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Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of three islands. The largest island is also called Malta, immediately after there is Gozo and finally the smallest which is Comino. This state is very touristy both for its numerous historical sites and for its beautiful beaches, but there is certainly no lack of lively nightlife, especially in the neighboring neighborhoods of the capital Valletta. To best visit the main attractions of the Maltese archipelago, one week is enough, so here you are what to see in Malta in a week!


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1 day

It starts from the capital Valletta. In the morning a rich breakfast including croissants, cakes and an excellent coffee, at the modest price of € 3,00 at the Museum café. This restaurant is located in the historic center. Soon after, head to the St. John's Cathedral, the ancient and immense Baroque church of Malta, and allow yourself some time to visit it and admire it in all its beauty. After visiting the cathedral, continue straight until you reach the Fort Sant'Elmo, the fortress that separates the historic center from the sea, now home to the police academy and the National War Museum.

For lunch we recommend a quick stop at Noni, a restaurant in the center of Valletta with Mediterranean but also European cuisine at affordable prices. Immediately after, exit the historic center and head towards i Barrakka Gardens and Herbert Ganado Gardens, located a few meters away from each other, in which you will take a nice walk surrounded by greenery and spend a few hours of tranquility.

Fish-based dinner at BISTRO 516, a restaurant overlooking the sea with a welcoming but not too formal atmosphere, excellent for its quality and for its generous portions at very low prices. After dinner enjoy one walk along the Valletta waterfront, made suggestive by the multiple lights of the port.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 4,1 km / 56 min
  • Places visited: St. John's Cathedral (€ 6,00), Fort Sant'Elmo and National War Museum (€ 10,00), Barrakka Gardens (free), Herbert Ganado Gardens (free), Lungomare (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 60,00
  • Malta Sightseeing Bus Tour Valletta Medieval Sites Walking Tour Valletta: 3-hour walking tour
  • Lunch at Noni (Get directions), Dinner at BISTRO 516 (Get directions)

2 day

The second day will be dedicated to the resorts of Crendi and Sliema.
Once you reach Crendi, take a short stop at the Grotta Bar to enjoy a good coffee accompanied by an excellent breakfast, all for less than € 2,00. Then head to the famous and renowned Blue Grotto and start your excursion by entering the rocks and the intense colors of the sea.

Good and light lunch at Congreve Channel where you can choose between rich sandwiches or Maltese specialties and fish-based cuisine, for a total of about € 15,00.
After lunch, take the bus to the Temple of Menaidra, not far from where you are, and visit this fascinating archaeological site dating back to prehistoric times.

Once back from Crendi, you can spend the evening in one of Malta's liveliest districts: Sliema. First of all we suggest a dinner in an excellent restaurant, the Ta 'Kris, where you can enjoy excellent Maltese dishes choosing between meat or fish, spending around € 20,00. Immediately after enjoy Malta's nightlife among the myriad of clubs that you will find in Sliema.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 21,5 km / 43 min by car
  • Places visited: Blue Grotto (excursions from € 25,00), Temple of Menaidra (€ 10,00), Sliema (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 80,00
  • Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk Sunday Market
  • Lunch at Congreve Channel (Get directions), Dinner at Ta 'Kris (Get directions)

3 day

On the third day we move to Rabat, Mdina and St Julian.
Reach Rabat but before starting to visit this new location stop at the Chalk Cafè to enjoy an excellent cappuccino and a nice piece of cake among the various proposals of the house, at a cost of € 4,50. This café is located in the immediate vicinity of the site you are going to visit, the Catacombs of San Paolo. It usually takes 2 hours or so to get the most out of everything, including underground rooms and tunnels.

Before continuing towards Mdina, stop for lunch halfway between the two locations. This time we suggest the Toffee & Co restaurant for a fresh, quick and light lunch that will allow you to continue your tour effortlessly, and above all quite cheap. When you have finished lunch, walk towards Mdina and in a few minutes you will have arrived in the historic center passing the Mdina Gate. Here you will find the St. Paul's Cathedral and Cathedral Museum, of which we suggest a visit that will last about an hour.

