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    What to see in Las Vegas: the attractions to visit on and off the Strip

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    You are planning your vacation in the USA and you are wondering what to see a Las Vegas among many attractions that offers? The city as you will imagine offers a lot and it could be far from immediate to understand which ones attractions privilege.

    When it comes to singular and eccentric tourist destinations, Las Vegas certainly ranks in the top 5 world, with a unique mix, all concentrated around a couple of central areas (the Strip e Fremont Street), at a reasonable distance from each other. This also makes it one of the most accessible American cities.

    From the moment you cross the famous sign "Welcome to Las Vegas“, The surprise generated by huge hotels, From 'exotic architecture and by 'kitsch atmosphere general is practically unavoidable.

    After the initial surprise, however, the visit could soon become tiring, both for its slightly exaggerated and unnatural nature of the city, and for the torrid climate of Las Vegas and the continuous sound and visual rumble to which you will be subjected (especially in the evening. ). However, if you plan well, visit Las Vegas it can be an interesting experience, not only for those who are willing to spend in the numerous shows or in gambling, but also for those on a budget and want to explore it without spending a cent.

    So let's find out all the things to see in Las Vegas, which areas to favor during the visit, how to explore i surroundings e what to do in the city among the many proposed activities.

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    • Las Vegas: what to see on the Strip
      • Las Vegas Sign
      • Visit the most beautiful hotels on the Strip
      • The fountains of the Bellagio
      • The new fall of Atlantis
      • The Bellagio botanical gardens
      • The Volcano Show al Mirage
      • Lake of Dreams Show al Wynn
      • Flamingo Wildlife Habitat
      • Eiffel Tower Light Show
      • The storm at the Miracle Mile Shops
    • What to see in Las Vegas off the Strip
      • Fremont Street: what to see off the Strip
      • The best museums in Las Vegas
      • Pinball Hall of Fame
      • Mermaid show at Silverton
    • What to do in Las Vegas? Recommended activities
      • Las Vegas from above: the best viewpoints
    • Where to sleep and where to eat
    • How many days to visit Las Vegas?
    • What to see near Las Vegas? Parks and excursions in the surrounding area

    Las Vegas: what to see on the Strip

    The main area of ​​Las Vegas runs along a specific stretch of the Las Vegas Boulevard South road, known unanimously as Las Vegas Strip (strip), o Las Vegas Strip, or again "The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip". It is one of the busiest streets in the world, where an impressive number of hotels and casinos are concentrated, all characterized by flamboyant lighting and grandiloquent architecture.

    With a modern design inspired by the skyscrapers of Manhattan (the New York New York hotel), at the medieval style a bit of a fantasy of hotels such as the Excalibur, passing through reconstructions of famous cities such as Venice and Paris and ending with the ancient Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes of the Luxor, you will soon notice that in Las Vegas the things to see largely coincide with the hotels themselves and everything they have to offer (shows, various events and free attractions).

    Strolling on this famous road therefore means above all to explore its gigantic hotels (and definitely kitschy), which you can enter freely; in each of them you will find a reconstruction inspired by a specific theme and obviously an inevitable and very bright casino.

    Finally, remember that the Las Vegas Strip is not only the street of hotels, but also of big chains, Hard Rock Cafe, M & M's, Coca Cola, Cabo Wabo Cantina (Van Halen fans know what I'm talking about), who have set up curious outlets here to visit, identifying themselves with the style of this bizarre street. To season it all you will find many buskers disguised as the most famous Hollywood and television characters.

    An advice: If you go for a walk, keep in mind that the route is very long, so it might be useful to use a means of transport as well (not a car, please!). An interesting possibility could be the monorail, which runs along the Strip for over 6km, from Hotel Sahara to MGM.

    Las Vegas Sign

    This is the point that marks the beginning of the Strip, as well as the entrance to the surreal world of Las Vegas. A trip to this city without the inevitable photo in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign he would inevitably have a bit of a bitter taste in his mouth, so park nearby and arm yourself with patience because there will be not a few tourists with the same intentions as you ...

