What to See and Do in Formentera in 7 days, Guided Tour not to miss anything.

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What not to miss in Formentera?

Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is a true paradise in the Mediterranean. Much quieter than neighboring Ibiza, this is the perfect island if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility. You can easily get around it by bike or moped and it is full of hiking trails.

Go to discover the most hidden coves and then relax long stretches of white sand and swim in a crystal clear sea. Enjoy a sunset cocktail in one of the many clubs by the sea and enjoy a pleasant evening in the most popular resort of Es Pujols. To get around, we recommend that you rent a bicycle (average cost per day 4,00 €) or, alternatively, a scooter (average cost per week 100,00 €), avoid the car.

Are you ready to go? here what to see in Formentera in 7 days!


  1. Day 1 - Visit to the village of Es Pujols - Tourist village with very nice beaches
  2. Day 2 - Visit to Plaja de Llevant and Illetes - Best beaches of Formentera
  3. Day 3 - Visit to Cala Saona - Beach and eating places
  4. Day 4 - Visit to the village of Sant Francesc Xavier, capital of Formentera - Places to eat - Markets
  5. Day 5 - Visit to the village of Sant Agustí de Es Caló - Charming village - Port - Beach & Restaurants
  6. Day 6 - Visit to the beach of Es Caló d'es Mort - Ideal cove for relaxation - Restaurants nearby
  7. Day 7 - Visit to the village of La Savina - Port of Formentera - Ideal for lunch and dinner - Market of La Savina
  8. How much does a week in Formentera cost?
  9. Before leaving: useful tips

Day 1 - Visit to the village of Es Pujols - Tourist village with very nice beaches

Dedicate the first day to visit the most frequented village by tourists, Es Pujols. Beaches, stores and restaurants by day, super nightlife by night (here is the only disco in Formentera).
Reach the beach of the village, Platja de Es Pujols and enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

Stop at TAHITI Beach restaurant (average cost per person 20,00 €). In the afternoon, walk along the coast for about one and a half kilometers (16 minutes on foot) and reach Ses Canyes, a little corner of paradise. Yes, because this somewhat hidden and wild beach is very little frequented, even in the most touristy months you will find very few people like you looking for a bit of relaxation.
Enjoy a few hours sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear water.

For dinner, go back to Es Pujols and stop at Formentera Burger & Lario's (average cost per person 10,00 €). In the evening, you have many options: you can enjoy a romantic stroll along the promenade, stop for a drink at the many clubs or stay late at the disco in town.

In brief:

  • Distance traveled: 4.6 km / 56 min.
  • Places to visit: Es Pujols center (free), Platja de Es Pujols (free), Ses Canyes (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch at Playa TAHITI (Get directions), Dinner at Formentera Burger & Lario's (Get directions)

Day 2 - Visit to Plaja de Llevant and Illetes - Best Beaches of Formentera

For this second day we take you to the northern end of the island, to two of the most beautiful beaches. The first is Platja de Llevant, a true corner of paradise. The sand is fine and white and the sea crystal clear. Here you can also see some celebrities who love this part of the island. Relax under the rays of the sun and enjoy a cold drink at one of the many kiosks present.

The place can be very loud and the wait a bit long. If you don't want to spend too much, it's best to bring your own lunch and eat on the beach, otherwise Es Molí de Sal is a 12 minute walk away (average cost per person 35,00 €).
In the afternoon you arrive then Ses Illetes, the most famous and popular beach of the island, even by several famous people. When the sky is clear, from here you can see Ibiza on the horizon. White sand and blue sea, a true paradise. However, be careful, in August it can be very crowded, but it is worth coming here at least one afternoon.

After a few hours of relaxation, return to Es Pujols and enjoy dinner at El Sabor Formentera (average cost per person 20,00 €).

In summary:

  • Distance covered: 7.8 km / 1 h 35 min.
  • Places visited: Platja de Llevant (free), Ses Illetes (free), Es Pujols (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 55,00
  • Lunch at Es Molí de Sal (Get directions), Dinner at El Sabor Formentera (Get directions)

Day 3 - Visit to Cala Saona - Beach and eating places

Enjoy the western side of Formentera on this day. Then start your day at Cala Saona. This area, with a shallow sea and a gently sloping seabed is ideal for families with children as well as for divers. All around is full of forests and trails to enjoy beautiful walks.

