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Genoa, the capital of the Liguria region, is the city known for its port, the largest in Italy. In fact, the history of the city is closely linked to the sea whose symbol is the lighthouse, called La Lanterna.
Spending a few days in Genoa it is possible not only to appreciate the testimonies left by its past as a maritime republic, but also to admire the more modern architecture that characterizes many buildings, enjoy traditional dishes and immerse yourself in the cultural ferment that has always animated the city .

Are you ready to leave with us? Here what to see in Genoa in 7 days!


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1 day

A vast area of ​​the historic center of Genoa has been declared a patrimony of humanity, then start walking through the narrow streets, the crueze, and lose yourself among the oldest churches and buildings. Enter the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, whose construction dates back to the 6,00th century. The façade is in Genoese Gothic style and next to the church you can visit the Cathedral Treasury Museum, which houses sacred works of art. Ticket cost € .

For lunch, eat something traditional in the Osteria Le Colonne, spending about € 25,00 and then walk for about ten minutes and arrive in Via Garibaldi, included among the Unesco Heritage assets. Here it is possible to take a museum tour among the elegant buildings that adorn this street: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi. The cost of the visit is € 9,00. You will find works by Van Dick, Veronese, Guercino, Caravaggio and many others.
If you are still craving art and beauty, then go to National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola, where works of great value are exhibited inside a refined noble building. The ticket costs € 6,00 and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 to 19:30, Sundays and holidays from 13:30 to 19:30

Finally, stroll on the ancient port and dine in this suggestive location in the Banano Tsunami restaurant (cost of dinner about € 30,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,5 km / 19 min
  • Places visited: historic center (free), Cathedral of San Lorenzo (free), Museum of the Cathedral Treasury (€ 6,00), Via Garibaldi (free), Strada Nuova Museums (€ 9,00), National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola ( € 6,00), Porto Antico (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 76,00
  • guided tour in the Palazzi dei Rolli, a UNESCO site
  • Lunch at Osteria Le Colonne (Get directions), Dinner at Banano Tsunami (Get directions)

2 day

Today dedicate yourself to discovering the port of Genoa.
A great way to get a complete panorama right away is to get on the Ferris wheel, 45 meters high and whose ticket costs € 8,00. Once down, take a walk on the port, observe the various boats, savor the smell of the sea and then enter the Genoa Port Center, where you can get to know the city port interactively, with simulators and much more (ticket cost € 3,00) .

Pass in front of the Porta del Molo, one of the entrance gates of the city dating back to the 500th century and then eat some excellent fish at I Tre Merli, spending around € 22,00.
Now you can dedicate yourself to visiting one of the main attractions of the city: the Aquarium of Genoa, located on the Spinola Bridge. The route, between the 39 tanks and the thousands of marine specimens, lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. The price varies according to the season (starting from € 26,00).
On the Spinola Bridge there is also the Biosphere pavilion, a spherical structure of glass and steel that houses animals in a small portion of the rainforest. The visit is included in the Aquarium itinerary.

For dinner, get on the NaveBlu and relax by observing the lights on the port (dinner cost about € 32,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,4 km / 17 min
  • Places visited: Ferris wheel (€ 8,00), Genoa Port Center (€ 3,00), Porta del Molo (free), Aquarium (from € 26,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 90,00
  • Aquarium of Genoa: priority ticket entrance to the aquarium and to the Biosphere Ticket for the Aquarium Village with panoramic lift
  • Lunch at I Tre Merli (Get directions), Dinner at Gusto on board (Get directions)

3 day

In Genoa, in a th century Gothic residence, is possible to go around the world. This is thanks to the captain of Albertis, a true traveler who has enclosed in his home relics and artifacts from his countless journeys, sea and land. Today his house is a museum, which can be visited by purchasing a ticket of € 6,00, open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.
After the tour, head towards Piazza Acquaverde, known as Piazza Principe.

Eat in the Salgari restaurant, where refined cuisine is offered without sacrificing tradition (lunch cost € 35,00 per person) and then take a tour of the square, where the white is found monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus.
To find out more about the its history and that of many other men and women of the sea, go to the Galata Museum, on the Porto Antico. It is the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean, where you step into the shoes of sailors, navigators and migrants from all eras. The ticket costs € 12,00, is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 and the visit lasts approximately 2 hours.
By paying a supplement of only € 2,00, it is possible to exit the Galata Museum and enter a floating museum: the Nazario Sauro submarine.