To spend your evening, we suggest another of Malta's most festive districts, the St 'Julian's neighborhood, where you can choose from the many parties proposed by the various clubs. But first, of course, you have to fill your belly up! For dinner we want to recommend the Parthenope restaurant, an excellent choice to enjoy delicious fish dishes or a good pizza made as it should, in a modern setting with affordable prices for everyone!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 17,8 km / 44 min by car
  • Places visited: St Paul's Catacombs (free), St Paul's Cathedral and Cathedral Museum (€ 10,00), St 'Julian's (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 55,00
  • full tour of Valletta and Mdina Mdina: Island tour with lunch 2-hour walking tour of Mdina old town 4-hour night tour to Mosta and Medina
  • Lunch at Toffee & Co (Get directions), Dinner at Parthenope (Get directions)

4 day

For the fourth day we move to Mellieha, a town in the north of the island.
But first let yourself be delighted by the Spiaggia d'Oro cafeteria with its wide selection of cakes and sweets or with one of the many breakfast menus, for an average cost of € 5,00. The coffee shop is right next to Golden bay, a wide and beautiful beach where we want to suggest you to spend the morning in the name of the sea and relaxation.

For lunch, stop in one of the restaurants close to Golden Bay, in this regard we indicate the Apple's Eye Restaurant, a modern restaurant where you can enjoy excellent preparations of meat or fish, or very stuffed sandwiches and rotisserie, all on a large terrace overlooking sea ​​for about € 18,00.
After lunch move to the Popeye Village, which is only 15 minutes from there, and visit what was once the set of a famous film, now transformed into a theme park with proposals for boat trips!

After visiting Popeye Village, move to Mellieha Bay, on the opposite coast. For dinner we recommend you try Munchies, a beach restaurant that offers Mediterranean dishes where you can enjoy your dinner with a suggestive sea view, at the price of only € 20,00. After dinner, enjoy your evening in Mellieha Bay by choosing one of the places you will find on the seafront!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 6,8 km / 1 h 27 min
  • Places visited: Golden Bay (free), Popeye Village (€ 12,50), Mellieha Bay (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 70,00
  • Lunch at Apple's Eye Restaurant (Get Directions), Dinner at Munchies (Get Directions)

5 day

The fifth day will be dedicated to the visit of Marsaxlokk, Tarscen and Gezira.
Before starting the day tour you cannot miss breakfast in one of the best cafes in the area, Costa Coffee, with its varied choice of tempting cakes and a variety of coffees for all tastes, for only € 5,00.
Immediately after that, start visiting the little one Marsaxlokk fishing village with its typical colored boats, now a symbol of Malta that you have often seen in photos!

After the visit to Marsaxlokk, move on to Tarscen, where theHal Saflieni Hypogeum that you will visit after a nice quick lunch at Maxims Pastizzeria. Here you can pick up at will with the many variations of the famous Maltese pastizzi, preparation of puff pastry with different fillings, at a cost of € 1,00 each. Now that you have a fairly full and satisfied stomach, you can continue with the visit of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum and go to the discovery of this ancient underground structure.

After a day of walking between the village and the historic site, the idea may be that of an after dinner in a quiet place. For this we suggest you Gezira, a populated but less lively neighborhood than Sliema and St 'Julian. For dinner we recommend the Cafe Jubilee, a pub that offers appetizers and finger food but also first and second courses. The portions are generous and the prices moderate! Here, if you want, you can stop and spend the rest of the evening enjoying typical beers and excellent cocktails.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 47,3 km / 1 h 19 min by car
  • Places visited: Marsaxlokk Fishing Village (free), Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (€ 20,00), Gezira (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 60,00
  • Lunch at Maxims Pastizzeria (Get directions), Dinner at Cafe Jubilee (Get directions)

6 day

It's time to change the area and visit Gozo, the second largest Maltese island! Start with a relaxing morning on the beach, but first have breakfast at Rose's Bar with a good coffee, a croissant or a toast, for just over € 2,00. At Rose's Bar you are already on the beautiful beach of Ramla Bay where you can spend the morning without any rush!