Stop for lunch near the beach, enjoy a good paella at Restaurante Sol Cala Saona (average cost per person 25,00 €).
Then take your bike or moped and head to the southwestern tip of the island, where there is a beautiful walking path that will take you to the lighthouse of Far del Cap de Barbaria. Leave your bike in the parking lot at the beginning of the Cap de Barbaria III - archaeological site and embark on a wonderful hike of about 2 kilometers and enjoy the magnificent panorama.
Then come back and take your bike or moped to head towards the center of the island.

For dinner, arrive in the village of Sant Francesc Xavier (which you can visit in the sunlight the next day) and stop for dinner at S'Abeurada de Can Simonet (average cost per person € 15,00).

To sum up:

  • Distance covered: 17.4 km / 57 min (by motorcycle).
  • Places visited: Cala Saona (free), Far del Cap de Barbaria (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 40,00
  • Lunch at Restaurant Sol Cala Saona (Get directions), Dinner at S'Abeurada de Can Simonet (Get directions)

Day 4 - Visit to the village of Sant Francesc Xavier, capital of Formentera - Places to eat - Markets

Discover the characteristic town of Sant Francesc Xavier, the largest inhabited nucleus of Formentera and its capital. In the main square, in which Church of San Francesco Xavier, in the morning there is a market with local artisans, perfect for buying some small souvenirs.

For lunch, stop at the beautiful restaurant Can Pepito Formentera (average cost per person 15,00 €) and then take your bikes or mopeds back to reach the afternoon stage.
Just 4 km from the south coast is Platja de Migjorn, one of the largest beaches on the island, about 6 km long. Despite its beauty, it is less crowded than the northern beaches around Es Pujols, making it perfect for those seeking a bit of tranquility. All around it, especially at the ends of the beach, there is unspoiled nature, perfect for long walks. Enjoy a few hours here on the beach and take a dip in the beautiful blue sea.

For dinner, stop in this town, which in the central area is full of restaurants and nightclubs. Dine at Real Playa (average cost per person 15,00 €), located by the sea.

In brief:

  • Distance covered: 6.4 km / 18 min (by motorcycle).
  • Places visited: Sant Francesc Xavier (free), Platja de Migjorn (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch at Can Pepito Formentera (Get directions), Dinner at Real Playa (Get directions)

Day 5 - Visit to the village of Sant Agustí de Es Caló - Charming Village - Port - Beach & Restaurants

Reach Es Caló de Sant Augustí, one of the most authentic and true areas of the island. Here you will find the wildest Formentera, between nature and some inhabited houses. Admire the view from the small port and stroll through the streets of the town. Then enjoy a few hours of relaxation Platja es Caló, characterized by rocky bottoms.

For lunch, stop at the beautiful Can Pasqual Restaurant (average cost per person 20,00 €). Be sure to recharge your batteries, because a great activity awaits you in the afternoon.
From Es Caló begins the Roman Road, a suggestive way up to the Pilar de la Mola. Well preserved and easily practicable, you will find yourself walking among pine forests and cliffs, admiring the beautiful views of the coast. It is more or less 6 kilometers, the hike is not strenuous and will definitely be worth it! Reach Far de la Mola, a mid-nineteenth century lighthouse located on a cliff, at the easternmost point of the island, with a wonderful view of the sea.

End the day with dinner in El Pilar de la Mola, perhaps at Can Carol Sandwich & Bar (average cost per person 15,00 €).

To sum up:

  • Distance covered: 9.7 km / 2 h 5 min.
  • Places visited: Es Caló de Sant Augustì (free), Platja es Caló (free), Camino Romano (free), Far de la Mola (free), El Pilar de la Mola (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 35,00
  • Lunch at Restaurant Can Pasqual (Get directions), Dinner at Can Carol Sandwich & Bar (Get directions)

Day 6 - Visit to Es Caló d'es Mort beach - Ideal cove for relaxation - Nearby Restaurants

Enjoy a day of sea and relaxation in the southeastern part of the island!
Start with Calo Des Mort, one of the most particular beaches of the island! Located in an inlet, reaching it is not easy, you will have to walk the last stretch of the dirt road, but the spectacle you will find in front of your eyes will leave you speechless. It is also not subject to mass tourism, so it is perfect if you are looking for total relaxation and tranquility!

For lunch, move along the coast and stop at Kiosko La Franja (average cost 10,00 €), one of the most authentic beach kiosks of Formentera. Here you will find yourself directly on Platja Es Arenals, one of the busiest and most beautiful beaches of Formentera. Equipped with many services, it is characterized by its golden sand and crystal clear sea.