Now you will be tired, so relax having a nice aperitif on the port, sitting comfortably at the tables of Luna Piena Bistrot, spending € 10,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,4 km / 18 min
  • Places visited: Castello d'Albertis (€ 6,00), Piazza Acquaverde (free), Galata Museum and Somemrgibile Nazario Sauro (€ 17,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 65,00
  • Lunch at Salgari Restaurant (Get directions), Dinner at Luna Piena Bistrot (Get directions)

4 day

Start the day by taking a tour of the historic center. Visit the Basilica of San Siro, whose rich interiors are one of the greatest examples of the Genoese Baroque style, open every day from 7:30 to 19:00.
Continue your tour by taking a 10-minute walk along the Salita della Spianata Castelletto, which will lead you to this suggestive panoramic terrace, very dear to the Genoese. You can also get there using elegant liberty-style elevators (cost € 0,90 each way).

Take advantage of the many clubs here and have a brunch at La Barcaccia (cost around € 18,00).
Now get ready for a very special walk, the Lantern Walk, a journey of about 45 minutes will lead you in front of the symbol of Genoa, the lighthouse. Along the way you can stop to take pictures at the various bridges of the city on the Ligurian Sea, and enjoy a good ice cream near the port.
Eventually you will see theunmistakable lighthouse, called La Lanterna, a tower 77 meters high and placed on a hill 177 meters above the sea level. It was built in the 300s and has since resisted lightning strikes and war attacks. You can visit the first terrace on the lighthouse and the museum adjacent to it by paying a € 6,00 ticket. The lighthouse is always accessible.

After the visit, go back to Via Milano and stop and eat a good Piazza Da Stefano, spending around € 13,00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 5,1 km / 1 h 13 min
  • Places visited: Basilica of San Siro (free), Spianata del Castelletto (free), Lantern of Genoa (€ 6,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 40,00
  • Genoa walking tour and city views with local guide
  • Lunch at La Barcaccia (Get directions), Dinner at Da Stefano (Get directions)

5 day

Among the many interesting museums in Genoa there is also that ofOriental Art Edoardo Chiossone, in which there are Japanese works of various types and ages. The ticket for the visit is € 5,00 and is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:30.
The museum is located inside the Bixio Gallery, surrounded by the park of Villetta di Negro, then take the opportunity to take a walk in a green and well-kept area.
In front of the park is the monument dedicated to Giuseppe Mazzini, born in Genoa. Keep walking and you arrive in Piazza Corvetto, one of the most elegant squares in the city.

For lunch, stop at Broadside Concept Sushi, spending about € 25,00 and then go to Piazza Dante, from here take bus 42 and after 15 minutes get off at Gaspari 2 stop (ticket cost € 1,50).
You will have arrived in small fishing village, Boccadasse, in the Albaro district. In Boccadasse you can breathe an atmosphere of other times, with the colorful houses around Piazza Nettuno and the characteristic boats moored at the marina.

From the square, go down to the beach, take lots of photographs and then dine on fresh fish dishes in the elegant Capo Santa Chiara restaurant, spending around € 45,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 5,1 km / 1 h 7 min
  • Places visited: Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art (€ 5,00), Villetta di Negro (free), Piazza Corvetto (free), Piazza Dante (free), Boccadasse (free), Piazza Nettuno (free), Boccadasse beach (free) )
  • Daily shopping: € 76,50
  • Lunch at Broadside Concept Sushi (Get Directions), Dinner at Local Name (Get Directions)

6 day

Dedicate this day to making a small excursion around Genoa, then go to the Genova Bignole station and take the regional 11311 direct to La Spezia Centrale. After about an hour you will have arrived in S.Margherita Ligure (€ 2,80). From here, continue your journey aboard bus 82 directed to Portofino (ticket cost € 1,50). Portofino is a small village founded by the Roman Empire.

Start your tour in the Piazzetta della Magnolia, then enter the beautiful Church of San Martino, built around the th century.
Have brunch at Bar Morena (cost around € 22,00) and continue towards the pier, where you can enter the Park Museum, a small garden in which there are sculptures and various works of art. The cost of the ticket is € 5,00 and is open.
Going up towards the promontory you arrive at the Church of San Giorgio, protector of the city. A few minutes on foot, after a path among lush flowering bushes, you will arrive at Brown Castle, an ancient military fortress that hides a wonderful garden. To visit the interiors you need to pay a ticket of € 5,00, it is open from 10:00 to 17:00 (closing time varies according to the season).
Towards sunset, reach the Portofino lighthouse, from where you will have a truly unique view of the sea.