    Visit the most beautiful hotels on the Strip

    The venetian las vegas

    What to see in hotels in Las Vegas? As already mentioned, an interesting thing about this city is that you can enter all the hotels for free and visit them calmly, without having to pay any ticket. Many of these structures have a charm halfway between kitsch and monumental and the themed reconstructions that you will find there manage in some way to recreate a certain atmosphere ... which hotels to prefer among the many on the Strip? Here are 6 structures to consider listed in order from south to north:

    • Mandalay Bay: already from the outside you can enjoy the tropical atmosphere of the hotel, even if in reality the most interesting part of this hotel is it Shark Reef Aquarium, a real aquatic zoo (for a fee) with over 2000 animals, including sharks, piranhas, sea turtles, giant rays and much more. Here is the link to buy tickets.
    • Luxor: it is the hotel inserted in a black pyramid of 30 floors whose inspiring theme is ancient Egypt. You can leisurely stroll among the antique-style reconstructions of the interior and admire the great Egyptian sphinx that stands on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel is also famous for the beam of light that emanates from the tip of its pyramid after sunset.
    • Paris las vegas: Paris lovers will find in this hotel the reconstruction of the main symbols of the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Montmartre district, which give life to the small Little Paris.
    • Caesars Palace: while visiting this hotel that aims to revive the glories of ancient Rome, do not miss the opportunity to explore its luxury shopping center The Forum Shops, with its grandiloquent furnishings, statues, fountains and marble columns, as well as a vaulted ceiling that changes color like the sky.
    • The Venetian: the Venice-inspired hotel is one of the most famous in all of Las Vegas. In the space named Little Venice you will find a reconstruction of Piazza San Marco and the Rialto bridge, complete with gondoliers, singers, jugglers, waders, living statues and luxury shops. If you want you can take the opportunity to take a gondola ride, here is the link to buy tickets.
    • Circus Circus: if you are curious to see an amusement park inside a hotel you can take a tour of this unusual structure. The amusement park is called Adventuredome and includes rides, family rides and roller coasters.

    The fountains of the Bellagio

    Le Bellagio Fountains are among the most popular free attractions offered by Las Vegas and offer an impressive sight in which thousands of liters of water are catapulted hundreds of meters high, complete with music and visual performances (at night). This is a must-see for any tourist wandering the Strip! Here are the timetables:

    • from Monday to Friday: 30 every minute from 15 to 20, 15 every minute from the 20 24
    • Saturday and public holidays: 30 every minute from 12 to 20, 15 every minute from the 20 24
    • Sunday: 30 every minute from 11 to 19, 15 every minute from the 19 24

    The new fall of Atlantis

    Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to witness the fall of Atlantis live (if it ever existed), in the midst of a deadly combat staged by artificial statues? Well, go to the Forum Shops del Caesars Palace to experience one of the most sensational free attractions in Las Vegas.

    Il free show del Caesars Palace it is also recommended for children. The statues sit atop one of the most famous fish ponds in the city and offer families a cooling refuge from the heat of the city while enjoying a beautiful historical representation (more or less…). This opulent Las Vegas show it has recently undergone a refurbishment and is even bigger and more sumptuous.

    The Bellagio botanical gardens

    For lovers of exotic flora il Bellagio offers special treatment. Featuring the most elaborate and complex selection of flora found in Las Vegas, The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens they are a perfect way to relax on a hot day and to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells in a context of almost surreal tranquility for a city like this.

    In every season the gardens offer a new design, so don't miss the appointment with Mr and Mrs Green Thumb, who will be at your disposal every day to answer all your questions and curiosities.

    The Volcano Show al Mirage

    The theme of the hotel The Mirage, it is that of Polynesia, well reconstructed in the park outside the hotel, which includes not only 1200 palm trees but the reproduction of a volcano more than 16 meters high. Well every evening at 20 and 23 pm this volcano erupts, emitting smoke, fire and lights and attracting the attention of passers-by for the duration of its entire show (about 5 minutes). It seems that this is one of the first free shows set up in Las Vegas, and that it has made a bit of school in its genre, also inspiring the other shows.

    Lake of Dreams Show al Wynn

    This hotel, created by the same creator of the Bellagio and the Mirage, has a different philosophy than the other hotels: no attraction outside, if you want to enjoy the show you have to enter, on the other hand the source of income is certainly not represented. by occasional passers-by who observe from the outside, but by those who enter the structure.

    Then go inside to enjoy the free show Lake of Dreams, a show of lights, sounds and choreography projected on a 3 acre lake and a 27 meter high waterfall, conceived by famous avant-garde designers.

    Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

    The hotel Flamingo is one of the oldest on the Strip and the theme that inspired it is Miami's Art Deco style, but it's not its elegant architecture that is most striking, but its small zoo free open to all. In fact, a flock of flamingos, parrots looking for photographs, waterfalls and water games with swans, turtles, ducks and various fish awaits you in the external space of the structure. If you come by at 8:30 or 14, you can also see the feeding of pelicans.

