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Top 10 things to see

Disneyland Los Angeles

Disneyland Park near Los Angeles was designed by Walt Disney himself. Especially if you are traveling with children it will be a stop not to be missed.

Universal Studios

Wonderful theme park completely dedicated to the world of cinema. A must if you are visiting Los Angeles is to spend a day there.

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Santa Monica

In addition to Hollywood, when we think of Los Angeles Baywatch and its beach come to mind. Santa Monica and its pier are one of the symbols of Los Angeles.

Hollywood sign

It is the iconic sign that dominates the Hollywood hill that shows the name of the city in huge white wooden letters.

Los Angeles County Museum

Better known by the acronym LACMA, it is one of the largest encyclopedic museums in the States, located on Wilshire Boulevard.

Griffith Observatory

It is the astronomical observatory of the city, one of the most scenic spots in Los Angeles that offers a breathtaking view of Hollywood.

Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach is the long coast of Los Angeles, more precisely the one enclosed between the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway.

Paramount studios

They are the studios of the famous American film production house. Guided tours are available every day.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It is the cemetery of the Hollywood stars. Today it houses the mortal remains and cenotaphs of many stars and cinema professionals, among which Rudolph Valentino, Michael Jackson, etc ...


One of the most popular city districts is Venice, commonly called Venice Beach. Everything here has a decidedly bohemian and almost retro feel and a large number of attractions are available to suit all tastes.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

It is a futuristic concert hall commissioned by Walt Disney's widow, Lillian, to donate a building worthy of the art of the LA Philharmonic.

Union Station

It is the train station in the downtown area of ​​Los Angeles, beautiful in its retro architecture where brown leather seats still exist.

Getty Museum

Getty Museum is one of the most important cultural centers of Los Angeles, capable of offering a rich collection of ancient and modern art.

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Practical advice before starting

Public transport

Before starting this exciting journey, I want to give you some advice, to help you move in complete tranquility from one area of ​​the city to another, which is characterized by a vast and dispersed territory. Learn more about transportation in Los Angeles. Like many other American metropolises, Los Angeles has an efficient public transportation system, which includes the Metro, buses and the Metro Link, a train service that connects Los Angeles to neighboring counties, including San Bernardino. The Los Angeles Metro is made up of 6 lines, plus two (orange and silver), which are served by buses: - the red line goes from North Hollywood to Union Station; - the purple line runs from Wilshire to Union Station; - the blue line runs from Downtown LA to Long Beach; - Expo Line F (blue line), runs from Downtown LA to Santa Monica; - the green line runs from Redondo Beach to Norwalk; - the gold line goes from East Los Angeles to Azusa; - the orange line runs from Chatsworh to North Hollywood; - the silver line runs from Chatsworth to North Hollywood. The cost of the ticket for the Los Angeles bus and Metro is $ 1,75 (an additional fee is charged for travel on the Silver Line and Express buses). If, within one hour of stamping your ticket, you transfer from a Metro train or Metro bus to a non-Metro bus, you will only pay an additional 50 cents fare. If you decide to use the Metro services, to save money, you can buy a ten-ticket booklet for $ 17,50 or a Pass to load onto the Tap Card. The 1-day Pass costs $ 7, while the 7-day Pass costs $ 25,00 .50. Even if you are in possession of a Pass, if you are transferring from a train or bus of the Metro service to a bus of the classic line, you must pay an additional fee of XNUMX cents.

Rent the car

Another very convenient way to get around Los Angeles is automotive. Especially to get to the more distant parts of the city, like Venice Beach o Santa Monica, getting around by public transport can be complicated, so having a car that allows you to move around independently can be really comfortable. Renting a car in Los Angeles costs around 30 euros per day and 120 euros for 5 days. Usually the rental costs less if you take the car directly to the airport.

Autobus hop-on hop-off

If you don't want to miss any of the most interesting attractions in Los Angeles, you can also rely on a tour Hop – On, Hop – Off: just buy the ticket, valid for one or more days, and you can get on and off as many times as you want from the special buses used for this tour, visiting the attractions that interest you most. To save some on entrance fees to individual attractions, you can always purchase one of the different passes available for the city of Los Angeles. In this article you will find more detailed information about it. Well, I seem to have told you everything. Now we just have to leave for our exciting 5-day itinerary to discover Los Angeles.

5 days itinerary in Los Angeles

Day 1 in Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Sign, Walk of fame, TCL Chinese Theater, Santa Monica I know that five days seems like a long time to visit a city, but Los Angeles is so big, and offers so many opportunities for entertainment, that, I assure you, five days are barely enough to discover its main attractions. To optimize the time spent in the city, for this first day of our trip we choose to rely on a tour hop – on, hop – off, which will allow us to easily reach the attractions we will visit today. Before we start shooting in Hollywood, however, we will go and see it from a privileged point of view. The first stop of our day, in fact, involves taking part in a guided tour that will take us directly to the hills surrounding the city, to visit the famous Griffith Observatory and see the Hollywood sign up close. Thanks to our guide, we will discover different, interesting, curiosities about Los Angeles and its history. Griffith Observatory, apart from being a magnificent observatory, is also one of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings in Los Angeles, and is absolutely worth a visit! Back in the city, we take the time to visit the famous one Walk of Fame and the famous TCL Chinese Theater, one of the symbols of Hollywood's heyday, before going for lunch in one of the many bars that line the Sunset Boulevard. In the afternoon we move a little higher to visit the Guitar center, which is not just a musical instrument shop, but a real point of reference for musicians from all over the world. In front of it is the Rockwalk, a sort of walk of fame dedicated to rock stars. Now we just have to get on one of the buses that are part of the hop - on, hop - off service to reach our next stop: Santa Monica. There Yellow Route, thankfully, it also comes through Rodeo Drive therefore, before reaching our destination, we will stop here for a quick walk. Later in our itinerary, we will spend some of our time exploring Beverly Hills but, for now, we will focus on Santa Monica. Our goal, of course, is the Santa monica pier. Here, in addition to the sign indicating the end of Route 66, we will also find its historic Ferris wheel, a real symbol of Los Angeles, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. We will end our perfect day with an equally perfect dinner in one of the many places along the pier.