In the evening, stop for dinner in this area, along the south coast and around Platja Es Arenals. A perfect spot might be the Flipper Y Chiller (average cost €15.00), open until midnight in summer and with a well-stocked lounge bar to keep you going all night.

To sum up:

  • Distance covered: 6.1 km / 1 h 16 min.
  • Places visited: Calo Des Mort (free), Platja Es Arenals (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 25,00
  • Lunch at Kiosko La Franja (Get directions), Dinner at Flipper Y Chiller (Get directions)

Day 7 - Visit to La Savina Village - Port of Formentera - Ideal for lunch and dinner - La Savina Street Market

For this last day enjoy a morning to discover La Savina, a small village in the north of the island and the only port of Formentera. After a stroll through the streets of this town, explore Estany des Peix, a magnificent salt lake, and Ses Salines, ancient salt pans declared a nature reserve in 1995 and extending to the south of Ibiza.

What to do in La Savina? Things not to miss

One of the best things you can do in La Savina, and that you can not miss, is to visit the market of La Savina. The market is located on the promenade of the port, and has 25 stops where you can buy all kinds of clothes and accessories in the style of Formentera, we could say that maintains a hippie essence with touches of modernity. It is worth visiting the market at night and calmly as you can also enjoy the views of the illuminated port.

Opening dates: June 1st to September 15th.

Openinghours: the market opens its doors at 10 am and ends at 00 am.

Location: La Savina harbor, in front of the promenade.

For lunch, stop at the Café del Lago, perfect for a quick lunch break (average cost 10,00 €) or a more complete meal (average cost per person 25,00 €) with a beautiful view of the surroundings.
In the afternoon, being the last on the island, we advise you to return to the place you liked the most and enjoy the last hours of sea and relaxation. Maybe you can go back to Ses Illetes, which is only 4 kilometers away from La Salina, relax on the beach and enjoy the sun rays.

In the evening, return to Es Pujols and stop for dinner at Can Vent (average cost per person 20,00 €), located between the coast and the historic center. Then spend your last night in Es Pujols, in some club or having a cocktail by the sea.

To sum up:

  • Distance covered: 11.5 km / 35 min (by motorcycle).
  • Places visited: La Savina (free), Estany des Peix (free), Ses Salines (free), Ses Illetes (fee), Es Pujols (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch in local name (get directions), dinner at Can Vent (get directions)

How much does a week in Formentera cost?

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are "per person".

If well organized and on time, you can travel to Formentera without spending too much. If you want to experience a low cost vacation, the first thing to do is to book your flight and accommodation well in advance. Going out to eat can cost quite a lot, it depends on the places you go, avoid the too touristy ones. If you want to save money and spend as much time as possible on the beach, the best thing to do is pack a lunch. To move around, rent a bicycle or moped.

  • from 50,00 € to Ibiza, shuttle from the airport and ferry to Formentera from 58,00 € each way
  • Hotel and b & b from 50,00 € per room -
  • Formentera: round trip ferry from Ibiza From Ibiza: airport shuttle and ferry to Formentera Formentera and Espalmador: catamaran cruise from Ibiza
  • Total cost for one week, flight included: from 650,00 € per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Formentera: in the summer season, between May and September, especially if you want to take a vacation mainly of sea and relaxation.
  • You can reach Ibiza by plane, then take the ferry to La Savina, the port town of Formentera. The crossing time at sea varies from 25 to 60 minutes, depending on the itinerary of the ferry. The ferry companies are different: Balearia, Mediterranea Pitiusa, Trasmapi, Taximar and Fly & Vai. The ticket costs an average of 24,00 € each way, we advise you to book in advance the transport from the airport and the ferry to Formentera to save on expenses.
  • choosing the place to sleep is essential to better enjoy your vacation. Depending on the type of trip you want to experience (relaxation, excursions, nightlife) there are areas that are more or less suitable for you. Mitjorn runs along the coast and is one of the most unspoiled and wildest areas of the island, quiet and full of apartments and hotels. Es Calo is a small place perfect for those looking to relax and for diving lovers, as it is an area full of caves. Es Pujols is the most touristic area, busy during the months of July and August, and the center of the nightlife. This is, of course, also the most expensive area, so if you want to stay nearby but don't want to spend too much you can choose La Savina, the port area.
  • How to move: the best vehicle is the scooter (average cost per week 100,00 €, it is recommended to book before leaving in the rental sites) or, alternatively, the bicycle (about 4,00 € per day, for a week 30,00 € .)

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