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Dusseldorf is a German city located on the Rhine River: it was once a fishing village, while today it is the economic and cultural center of the Ruhr Region. Modern buildings, green spaces, historical monuments, this is a city with a thousand faces, where culture, art and fashion are expressed at every corner.
Here's what to see in Dusseldorf in 3 days.


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1 day

1 - Morning: Carlstadt district and the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen museum

Make a rich one breakfast based on coffee and slices of cake at Pardo Bar, spending around € 5,00.
The venue is located in the Carlstadt district and is close to your first stop: the K21 Ständehaus, one of the three buildings that make up the region's art museum, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The palaces, each different from the other, house 900th century works of art, from Picasso to Wharol, passing through Klee: more than 300 works in all. Open from 10:00 to 18:00, with € 18,00 you can buy the entrance for K20 and K21, connected by a shuttle, the Schmela Haus is free.
Every 1st Wednesday of the month there is the KPMG Art Evening with free admission from 18pm (00am - 10pm). Once out of the last museum, K00 Grabbeplatz, you will find yourself in the central district of Altstadt.

2 - Afternoon: Altstadt district

For lunch stop and eat at the tables of Block House, reachable in a few minutes on foot from the museum. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy good quality meat, or alternatively rich salads (€ 22,00).

At this point you can dedicate yourself to discovering the Altstadt district. Start from the square where it is the historic town hall, the Rathaus, a very characteristic brick building. In the center of the square is the equestrian statue of Elector Jan Wellem, which represents the emblem of the city. Usually here you will find several markets, where you can buy food or souvenirs to take home.

3 - Evening: dinner, Burgplatz

Keep walking along the River Rhine and arrive at Burgplatz, here sit and have a coffee in one of the many bars, or get on the Ferris wheel (ticket cost about € 2,00).
This is the square where the Schlossturm, or the 33 meter high tower of the ancient castle that was destroyed in the fire of 1882.

Today the building has become a naval themed museum, whose entrance costs only € 1,50. Model ships, pieces of boats and typical fishermen objects are found inside the tower that represents the Dusseldorf lighthouse: a bright spot near the Rhine.
For price stop to eat schnitzel or strudel and drink beer at the tables of Schwan Restaurant, spending around € 18,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,1 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (€ 18,00), Altstadt (free), Rathaus (free), Burgplatz (free), Schlossturm (€ 1,50)
  • Düsseldorf Card: tourist pass with discounts and discounts Düsseldorf: Altstadt guided tour
  • breakfast at Pardo Bar (Get directions); lunch at Block House (Get Directions); dinner at Schwan Restaurant (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Nordpark

This wonderful city is also known for its public parks, which are well-kept green spaces with a thousand colors. Start this day with a good one breakfast at the Nordparkcafe, spending € 6,00.
Visit the Nordpark, which also houses a suggestive Japanese garden inside. The walk among the flower beds, the centuries-old trees, the fountains and the play area, will make you relax and forget you are in such a modern city. In addition, with € 9,00 it is possible to pay a visit to the zoo, the aquarium and the museum, which offer educational tours also suitable for children.

2 - Afternoon: Königsallee, Kunst im Tunnel

After the nature tour, head to the bus stop outside the Nordpark, get on the U78 metro line, (ticket cost € 1,30) and after 10 minutes get off at Steinstr./Königsallee stop. A few meters from the stop, stop at lunch in MAREDO, a steakhouse where you can have lunch for € 25,00.

After having refreshed yourself, take a walk along the tree-lined canal of Königsallee, where the numerous luxury, art and design shops dominate. In some periods of the year it is also possible to find very special antiques markets. Keep walking, this time in the direction of the Rhine and after 15 minutes stop and get ready to visit the Kunst im Tunnel. It is an exhibition space under the river, 850 square meters large and which hosts contemporary art exhibitions every year (entrance fee € 4,00).