Dine relaxing at the foot of the lighthouse, sitting at the tables of the restaurant La Portofinese (dinner cost € 50,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 69,3 km / 1 h 43 min including the journey by car to / from Genoa
  • Places visited: Portofino (free), Church of San Martino (free), Museum of the Park (€ 5,00), Church of San Giorgio (free), Castello di Brown (€ 5,00), Portofino Lighthouse (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 82,00
  • Genoa and Portofino: 1 day tour from Genoa Portofino: self-guided bike tour from Santa Margherita
  • Lunch at Bar Morena (Get directions), Dinner at La Portofinese (Get directions)

7 day

If you want to take another trip out of town, you could go west of Genoa, at the discovery of the city of Savona. From Piazza Principe take the regional train 11352 Ventimiglia, which arrives in Savona after about 40 minutes (ticket cost € 3,60).

From the station start walking towards the Priamar promontory, and halfway stop for something to eat at the Archinboldo, spending about € 18,00 per person
Observing the panorama you will notice immediately an imposing building: the Priamar Fortress, built in 1542. Four palaces are part of the fortress that you can visit by paying a ticket of € 5,00. In the monumental complex of Priamar there is also the Sandro Pertini Art Museum, which collects modern and contemporary works of art left to its city of origin by Sandro Pertini, seventh President of the Italian Republic. The visit costs € 2,50.
Go down and continue towards the historic center. Take a tour of Piazza Duomo and enter the Cathedral of Nostra Signora Assunta, dating back to the end of the 500th century. Then enjoy a walk through the streets.

Now enjoy a good dinner based on chickpea and wheat farinata, one of the specialties of the region, at the tables of Vino and Farinata, spending around € 16,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 112 km / 2 h 3 min including the journey by car to / from Genoa
  • Places visited: Savona (free), Priamar Fortress (€ 5,00), Sandro Pertini and Renata Cuneo art museum (€ 2,50), Piazza Duomo (free), Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (free), Museum of Ceramics (€ 5,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 50,00
  • Savona: traditional food tour
  • Lunch at L'Archinboldo (Get directions), Dinner at Vino e Farinata (Get directions)

How much does a week cost in Genoa

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Genoa is a city that has so much to offer: famous for its port and the Aquarium, it offers refined streets adorned with noble palaces, which often house works of art of great value. The city has given birth to illustrious personalities of history, from Christopher Columbus to Giuseppe Mazzini, and it is possible to visit museums and monuments that celebrate their history and their importance.

The historic center is characterized by a rich offer of accommodation and accommodations at various prices, but those who want to save further can opt for the more peripheral, but always fascinating, areas. The main attractions are all within walking distance and when you want to move around a bit, just take a train (or a ferry) to discover neighboring villages and cities of immense beauty.

  • starting from € 70,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 54,00 per room -
  • Genoa and Portofino: 1 day tour from Genoa entrance to the aquarium and the Biosphere one day experience with City Pass
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 674,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit genoa: the most favorable period for walking is from April to October, when temperatures are pleasant and warm and sunny days, while in November there is abundant rainfall. Wind is present throughout the year - find out more
  • the port of Genoa is connected with several cities in the Mediterranean, but the fastest way to get to the city is by plane. The airport is located in Genoa Sestri Ponente, about 6 km from the center and the landing strip is surrounded by the sea. The shuttle to the city takes 30 minutes and the ticket costs € 6,00
  • the Historic Center is made up of two districts, that of La Maddalena and that of the Molo. In both there are several B & Bs and hotels at prices suitable for all budgets. For a cheaper solution you can opt for the elegant district of Castelletto, which is located on the hills overlooking the center.
  • Getting around: in Genoa it is easy to get around on foot, but those who want to travel comfortably can choose between the underground, with 8 stops and inaugurated in 1990, or the bus, with 139 lines, in both cases the ticket costs € 1,50. An original way to visit Genoa from an unprecedented point of view is definitely the Navebus, whose ticket costs € 3,00 - find out more
  • Recommended cards and passes: the Musuem Card allows entry to the 20 museums of the city and by choosing the museums + bus offer it also offers free circulation on the urban transport network. The 24 h card costs € 15,00 and the 48 h card costs € 25,00. The Genova City Pass, on the other hand, collects the best experiences that can be done in one day (starting from € 46,00)

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