    Eiffel Tower Light Show

    Al Paris las vegas, the Paris-inspired hotel we have already talked about, certainly could not miss the Eiffel Tower, well, just like the original French sculpture, its American counterpart also lights up. The play of lights, which uses more than 300 colored lights and more than 800 white strobes, is held every 30 minutes from sunset until midnight (at the stroke of the hours and half hours). By paying the ticket, you can also climb the Eiffel Tower to observe Las Vegas from above.

    Tickets to climb the Eiffel Tower

    The storm at the Miracle Mile Shops

    Did you ever think you could witness an intense moment of rain in the driest place in the United States of America? Well, among the places of interest in Las Vegas, you will also experience this oddity, a storm in the desert at your convenience (the times of The Rainstorm and Fountains at Miracle Mile Shops you can find them on the official website). A little moment of complete entertainment complete with raindrops, thunder and fog in full storm style.

    It's a great way to unwind when spending a day on the las vegas boulevard and you really need to cool off mentally and physically (walking around the Strip can be very challenging, especially in summer). And don't forget that, to complete the work, 2 steps away, you can observe a huge (and decidedly tacky) statue of a showgirl, or enter the famous V Theater placed behind it.

    What to see in Las Vegas off the Strip

    Is there anything interesting off the Strip? And how, here it is what to visit in Las Vegas away from the legendary strip.

    Fremont Street: what to see off the Strip

    In the list of things to do in the city could not miss the famous Fremont Street, one of the oldest and most well-known streets of the place (dates back to 1905). It was originally the center of the old Las Vegas, today it is one of the metropolitan centers of the city for both art and entertainment: in particular, it is famous Fremont street experience, a street segment full of crazy attractions (such as the Golden Nugget where the Hand of Faith, considered the largest gold nugget in the world).

    In other words, this is the second most important street in Las Vegas after the Strip and it is impossible not to notice it: it is completely topped by a roof illuminated by 12 million LED lamps, which constantly fill it with designs and colors.

    The other half of the street, called Fremont East, on the other hand, is more sober (provided that this term can be used when speaking of Las Vegas). No LED coverage and blaring music, but there is no shortage of neon signs and above all some of the many bizarre Nevada. A few examples? A giant praying mantis that spits fire from its antennae, the largest yellow hydrant in the world or the faenicopterus rex: a giant pink flamingo that dominates a small public park obviously full of other oddities. If you want to know more about this area, I refer you to our guide on what to see in Fremont Street Las Vegas.

    The best museums in Las Vegas

    Neon Museum

    The 3 most interesting museums in Las Vegas are all located in the area north of Fremont Street. Let's see them in detail:

    • Neon Museum: a museum that can be considered a real kingdom of kitsch, with hundreds of neon signs taken from casinos, hotels, theaters and burlesque clubs.
    • The Mob Museum: Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement was inaugurated in February 2012, with a collection that traces the history of organized crime in the United States and the consequent law enforcement activity. The museum is housed in a historic building dating back to 1933. Here is the link to buy tickets.
    • Las Vegas Natural History Museum: Las Vegas also has its own Museum of Natural History, with collections ranging from dinosaurs to marine life, from mammals to ancient Egypt. Here is the link to buy tickets

    Pinball Hall of Fame

    Let's put this museum apart because it is located in a different area than the others 3. It doesn't often happen that you can visit an entire museum dedicated to pinball machines, and here you will find truly of all types and eras, including some very rare specimens and some classic arcade video games that have now made history.

    Google Maps shows the address of this museum on the Strip, but in reality this attraction is located elsewhere, and it will take you about ten minutes to detour from the famous road. To be sure to reach it, enter this address on the navigator: 1610 E Tropicana Avenue.

    Mermaid show at Silverton

    Al Silverton Casino Hotel you will find the Silverton Aquarium, where you can watch shark meals live, observe tropical fish and admire real mermaids (let's play it, ok?) who will delight you with their skillful and graceful aquatic dances. Attraction can be interesting to whom visit Las Vegas with children.

    For the times of Mermaid Show look on the official website of the hotel. If you want to include this little show in your itinerary, keep in mind that it is located just off the Strip, about 6 XNUMX/XNUMX kilometers south of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

    What to do in Las Vegas? Recommended activities

    What to do in Las Vegas among the many proposed activities? Well even in this case you will be spoiled for choice. But what are the best attractions, the ones that are really worth investing a budget for? In my opinion these 2:

    • Helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, a high-altitude excursion that will allow you to enjoy a unique panorama in the world with pick-up and return to the hotel during the day.
    • Cirque du Soleil from Las Vegas, one of the most fascinating of the many shows available in Las Vegas. In our article dedicated to the subject you will find all the information to choose between the various shows available and how to find tickets.

