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The little curiosity that makes us open our eyes wide on this pearl of the north is the following consideration: Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, was the second largest city in Denmark for hundreds of years. Hallucinating, right?
Overall, Malmö is a beautiful town full of parks and avant-garde architecture. Also renowned in Sweden for its countless restaurants and bistros as well as for shopping. Here's how to visit Malmo in one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Malmo: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Malmo: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Malmo: Evening
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One day itinerary in Malmo: Morning

1 - Gothic Church of San Pietro

Breakfast at Caffé Basement (Långgårdsgatan 8), which for about € 15,00 will make you taste Swedish specialties such as Kanelbulle (cinnamon rolls) soaked in the best American coffee in Central Malmo. Continue to the Gothic Church of San Pietro, made of bricks and with flying buttresses dating back mostly to the th and th centuries.
It is the oldest building in the city, with impressive dimensions and a 105 meter high tower. Unfortunately, the magnificent medieval frescoes were destroyed during the religious wars of the th century.

2 - Museum of Modern Art

Then, before lunch, we optimize the times by visiting the Museum of Modern Art, with free access and with a free app to download the audio guides. It is a branch of the one in Stockholm, with an international collection that spans the entire th century. The works inside include masters such as Picasso, Dalí, Matisse, Kandinsky and Rauschenberg.
The peculiarity of the museum is also in the building that houses it: the 809 square meters of exhibition space housed the city's electric generators, and the turbine room is still present and intact today.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,3 km / 16 min
  • Places visited: Church of San Pietro (free), Museum of Modern Art (free)
  • Where to have breakfast: Caffé Basement (Get directions)
  • Malmo Private Walking Tour

One day itinerary in Malmo: Afternoon

1 - Malmo Castle, Fiskehoddorna

The Wega Restaurant is located in the center of Malmo and is inside the Castle. In this splendid setting we invite you to spend a splendid lunch, at the modest cost of € 30,00 for a noteworthy meal with local specialties. After accumulating energy, lose yourself inside the Malmo Castle (free up to 19 years - € 3,91 for adults - 50% discount for students and groups of over 10 people).
It is the oldest Swedish Renaissance fortress, dating back to the th century. Inside today several museums can be visited: the Art Museum (Malmö Konstmuseum), the Town Museum (Stadsmuseum), the Natural History Museum and the Maritime and Technology Museum. It is possible to buy a single ticket for the whole complex.
Do not miss the Fiskehoddorna outside, a small fishing village built in 1800, animated by the local fish market.
The castle is located north of the Kungsparken, not far from the city center: there will be no time left, but if the day were to be particularly beautiful ...

2 - Technological and Maritime Museum

With the Castle ticket you can also enter the Technological and Maritime Museum. Here is the history of Malmo in the industrial and transportation sectors. There is also the option of taking a leap inside a submarine, as well as delighting in Swedish inventions and the chance to hear a mechanized orchestra.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,2 km / 27 min
  • Places visited: Malmo Castle Complex (free up to 19 years - € 3,91 for adults), Fiskehoddorna (free), Technological and Maritime Museum (included in the castle ticket)
  • Where to have lunch: Wega Restaurant (Get Directions)
  • Malmö: panoramic boat tour

One day itinerary in Malmo: Evening

1 - Dinner, Cosmopol Casino

Moving a little away from the center it is possible to eat excellent sushi with fresh fish, one of the great possibilities offered by the cities on the sea, at the Lemongrass Restaurant (Grynbodgatan 9 - about € 35,00 per person). Not far away it will be possible to go to the Cosmopol Casino (admission € 3,00) to enjoy an evening as a true VIP, in one of the most exciting settings of Malmo to be discovered.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,3 km / 16 min
  • Places visited: Cosmopol Casino (€ 3,00)
  • Where to dine: Lemongrass Restaurant (Get Directions)
  • Malmö: Small Group Bike Tour

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Best time: the summer months are the most recommended for a visit to the city due to the temperatures, but they are also the wettest. So consider whether to give in to the winter cold or adapt to the summer rains! If you opt for the summer months, we invite you not to miss the Malmofestivalen, a festival of free concerts held every year in August
  • Recommended clothing: dress up like vipolla, in case you go in summer. There are times when the temperature jumps to 30 °
  • Getting around: in one day you can visit it on foot, but for some longer trips the advice is to go by bike. In the city there are over 400 km of cycle paths and an excellent bike sharing service (around € 7,50 for 24 hours, around € 16,00 for 3 days). The city buses of the Skånetrafiken company are also quite efficient (single ticket € 1,44)
  • Malmocard: The Malmocard offers free transport and discounted visits to attractions and museums, costing 130 SEK (€ 12,52) for one day, 160 SEK (€ 15,41) for two days, 190 SEK (€ 18,30) for three days.
  • if you decide to extend your stay and enjoy Malmo by night, consult our accommodation offers in Malmo

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

Although Malmo is not in the center of Swedish tourist routes, it really has a lot to see. Unfortunately, one day is very little to be able to appreciate it, and many attractions must necessarily remain off the itinerary. Here is what is best to give up if you only have one day available. For all the attractions to see in Malmo, here is the article on 15 things to see absolutely!

  1. Kungsparken, the first park open to the public in the city, famous for its magnificent garden of exotic trees
  2. Malmö Kunsthall, one of the largest art exhibition halls in Europe, with its 2000 square meters entirely dedicated to Swedish and world contemporary art
  3. Ribersborg Kallbadhuset, the 2,5 km long city beach which is located a short distance from the historic center, where you can swim and try the separate saunas for men and women
  4. Malmö Chokladfabrik: the chocolate museum
  5. the people's Park: one of the most popular areas, especially for enjoying a nice picnic in nature, and for its summer cultural events. Inside the park you will find numerous attractions for children such as the funfair, a theater, the zoo and the classic pony ride
  6. Radhuset: the splendid Malmö Town Hall building, overlooking Stortorget

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