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Helsinki is an exquisitely Nordic city but with a warm heart: its architecture is anything but austere and cold and its population is lively and lover of worldly life.
The Finnish capital boasts an incredible offer of places of interest cultural and artistic, and an extraordinary panorama of opportunities to socialize and fully breathe its sparkling air: bistros and restaurants, public saunas and design districts, together with breathtaking natural scenery and opportunities for complete immersions in nature. A week is perfect for enjoying the many faces of the city and getting to know its equally magical surroundings. Here's what to see in and around Helsinki in 7 days.


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1 day

Start from the beating heart of the city: the Senaatintori (or Piazza del Senato) designed by the architect Carl Ludvig Engel in 1812. The neoclassical square is overlooked by the Tuomiokirkko, the imposing Lutheran cathedral (09: 00-18: 00), the Government Palace and the University, while in the center stands a statue of Tsar Alexander II.
Move to the port to admire the famous Kauppatori, the market square and immerse yourself in the swarm of locals looking for first fruits, seasonal fruit, fish and artisan products among the numerous stalls present.
A lunch take a seat on the tables set up next to the stalls, or at the Old Covered Market, active since 1889 (for less than € 10,00).
At about 100 meters you will find the Havis Amada, the symbol of the city from here continue for Uspenki Orthodox Cathedral (9: 30-16: 00 / Saturdays and Sundays 12: 00-15: 00), which stands out from the island of Katajanokka with its golden domes.
Relax in the Tove Jansson Park and price stop at the port, in the refined Ravintola Nokka.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,0 km / 27 min
  • Places visited: Senate square (free), Tuomiokirkko (free), Kauppatori (free), Old Market (free), Uspenki Orthodox Cathedral (free).
  • Daily shopping: € 35,00
  • Helsinki: Private Tour with Local Guide Helsinki: Panoramic Bus Tour
  • Lunch at Kauppatori (Get directions), Dinner at Ravintola Nokka (Get directions)

2 day

Dedicate the second day to the residential and quiet Töölö district. Pay a visit to the Parliament building, the neoclassical building housing the parliament and the famous Lutheran church of Temppeliaukio Kirkko (€ 3,00, open 10: 00-20: 00, Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-18: 00): known as the Church in the Rock, the striking building thanks to the contrast between the bare stone and the copper dome.
A lunch stop at the Levain oven, for a quick lunch, an excellent coffee and their exquisite desserts (around € 10,00).

The afternoon awaits youexploration of Seurasaari, one of the most important islands. Take bus 24 to Fölisön (€ 2,80) and then walk to the island. Here it is possible to visit the open-air museum dedicated to traditional Finnish life (€ 10,00, open from May to September at 9: 00-15: 00, Saturday and Sunday 11: 00-17: 00, June and August 11 : 00-17: 00) and then immerse yourself in the spectacular natural panorama of the islet.
Return to the center (bus line 24, € 2,80, to Fredriksgatan and 600 meters on foot), to savor a price at Lappi Ravintola: a must of Lappish cuisine, in a suggestive atmosphere (around € 50 per person).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 10,8 km / 38 min (by bus)
  • Places visited: Töölö (free), Parliament Building (free), Temppeliaukio Kirkko (€ 3,00), Seurasaari (free), Seurasaari museum (€ 10,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 75,00
  • Best of Helsinki: Grand Tour by Boat and Bus
  • Lunch at Levain (Get directions), Dinner at Lappi Ravintola (Get directions)

3 day

Start with the discovery of Suomenlinna, the island fortress once used to defend Helsinki from enemy attacks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A boat will take you there from Piazza Mercato in 20 minutes (around € 4,00) and you will be able to enjoy its silent and solitary atmosphere: go along the Blue Route to touch all the main points of the island and its fascinating views.
Have lunch at the Restaurant Suomenlinnan Panimo (around € 25,00) and let yourself be pervaded by the peaceful rhythms of the island.
Always return by boat to dedicate the afternoon to theAteneum, the museum of visual arts of Helsinki (€ 17,00; open Tue-Fri 10 am-18pm, Wed-Thu 10 am-20pm, Sat-Sun 10 am-17pm), which houses Finland's most important collection of classical art and numerous must-see exhibitions.
End the day relaxing with one price at the Caverna Restaurant (about € 30,00 per person) and then stroll through the streets of the center to admire the beautiful capital cloaked in the evening lights.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 4,1 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Suomenlinna (free), Ateneum (€ 17,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 80,00
  • Helsinki: 5-Hour Helsinki and Suomenlinna Tour Helsinki Shore Excursion: City Sightseeing and Suomenlinna
  • Lunch at Restaurant Suomenlinnan Panimo (Get directions), Dinner at Caverna Restaurant (Get directions)

4 day

Visit the neighborhood Kallio, a design paradise, trendy and alternative. In an open and eclectic atmosphere, in which artists and artisans coexist and there are numerous cafes much appreciated by the young people of the city. Reach it on foot or by bus (65,71 or 67 from Hagnäs to Rautatientori, € 2,80) and wander around this bohemian-style design district among shops, museums and picturesque streets: a dip in the liveliest soul of the city .
Stop by for lunch to Sandro Kallio, who offers Moroccan specialties adapted to local tastes (about € 25,00 each), and then just think about reaching (with bus 17 or tram 7 in about 15 minutes) the spectacular Allas sea pool, for an afternoon of intense relaxation. In this magical place you can enjoy swimming pools and saunas, as well as yoga sessions and other regenerating initiatives (€ 14,00; open at 06: 30-21: 00, Sat 09: 00-21: 00, Sun 10: 00-20 : 00).

