ground, which gives a leaning aspect to the whole: in fact, the cathedral sinks year after year into the soil of the capital. The interior of the largest cathedral in Latin America is also a must-see during your visit. It still took 3 centuries to complete the works. You will be surprised by so much wealth in the heart of Mexico!

The metropolitan cathedral

Educate yourself at the Frida Kahlo Museum

The famous painter Frida Kahlo is necessarily associated with Mexico City. It would therefore be a shame to come to the capital without taking a tour of Casa Azul (the blue house). It is indeed here, in the midst of these colorful walls, that Frida Kahlo has lived much of her life. You can therefore walk around this house-museum and imagine the artist painting in his room or in the courtyard.. On the walls, many photos are exhibited to better immerse yourself in the place and the life of Frida. An unforgettable visit to see in Mexico City!

The Frida Kahlo Museum

Go back in time at the Templo Mayor museum

This museum presents 8 rooms filled with the results of the excavations of the Templo Mayor. Indeed, this temple is located in the heart of the capital of the Aztecs, ancient people of Mexico. It was unearthed in 1978 and is still the subject of archaeological excavations. To bring out the wealth of this people of the past, it was also necessary to demolish entire buildings! You can therefore browse the museum, which will give you a good overview of the daily and religious life of the Aztecs. A leap into the past that will allow you to better understand Mexican culture.

Le Templo Mayor

See the grace of the Angel of Independence

The goddess of victory rises 36 meters above the heads of the Mexicans and reminds them of their victory against the Spaniards and the independence of Mexico in 1821. Moreover, the remains of the heroes of Mexican independence are present in his mausoleum. The 7-ton statue is covered with gold leaf, which makes it shine in the sun. Unfortunately vandalized in summer 2019, the monument is closed indefinitely. But nothing prevents you from coming to admire this goddess from afar!

The Angel of Independence

Stroll around the Monument to the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution is located in the Square of the Republic of Mexico. Built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, he is the symbol of the Mexican revolution. Moreover, there too, a mausoleum shelters the graves of certain revolutionary heroes. You can visit the basement museum before heading to the panoramic terrace. The surrounding square is full of fountains and palm trees, which makes this walk very pleasant!

The monument to the Revolution

Explore the National Museum of Popular Cultures

The National Museum of Popular Cultures offers an exhibition on the cultural development of Mexico. It is also a cultural center where you can listen to a concert or see the theater

The Museum of Popular Cultures

Have fun at Six Flags Park

The Six Flags park is entirely dedicated to leisure and it is also one of the largest in Latin America! This amusement park offers roller coasters (including a descent of 66 meters at 120 km / h) for older children, rivers to enjoy with the family, or spaces reserved for toddlers. The opportunity to spend a day having fun, whether for young or old. Find all the practical information on their website where you can buy your entrance tickets directly.

Six Flags amusement park

Go out and party in Mexico City

Where to go out in a city inhabited by more than 21 million people? Some neighborhoods like the pink Zone concentrate a maximum of bars, restaurants and nightclubs very frequented by tourists and young Mexicans. But maybe you prefer to attend a show? Know that Mexico City is a city of artists par excellence and has nearly a hundred theaters! Frida Kahlo and her lover Diego Rivera, two of the greatest contemporary painters, went there regularly. In any case, start your evening in a good restaurant to taste mexican specialties (tacos, guacamole, fajitas…).

Mexico City at night

Shopping in the Mexican capital

Shopping in Mexico City necessarily goes through the markets! Of course, you will find all the stores of major ready-to-wear brands but you will never be able to live the experience there. abundant markets like that of Ciudadela… These markets are also the perfect places to buy handicrafts from all over Mexico and famous around the world. What to find pretty souvenirs to remind you of your Mexican getaway!

Mexican crafts

Useful information

To prepare your trip to Mexico City, discover all our practical information on the Mexican capital.

  • Formalities: You will only need your passport for a stay not exceeding 6 months. You just need to fill out an immigration document upon arrival. You will need to represent him when you leave Mexico.

Have you ever visited the Mexican capital? Do not hesitate to share your tips on the essentials to see in Mexico City, in the comments!

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