Now that you have relaxed enough, enjoy a light fish lunch, sea view and low cost at Il-Kcina tar-Ramla, also on the beach of Ramla Bay, and get ready to spend the hottest hours of the day in the cool environment of the neighbor Ninu's Cave, a cave with stalactites and natural formations that will leave you speechless. Don't miss to visit the Temples of Ggantija: even older than Stonehenge, the Ggantija Temples are another of the Unesco sites you will find in Malta. According to legend, these colossal temples were built by giants.
After your visit, go back to relax on the beach, but this time a Ghajn Barrani Bay, another beautiful beach near the place where you are.

For dinner head to the port of Gozo where, among all the clubs and restaurants present, we propose the Country Terrace, a welcoming Mediterranean restaurant with a panoramic terrace, for a good dinner at average Maltese prices. After dinner, take a nice walk along the harbor and then stop for a drink in one of the cocktail bars you will encounter along the way.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 13,1 km / 32 min by car
  • Places visited: Ramla Bay (free), Ninu's Cave (free offer), Ggantija Temples (€ 9,00), Ghajn Barrani Bay (free), harbor (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 65,00
  • Gozo: Full-Day Jeep Tour, Lunch and Speedboat Tour Gozo Island Day Trip From Malta: Gozo Quad Bike Full-Day Tour with Lunch Cruise and Tour to Gozo and Blue Lagoon
  • Lunch at Il-Kcina tar-Ramla (Get directions), Dinner at Country Terrace (Get directions)

7 day

To make your trip to Malta more complete, you cannot miss a day in the last of the three islands, Comino! The day will be busy, so before setting out to discover Comino stop for breakfast at Good To Go, the bar you find in the port of Malta, where for € 2,00 you will enjoy a good coffee and a croissant.
Once you reach the island, start your excursion among the clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and then move to the nearby Crystal Lagoon.

After the tour of the lagoons, stop for lunch at the Blue Lagoon Kiosk, a kiosk offering sandwiches, wraps, hot-dogs and much more starting from € 3,00.
Then head to the St Mary's Tower and from there continue towards the beach until Lantern Point. From both points, enjoy the beautiful view!

When you return to the island of Malta, we recommend that you go for dinner in a small and cozy restaurant in the center of Valletta, the Legligin. Here you can taste a Mediterranean-style fixed menu at the price of € 25,00. After dinner, to spend the last night on the island, choose the neighborhood you liked the most during this long week and come back to celebrate this rich journey!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 38,1 km / 6 h 36 min
  • Places visited: Blue Lagoon (free), Crystal Lagoon (free), St Mary's Tower (free offer), Lantern Point (free)
  • Daily shopping: around € 50,00
  • Gozo, Comino, Blue Lagoon & Sea Caves: Comino Full-Day Tour: Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon & Maltam Sea Caves Gozo & Comino: Three Islands Tour
  • Lunch at Blue Lagoon Kiosk (Get Directions), Dinner at Legligin (Get Directions)

How much does a week cost in Malta

NB: The costs expressed in the table above are to be intended per person.

Malta is not an expensive destination, but it is not as cheap as they say either. It is clear that a lot depends on the period in which you visit, but in the height of summer the costs of hotels and b & bs soar dramatically. In addition, almost all the attractions are paid, and wanting to add some boat trips between caves and islands, a few hundred euros go away almost without realizing it.
By booking early and perhaps settling for shared accommodation, hostels or campsites, the cost of it can drop a lot, but if you are looking for all the comforts and do not want to give up any of the attractions, Malta can become quite expensive.

  • starting from € 56,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -
  • 1 day sightseeing bus tour to Mosta, Crafts Village, Mdina, Valletta Malta 3 cities tour with wine tasting
  • Total cost of 7 days, flight included: from € 500,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Malta: from April to October - more info on when to go to Malta: weather, best time and tips
  • via Malta International Airport (flights from € 29,98 -), from which in 20 minutes you can reach Valletta with urban transport for about € 3,00 and with various shuttle buses for about € 6,00 (private transfer from the airport to the hotel from € 16,00)
  • the most animated districts are Sliema and St Julian's while the areas closest to the beaches are Mellieha, St Paul's Bay and Gozo - Hotels and b & b from € 41,00 per room -.
  • Getting around: City buses that travel around the island (€ 2,00 round trip) and ferries to reach Gozo and Comino (€ 5,00 round trip) - more info on how to get around Malta: costs and advice

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