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Lanzarote is one of the most famous and popular islands of the Canary Islands, in Spain. Located in the north-east of the archipelago, it owes its beauty to unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes, linked to its volcanic origins. If you are looking for tranquility, traditional food, and relaxation in nature, Lanzarote is the ideal destination: even if visited in just one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Evening
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One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Morning

1 - Timanfaya National Park, El Golfo

After having breakfast at Petite Marmite, a small and cozy bar near the port - with prices in line with the Italian ones - you can start your visit in Lanzarote, heading towards the Timanfaya National Park. Extending for 52 sq km, the Park lies on an exclusively volcanic substrate and today still active, as evidenced by the temperatures measured in depth: the symbol of the park is the statue "El Diablo", by César Manrique. Admission costs € 4,00 for children between 7 and 12 years and € 8,00 for adults. To fully enjoy the beauty of the park, a guided tour is recommended, which includes a bus ride through the dunes and explanations in several languages. During the visit to the park it will also be possible to admire that extraordinary masterpiece of nature that it is The gulf: an emerald green lake. Following the eruption of Timanfaya in 1730, the lava cooled, taking the form of an amphitheater open to the sea, and over the centuries the water of the sea emerged, giving life to a lake. El Golfo, connected to the sea by underground passages. The particular green color is given by the presence of plant organisms, which live them in a state of suspension.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 36 km / 36 min
  • Places visited: Timanfaya National Park (€ 8,00)
  • Lanzarote: Timanfaya National Park Full-Day Tour Lanzarote: Timanfaya Volcanoes, Caves, Camel Ride and Lunch Lanzarote: Coral Snorkeling and Volcanic Seabed
  • Where to have breakfast: Nuggets Marmite 16b, Playa Blanca (Get Directions)

One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Afternoon

1 - Playa Blanca

Lanzarote is famous for its beaches and its sea therefore, a visit to these places is almost a must. From Timanfaya National Park, returning to the south, it is recommended to visit Playa Blanca. Born as a small fishing village, over time the area has grown to become the second best known place on the island. The whole coast is full of pedestrian paths, an excellent opportunity to enjoy a walk in the sun. Playa Blanca is the right place for a lunch break, perhaps at the Restaurante Bodegón las Tapas, located right on the "promenade". The prices are not really low but, given the place and the type of food offered - local and / or based on fish - turning a blind eye is very easy.

2 - Playa Papagayo, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Grande

From here, the most beautiful beach on the island is about 20 minutes away. Papagayo Beach, with a particular crescent shape, is characterized by the particular color of the waters that surround it, emerald-colored and motionless all day, like a swimming pool. This is because, located in a depression accessed by a small path, the Playa is sheltered from the wind, surrounded by Los Ajaches Natural Monument. 39 minutes away heading north, you will come across Puerto del Carmen, the most touristic place in Lanzarote, divided into two sections: the Old Town, which boasts a beautiful fishing port and a huge shopping center; the New Town place of tourist accommodation par excellence. One of the main attractions of the New Town is Playa Grande, the largest golden sand beach in Lanzarote.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 57,1 km / 1 h 28 min
  • Places visited: Playa Papagayo (free), Puerto del Carmen (free), Playa Grande (free)
  • Lanzarote: 4 hours Guided North Route Walking tour through the Corona Volcano and Famara Cliffs Famara: 2 hours surf experience for beginners
  • Where to have lunch: Av. Marítima, 29, Playa Blanca

One day itinerary in Lanzarote: Evening

1 - Arrecife, Dinner

Traveling also means living the traditions of the place, diving into the people and, why not, tasting the typical products and, Arrecife, is the perfect place to experience all of this. Developed around a fishing village, of which it still retains the seafaring spirit, the city owes its name to the cliffs that are located along the coast of the city. Real street, the main commercial street, is full of shops selling everything imaginable, and is home to numerous cafes, bars, traditional restaurants and above all "street food", where you can taste some of the local specialties, such as jareas, pejines or tollos, the "shriveled" potatoes that are eaten with the skin and served with salt and sauces. La Caja de Tapas is the right restaurant to try all this, even if at slightly higher prices than average

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 17 km / 28 min
  • Places visited: Arrecife and Calle Real (Free)
  • Lanzarote: César Manrique Discovery Tour 4-Hour Catamaran Excursion Catlanza from Lanzarote Fuerteventura: Return Ferry and Bus Service
  • Where to dine: Av. César Manrique, 33, 35500 Arrecife

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Rent a vehicle in advance. You can take a car or a scooter, but the latter is less recommended due to the frequent gusts of wind.
  • The climate is mild so light clothing is fine but due to the strong wind a jacket may be required or a sweatshirt.
  • For hiking, a pair of sneakers are just fine but, since you might want to tackle some more "difficult" path, it is better to have the hiking boots.

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

  1. La Graciosa Island it is the largest and the only inhabited one of the Chinijo archipelago, a group of small islands of volcanic origin north of Lanzarote, reachable only by sea. Few inhabitants, little concrete and a lot of nature, make this islet only 25 km large a real paradise and nature reserve - like the rest of the islands - but, having only one day available, it is better to leave it off the itinerary, and then come back in the future.
  2. César Manrique Foundation, where the artist's studio is located César Manrique, in a building extended on a lava flow. The rooms were carved out of the rock and painted entirely in white: many works by Picasso are kept here. Although the structure may be fascinating and evocative, it remains a "sectoral" attraction therefore, unless you are an architect or a fan of the sector, having only one day available, it is better to leave it aside to make room for something else.
  3. Lanzarote is a volcanic island and therefore, full of volcanoes to visit but, given the limited time available, it will certainly not be possible to see them all.
  4. Also in the case of the International Museum of Contemporary Art the suggestion is: "unless you are a fan, better leave it aside".
  5. Il Cactus Garden it was the last great work of Cesar Manrique, and sees the coexistence of different species of Cactus coming from five different containers. A place where peace and tranquility reigns, however, it will have to stay off the itinerary due to lack of time.

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