    If you are interested in other more unusual experiences, I refer you to 2 of our resources:

    • our insight into the crazy things to do on the Las Vegas Strip
    • our in-depth paragraph on unusual, bizarre… and kitschy Las Vegas!

    For a complete list of activities I recommend you consult instead this link.

    Las Vegas from above: the best viewpoints

    Stratosphere tower

    In addition to the aforementioned reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower at Hotel Paris, there are other ways to enjoy a beautiful one panoramic view of Las Vegas from above. In addition to the many hotels that offer their own panoramic terraces, there are 2 tourist attractions that are particularly suitable for this purpose:

    • Stratosphere tower: a ben 350 meters high, this observation tower is one of the 2 privileged points to admire the Strip, but obviously, being in Las Vegas, it could not be limited to this. In fact, once you reach the top, you can also decide not to be satisfied with admiring it las vegas skyline, but to do a series of high adrenaline activities that only this kind of funfair on the clouds can offer in the city. To find out more, read our in-depth paragraph, here is the link to buy tickets.
    • High Roller: welcome to the highest Ferris wheel in the world, capable of taking you up to 167,6 meters high! If you want to get on one of its 28 cabins, don't think you can get away with it in a few minutes like in the classic rides of this type. A whole ride lasts half an hour and given the times you can also combine the experience with an aperitif, a dinner or a romantic proposal at high altitude. Here is the link to our article on the High Roller where we better explain everything that revolves around this attraction and how to buy tickets.

    I also remind you that to enjoy the many paid attractions of the city there are cards to save by accumulating admissions, to find out more read our article on Las Vegas passes.

    Where to sleep and where to eat

    Little Venice

    Obviously the ideal place where to sleep is the Strip; if you want to book a hotel in the area you can take a look at this list of accommodations, or at our selection of the most intriguing themed hotels in Las Vegas. For those looking for a 5-star hotel, I recommend our selection of luxury hotels in Las Vegas.

    Despite its tourist vocation, the Strip can also represent an interesting resource for those looking for a high-level restaurant, with famous buffets, also prepared by starred chefs, set up in large hotels. To find out more, read our guide on where to eat in Las Vegas,

    Who plans to land at Las Vegas airport Instead, I repeat the advice we always give: booking flights and hotels in a cumulative package can often be cheaper than booking both individually. Check it out for yourself on this page.

    Read our tips for sleeping in Las Vegas

    How many days to visit Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

    The area of ​​Las Vegas that you usually go to see is quite limited and includes the Strip and Fremont Street. Of course, the Strip is pretty long and seeing it all, with all it has to offer, is quite challenging (it extends for over 6 km so it is better to organize yourself by public transport too), nevertheless I would recommend dedicating to the city 1 or maximum 2 days.

    During this time you can certainly see the most important hotels, maybe make a visit to the casino, see a show and wander around in search of places of interest that are out of the ordinary or less mainstream. Obviously you will need more days if you use Las Vegas as a base for excursions to the surrounding area, such as the ones listed below:

    What to see near Las Vegas? Parks and excursions in the surrounding area

    Valley of Fire

    You'd probably never guess that, but Las Vegas is located in beautiful nature, with some beautiful parks or natural areas within easy reach. If you are staying a few days in the city it is highly recommended to take an excursion to the surroundings. You can do it easily in the day and organize yourself (with your rental car) or take advantage of an organized tour (you can find many on this page and also in our article From Las Vegas to the Parks).

    Here are the closest parks:

    • Red Rock Canyon (30 minutes)
    • Hoover Dam (45 minuti)
    • Valley of Fire (1 ora)
    • Death Valley (2 ore e 20)
    • Zion National Park (2 hours 30)

    Then there would be a gem for lovers of UFO mystery: you should know that about 150 miles from Las Vegas is located, along the so-called Extraterrestrial Highway, the secret military base that gave rise to the famous conspiracy theories regarding the existence of aliens. If you want to know more take a look at our article Area 51: where is it?

    But what if you want to move in the immediate surroundings? Don't worry, some noteworthy roadside attractions await you near Las Vegas, such as the desert setup. Seven Magic Mountains, fake towns for nuclear tests or the western atmosphere of Goodsprings. Check out our quirky Southern Nevada itinerary to find out more.

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