Day 2

Universal Studios, Downtown LA The second day of our tour is dedicated to discovery of the fascinating world of Hollywood. We will dedicate the morning to the famous Universal Studios of Los Angeles. Even if hardly any films are shot here, the attractions dedicated to the most famous productions of the prestigious film house are an absolutely unforgettable experience. We arrive at the park early in the morning, and we immediately rush on attractions dedicated to the magical world of Harry Potter, because they are certainly the most crowded. We then continue with Fast and Furious - Supercharged, and continue with Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, the attraction dedicated to the cute little yellow men of the film Despicable Me. If we still have some time available, we can try some other attractions, otherwise we go on Universal City Walk to enjoy a good lunch. If at the attractions of Universal Studios we prefer a more traditional experience, we can opt for a guided tour of Paramount Studios. Unlike those of Universal, the Paramount studios are still running at full capacity, and offer visitors the opportunity to take part in a more traditional Studio Tour, where they will have the opportunity to see some scenes shot live. After visiting Universal Studios (or Paramount Studios), we move to the Miracle Mile area, for visit the famous LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts), before moving to downtown, where we will find the Disney Concert Hall and the Staples Center, the prestigious stadium where the NBA games are played. Here is also the Grammy Museum, a space of almost 3.000 square meters entirely dedicated to music and the prestigious award. If we don't have time to visit it, we will at least be able to take a look at the pavement outside the museum, where tiles have been laid with the names of those who have won the famous award.

Day 3

Disneyland, Arts District From the third day onwards there we will move away from downtown Los Angeles to visit the surroundings and the more peripheral areas, so it can be useful rent a car, so that we can move faster from one part of the county to another. It doesn't matter if you are 3 or 30 years old. Disneyland it is a practically obligatory stop for anyone visiting the city of Los Angeles; and the first stop of our day will be the most famous amusement park in the world. With all the things there are to see, however, we will not be able to dedicate the whole day to visiting the park. We set off early in the morning because, depending on the area of ​​the city we are in, it may take from half an hour to an hour to reach Anaheim, the town on the outskirts of Los Angeles where the Disney amusement park is located. . Even if there are no children with us, we don't have to worry about being too big, because at Disneyland there are attractions suitable for people of all ages. Here are some of those that we absolutely cannot miss: Autopia, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Disneyland Monorail, Haunted Masion, Indiana Jones Adventure, Jungle Cruise, Star Wars Launch Bay. After having refreshed ourselves in one of the restaurants in the park, we get back in the car. Direction: Los Angeles. And precisely l’Arts District. Here a walking tour awaits us at the discovery of all the beauties of one of the most bohemian districts of the city: from Hauser & Wirth, one of the most prestigious art galleries in the United States to the beautiful murals painted on the walls of what were once anonymous industrial warehouses in the process of decay, we will not be bored for sure! At the end of the tour, we will stop here, to have dinner in one of the many places in the area.

Day 4

Beverly Hills, Venice Beach Our fourth day of travel begins with a more in-depth tour of the patina Beverly Hills neighborhood, of which, until now, we had only seen Rodeo Drive. And even in passing! Now we have the opportunity to recover. Let's start again from Rodeo Drive, where, in addition to luxurious shops, there is also one walk of fame dedicated to fashion stars: this is the Walk of Style. Then we continue towards two magnificent residences, Spadena House, which can only be seen from the outside, and the Greystone Mansion & Park, which, however, can be visited. Before leaving Beverly Hills to reach the second stop of the day, let's not miss the opportunity to take a look at two famous Los Angeles hotels, the Beverly Hills Hotel and Beverly Hills Wilshire. Let's get back on the road now, because somewhere, a Venice, there is a plate with our name written on it! After a quick lunch, we visit this characteristic neighborhood of Los Angeles, which in the 50s became a real reference point for artists belonging to the Beat Generation. We will walk through the Venice Canal Historic District, where there are real canals, like those in Venice, the Venice Ocean Front Walk and Abbott Kinney Boulevard and we will admire the murals scattered through the streets of this singular corner of Los Angeles. For dinner, we will look for a nice little restaurant right here, in Venice Beach and, maybe, before going, we will have a nice walk on the beach.

Day 5

Redondo Beach, El Pueblo Here we are on our last day of travel. After a lot of wandering, we deserve some relaxation, so we decided to spend our 5th day in Los Angeles exploring its beaches. And which place is more suitable than one of its so-called "Beach Cities"? We are really spoiled for choice, I can assure you! In the end we opt for the beautiful Redondo Beach, on which we will spend a good part of the day, before taking a nice walk on the Redondo Beach Pier, also looking for something to eat. In the afternoon we return to Los Angeles, where we will visit that area of ​​the city known as The village, where what remains of the original nucleus of the city is enclosed. Among the attractions that cannot be missed are Olvera Street, the Chinese American Museum, the Spanish American Museum of Los Angeles, Pico House and Sepulveda House.
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