Then have dinner at Allas Cafè and Terrace, in an elegant atmosphere (average cost around € 20,00). After this day of sauna and good food, leisurely strolling along Helsinki's quays will make you feel at peace with the world.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,2 km / 29 min
  • Places visited: Kallio (free), Allas Sea Pool (€ 14,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 65,00
  • Helsinki: Highlights and Hidden Gems Walking Tour
  • Lunch at Sandro Kallio (Get directions), Dinner at Allas Cafè and Terrace (Get directions)

5 day

Take a bus (lines C7 or 848) which will take you there in about 50 minutes Poorvo, about 50 kilometers from Helsinki. It is the second oldest city in Finland, and still retains a charm of yesteryear. Its main attraction is the marvelous ones red wooden houses on the river bank, once warehouses for goods and products from the sea. The cobblestones and houses of Porvo Vecchia have inspired photographers from all over the world for centuries and still leave their visitors speechless today. Stop then for lunch to the Fryysarinranta, an enchanted place set in an old warehouse (around € 20,00 per person).

Dedicate your afternoon to one river cruise (about € 25,00) departing from the Porvoo pier, to discover unique landscapes between canals and small lakes. Return to Helsinki (bus 848 + tram 7) e dine at Restaurant Kannas, a typical restaurant since 1940, where only authentic Finnish food is served: order a salmon or reindeer meat dish for around € 35,00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,4 km / 17 min
  • Places visited: Porvoo (free), river cruise (approximately € 25,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 90,00
  • Porvoo: 5-hour city tour from Helsinki
  • Lunch at Fryysarinranta (Get directions), Dinner at Restaurant Kannas (Get directions)

6 day

Enjoy one trip out of town to Hameenlinna, a charming town on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi, north of Helsinki. Get there by train (lines R or IC 45, around € 10,00, travel time around 1 hour and 30 minutes) and be amazed by this area full of lakes and green spaces. The origins of Hameenlinna are truly ancient, as evidenced by the archaeological findings of the site of Vanain Kaupunki. The city develops around the Häme Castle (€ 12,00; at 10: 00-16: 00), a medieval fortress on the shores of the lake dating back to around 1300. Have lunch at Ravintola Maja (around € 20,00 per person).
In the afternoon, move towards the banks of the Vanajavesi lake. Rent a kayak (around € 20,00) and ride the waves of this immense body of water for an all-Finnish experience. The sinuous inlets of the lake hide unforgettable landscape views and you cannot leave Scandinavia without paddling among the waves of its waters. To end the day in style, dine from The Gingerbread House for a Scandinavian dinner (around € 35,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,0 km / 13 min
  • Places visited: Hameenlinna (free), Vanajavesi lake (free), Häme Castle (€ 12,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 90,00
  • Lunch at Ravintola Maja (Get directions), Dinner at The Gingerbread House (Get directions)

7 day

And what could be better than a Finnish nature park to go trekking in beautiful scenery? The immense Nuuksio National Park (always open) will make you fall in love with Finland once and for all! You can take part in a tour, guided by an expert to discover woods, swamps, meadows and cliffs, practicable on foot or by bicycle for a truly perfect day outdoors - book your tour online.

In the afternoon head towards Espoo, a city beautifully out of the chaos of the world. From Helsinki you can get there in about 30 minutes with lines U or 280 (about € 4,00) from the park there is bus line 908, about € 8,00. Discover the streets of its center and its points of interest such as theEspoo Museum of Modern Art (€12,00; 11:00-19:00, sab-dom 11:00-17:00).

Have dinner finally at Ravintola Metropol Otaniemi (€ 25,00), for a last meal of your trip that will allow you to recharge your batteries and return to the base, the wonderful capital Helsinki, and conclude an unforgettable Scandinavian tour.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 34,9 km / 43 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Nuuksio National Park (tour from € 56,00), Espoo (free), Espoo Museum of Modern Art (€ 12,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 105,00
  • Nuuksio Shore Excursion from Helsinki Nuuksio: Full-day tour from Helsinki
  • Lunch at Cafe WeeGee (Get directions), Dinner at Ravintola Metropol Otaniemi (Get directions)

How much is a week in Helsinki

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Helsinki, like Scandinavia in general, is not among the cheapest destinations. However, it is possible to reduce costs by choosing, for example, to move by public transport instead of renting a car or using taxis, or by purchasing cards such as the Helsinki Card before departure, which allows you to have unlimited transport included in a single price and entrances to the main attractions. There are also low cost flights to the city and numerous cheap hostels (from € 60,00 per night) and B & Bs (from € 80,00 / 100,00 per night) where to stay, to be able to enjoy the Scandinavian beauties with an affordable budget. .

  • starting from € 84,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -
  • Helsinki Card Region Best of Helsinki: Grand Tour by Boat and Bus
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 1.159,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Helsinki: it is always enjoyable. In summer / spring it is a stop on cruises in northern Europe; in winter and early spring it is a strategic stopover to reach Lapland and visit Santa Claus Village or chase the Northern Lights
  • Helsinki airport is located in Vaanta, about 20 km south of the city. It is connected to the center by the Finnair City Bus bus lines and by line 615 (about 30 minutes and € 6,00 / € 7,00). Alternatively, taxi (around € 50,00).
  • the historical center Kluuvi and the lively Kamppi district are the most central solution; Töölö and Katajanokka are elegant residential areas, while the Ruoholahti and Kallio areas are perfect for young people. Choose Suomenlinna for an original experience.
  • Getting around: on foot or by bus, tram or underground (single ride € 2,80, day ticket € 8,00).
  • Recommended cards and passes: with the Helsinki Card you can have access to unlimited transport, free admissions to 25 attractions and a Hop On Hop Off ticket (1 day € 51,00 - 3 days € 74,00)

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