3 - Evening: Rheinturm, dinner,

Now go to one of the buildings symbol of the city: the famous Rheinturm telecommunications tower. You can reach it on foot within a few minutes, crossing the Apollo Skatepark.
The reinforced concrete tower is 168 meters high, the ticket to go up costs € 9,00 and once at the top you will have a complete view of the whole city. Inside you will find the restaurant with a revolving floor: dine with a 360 ° view Dusselford is a truly unique experience (cost around € 32,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 6,9 km / 1 h 25 min
  • Places visited: Nordpark (Acquazoo + museum: € 9,00), Königsallee (free), Kunst im Tunnel (€ 4,00), Rheinturm (€ 9,00)
  • Rheinturm in Düsseldorf: priority ticket
  • breakfast at Nordparkcafe - Ausflugslokal (Get directions); lunch at Vapiano (Get directions); dinner at QOMO Restaurant & Bar (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Goethe museum, Kunstpalast museum

On this last day you do breakfast in the center, at the Bar Olio (cost about € 6,00).
Then head to the Goethe-Museum dedicated to the German writer and poet. The ticket costs only € 4,00 and houses the largest private collection in the world of the author: there are about 50.000 objects.
Once out, it's time to continue getting lost in art, this time it's up to the famous Kunstpalast Museum. The imposing building houses modern art exhibitions, with sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings. Admission costs € 14,00.

2 - Afternoon: Kaiserswerth, Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth

Outside the museum stop at eat a hamburger with potatoes at the tables of 3h's burger & chicken (€ 10,00), and then walk to the Nordstraße stop, get on the U78 metro line and get off after 20 minutes at the Kittelbachstraße stop.
Here you will find yourself in the neighborhood of Kaiserswerth, the most picturesque area of ​​the city.
Right here it is one of the most important archaeological sites to visit and is the Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth, where there are the ruins of the medieval palace of Federico Barbarossa. The remains of the house are close to the Rhine: walking nearby is like traveling back in time.

3 - Evening: St. Suitbertus church, dinner

In addition to the ruins of the Holy Roman Empire, in the district it is possible to visit some churches, such as the Catholic one in St. Suitbertus.
Finally, to end the day relaxing, enjoy an excellent one price in the garden of the Alte Rheinfahre restaurant, near the ancient ruins. Here you can enjoy excellent beer, accompanied by pork or some soup according to the local recipe, immersed in a place suspended in time, between the trees and the river, far from the urban chaos (€ 30,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 13,4 km / 30 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Goethe Museum Dusseldorf (€ 4,00), Kunstpalas Museum (€ 14,00), Kaiserswerth (free), St. Suitbertus (free)
  • Düsseldorf: guided architecture tour
  • breakfast at Baro Olio (Get directions); lunch at 3h's burger & chicken (Get directions); dinner at Restaurant Alte Rheinfahre (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Dusseldorf cost

The average cost of living in Dusseldorf is certainly higher than in Italy. However, spend only three days in the German city it shouldn't be too expensive: several attractions have very affordable prices, and it is possible to visit museums and art galleries for free on certain days of the week. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the Dusseldorf WelcomeCard, with only € 21,00 and valid for 72 hours, you can travel on any public transport and visit many places of interest at reduced prices.
Booking your flight in advance is a convenient choice, and hotels in some central districts, such as Stadmitte, offer solutions to suit all budgets.

  • Costs to eat: about € 55,00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 60,00 per person following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation: The Dusseldorf WelcomeCard includes means of transport and costs € 21,00
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 54,00 per room -
  • Fun: from € 12,00 per person per day (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Dusseldorf: from € 390,00 per person (flights and / or transfers excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Dusseldorf: from May to September, it can also be enjoyed during the Christmas period.
  • the international airport of Dusseldorf is well connected with the rest of Europe. Once landed, you can reach the city center by train, within 10 minutes and paying a ticket costing € 2,20.
  • the best area to stay is the center, ie in the Altstadt and Stadtmitte districts. Also the surroundings of the central station represent a strategic area for travel.
  • Getting around: tram and bus, the cost of the ticket varies according to the duration: € 1,30 valid for 30 min, € 2,30 valid for 90 min, € 5,30 daily ticket. The Dusseldorf WelcomeCard allows free or reduced access to various museums and places of interest.

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