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During trip to the UK you can consider spending a few hours visiting the city of Manchester. Capital of Northern England, is known as the city of Norman Foster, the famous world-famous architect who was not only born in Manchester, but also designed many of the buildings that compose it.
How not to mention, then, the Gallagher brothers, members of the band Oasis? Manchester is a relatively small city: if the inhabitants of London exceed one million, here there are about 500.000. Also famous for its football teams and its liveliness, Manchester is undoubtedly a great destination for a day visit.


  1. Manchester day itinerary: Morning
  2. Manchester day itinerary: Afternoon
  3. Manchester day itinerary: Evening
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Manchester day itinerary: Morning

1 - Market Street, Cathedral

Breakfast at Moose Coffee, at 20 York Street, with an average cost of € 10,00. Near the cafeteria are the Piccadilly Gardens, a large open and green space usually full of life, a crossroads for the main means of transport in the city.
Heading north-west you will reach Market Street which, as the name indicates, groups the main shops of the city. After shopping, continue to Exchange Square, the square with the Ferris wheel which is very reminiscent of the London Eye.
A small road will lead you to the most important religious building in the city, namely the Manchester Cathedral. Rather small in size for a cathedral, it was damaged by bombing during the Second World War and later renovated. Admission is free and the visit inside is highly recommended.

2 - The Printworks, Northern Quarter, Alan Turing Memorial

After visiting the church, with the Triangle shopping center on the right, walk along St. Corporation until you reach The Printworks, a tunnel with the function of indoor recreation center. Here you will find cinemas, places for both dining and entertainment, such as the local branch of the Hard Rock Cafe chain.
After crossing it you will reach Shudehill and later the Northern Quarter, an alternative area to spend more money on vintage items, vinyls, extravagant clothing and antiques.
After walking down Tib St. you can take a pleasant walk through Piccadilly Gardens from north to south to reach theAlan Turing Memorial: located at the Sackville Park, in the Gay Village of the city, the statue of the famous British mathematician, logician and cryptographer he is in this area of ​​the city precisely to commemorate his arrest for homosexuality, when this was illegal in the country.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,8 km / 35 min
  • Places visited: Market Street, Exchange Square, Manchester Cathedral, The Printworks, Northern Quarter, Alan Turing Memorial
  • Welcome to Manchester: private tour with a local guide
  • Where to have breakfast: Moose Coffee, 20 York Street

Manchester day itinerary: Afternoon

1 - Town Hall, John Rylands Library

For a light but substantial lunch we recommend Richmond Tea Rooms, 5 Richmond Street, for an average cost of € 15,00.
Then continue along Princess St to Albert Square, the Town Hall Square. The imposing construction may seem familiar to you, partly because it resembles the London Parliament, partly because numerous film scenes were shot here, from "Sherlock Holmes" to "The Iron Lady". It is the architectural icon of the city and a building much loved by the citizens, it is open 24 hours a day and the visit is free.
Another fairytale building awaits you in Deansgate, la John Rylands Library. In the Gothic style, it is of an impressive beauty, to the Harry Potter lovers it will seem to be catapulted into his own adventure. Also the visit to the library is free.

2 - Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, Museum of Science and Industry

Traveling along Deansgate, the route will take you to Castlefield. This area of ​​the city is full of houses and bridges, here is the Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, a very characteristic and quiet park, especially on fine days. The walk can continue along the canals, admiring the old warehouses dating back to the industrial revolution that today are museums, clubs and restaurants.
One of these museums, with free admission, is the Museum of Science and Industry, which illustrates the numerous scientific and industrial advances that took place from the end of the 800th century to the present day. The exhibition is very wide but never boring, even for the little ones, there are many interactive games.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,2 km / 28 min
  • Places visited: Town Hall, John Rylands Library, Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, Museum of Science and Industry
  • Manchester: Northern Quarter of Castlefield (Private)
  • Where to have lunch: Richmond Tea Rooms, 5 Richmond Street

Manchester day itinerary: Evening

1 - Old Trafford Stadium

If you are passionate about football, but even if it is the least of your interests, you cannot miss a visit to the temple of city sport. Old Trafford Stadium. It can be reached from Deansgate station by taking the X50 bus towards Trafford Center, wait for 2 stops and get off at Sir Alex Ferguson Way. After a five minute walk, the silhouette of the Manchester United stadium.

2 - Dinner

In the stadium area there are numerous places to eat something or have a beer, our advice is the Cafe Football Old Trafford, 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, for an average cost of € 22,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,3 km / 20 min by public transport
  • Places visited: Old Trafford Stadium
  • Two-course dinner at Cafe Football Old Trafford
  • Where to dine: Cafe Football Old Trafford, 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Visits to museums and attractions: many are free but, if you like them, consider leaving a small offer that will be used for their maintenance;
  • Info point: start the visit with a short stop at the Visitor Information Center in Picadilly Plaza, you will find discounts, free city maps and other useful information;
  • Clothing: the center of Manchester is quite small and can be visited on foot, but don't forget to wear comfortable shoes;
  • Weather: hot in summer, cold and humid in winter. As in the whole of the UK, the weather conditions are very unpredictable, in fact it can start to rain at any moment.
  • if you decide to extend your visit and enjoy Manchester by night, consult our offers for accommodation in Manchester.

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