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L'Ireland it is not only famous for its exciting landscapes made of huge green expanses and breathtaking cliffs, but also for its famous capital Dublin: it faces exactly the center of the east coast of the nation and owes its fame mainly to the Gaelic traditions and to the fact that it was the literary cradle of the most famous scholars in the world (from James Joyce to Oscar Wilde). Let's start our 3 day trip together to discover the city known for the famous festival dedicated to St. Patrick.


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1 day

1 - Morning: 'Ha Penny Bridge, Trinity College

After a hearty breakfast at Queen of Tarts with menus starting from € 11,00, enjoying for example exceptional cakes and an excellent cappuccino, your itinerary begins along the River Liffey and its bridges. Just a 7 minute walk will reach you 'Has Penny Bridge, where you can take your photos, so called because until the early twentieth century it was necessary to pay 1 penny to cross it. Continue your journey admiring Trinity College, which you will reach in 5 minutes on foot, a university complex located in the center; within the complex you will find the Old Library and the Long Room and contain 250 ancient volumes. Its library, among the millions of volumes present, also preserves the famous one Book of Kells, dating back to 800 AD, is an illuminated manuscript by Irish monks. Every day it is possible to visit the university center with guided tours costing € 15,00 per person and it will probably be a student of Trinity College to guide you inside it.

2 - Afternoon: St Patrick Cathedral, Grafton Street

When it's time for lunch, head to the opposite side of town at Beshoff of O'Connel Street specializing in traditional food fish & chips starting from € 6,00 per portion. Continue your itinerary with a visit to the St. Patrick Cathedral which you will reach in 20 minutes by bus (bus n ° 123 stop Dublin, Millenium Spire): the majestic cathedral, which can be visited with a ticket costing € 5,50, contains for example there tomb of Jonathan Swift, an organ with over four thousand pipes and is also famous for being the place where St Patrick originally baptized Christians holding clover seedlings (which is why it has become the symbol of Ireland). To follow long walks Grafton Street, the famous shopping street, full of elegant shops and street artists. Here you will come across the statue depicting the fishwife prostitute, Molly Malone.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Hogan's Bar

When it's time for dinner we recommend Featherblade, a steakhouse with excellent quality products with dishes starting from € 14,00. To complete your first day in Dublin we recommend, 500 meters away, theHogan's Bar: in Dublin it is famous for being a real institution, one of the most famous pubs ever, an excellent location to taste excellent beer and meet people of all kinds, from students to established Irish professionals!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 5,7 km / 1 h 13min
  • Places visited: 'Ha Penny Bridge, Trinity College, St Patrick Cathedral, Grafton Street
  • Skip-the-line tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral and the city
  • Breakfast at Queen of Tarts (Get Directions), Lunch at Beshoff (Get Directions), Dinner at Featherblade (Get Directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: St Stephen's Green, National Gallery of Ireland, Telling Whiskey Distillery

After having breakfast at Joe's Coffee Montague from € 6,00, head to the green corner of the St Stephen's Green, is probably the best-known Victorian-style public park in Ireland and was open to all citizens starting in 1880, enriched by pleasant paths, ponds and well-kept flower corners. A very few steps away you will find the National Gallery of Ireland (access to which is free) located in the famous Liberties district, which houses numerous paintings from the Irish and Italian (especially Baroque) schools, as well as works by great Dutch masters; then head towards the Telling Whiskey Distillery, the first distillery born in the city in the last 125 years and the tour has a minimum cost of € 14,00 per person, which can increase according to the number of tastings.

2 - Afternoon: Kilmainham Prison

In 15 minutes by public transport (line n ° 13/40 Kilmainham stop, Old Kilmainahm) you will arrive at the Union8 restaurant where you can taste an excellent salad starting from € 12,50; after lunch then go to the Kilmainham prison whose entrance costs € 8,00 per person: it is well known in Ireland and in the world as it played an important role in Irish history, in fact many Irish rebellion leaders were imprisoned and some were executed in the prison and the latter was also used as a set for various films.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Temple Bar

Return to the center of Dublin in 20 minutes by public transport (line n ° 79 / 79a / 860 Temple Bar stop, Parliament Street) and dine at Bad Bobs Temple Bar for example with a plate of finger food for the price of € 20,00. then accompanied by a nice Guinness that you will take to the famous Temple Bar where you will not spend less than € 8,00 per drink: the name attributed to this bar probably originates from the fact that the Temple family lived in the area during the th century. You will notice that many street artists will perform right here and you will be pleased to know that many activities with cultural value are organized periodically promoted by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust for example.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 9,5 km / 1 h 59 min
  • Places visited: St Stephen's Green, National Gallery of Ireland, Telling Whiskey Distillery, Kilmainham Prison, Temple Bar
  • DoDublin sightseeing bus tour with panoramic deck
  • Breakfast at Joe's Coffee Montague (Get Directions), Lunch at Union8 (Get Directions), Dinner at Bad Bobs Temple Bar (Get Directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse

Having breakfast, at the price of € 10,00, at Starbucks in St. Drury 56-58, head towards Dublin Castle, originally built in 1204 by King John of England. It is a building dating back to medieval times originally consisting of a moat, 4 towers and a drawbridge, a complex of which unfortunately today only one of the four towers remains, the Record tower, as the rest was destroyed by a fire in the 'year 1684. The current castle, therefore, together with the state apartments, date back to the eighteenth century, the entrance to this marvel will cost you € 8,00 per person. It will then be the turn of the famous Guinness Storehouse whose entrance costs € 18,00 if you want to admire the places and the history of the creator Arthur Guinness.

2 - Afternoon: Phoenix Park

Have lunch at Harkin's Bar & Bistro, Dublin 8 with a hot house soup for € 4,50, and end your journey by heading to the Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe, formerly owned by the Guinness family, inside which you can visit many symbols including The Pope Cross (a 35-meter cross built in honor of John Paul II, the People's Garden, the 62-meter-high Obelisk of Wellington, Aras an Uachtaràin (home of the Irish President) and the Farmleigh Demesne where you will find a lake, a botanical garden and the mansion where the politicians visiting the Irish government were staying.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Ghostbus

After dinner time we recommend Hole in the Wall which offers portions of meat or fish starting from € 10,00, an excellent place to end a long walk in the park and end your trip to Dublin in style. For the more adventurous we recommend a very special experience reserved for all tourists who are about to visit this spectacular city: it is the ghost tour on the Ghostbus at the price of € 28,00 per person!

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 13,4 km / 2 h 47min
  • Places visited: Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park,
  • ghost tour on the Ghostbus
  • Breakfast at Starbucks (Get Directions), Lunch at Harkin's Bar & Bistro (Get Directions), Dinner at Hole in the Wall (Get Directions)

How much does a weekend in Dublin cost

Dublin, like the great European capitals, has now also become one of the most expensive destinations to discover. The costs to sleep, move, eat and buy some souvenirs are on average high, but it is possible to partially contain them perhaps by booking your trip well in advance!

  • Costs to eat: about € 25,00 per day per person
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 46,00 per day per person following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation: about € 7,00 per person per day
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 66,00 per room -
  • Fun: from € 20,00 per person per day
  • Total cost of a weekend in Dublin: from € 406,00 per person excluding flights

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Dublin: it is a rainy city all year round, the advice is to visit it in spring or summer with more pleasant temperatures. Learn more about when to go to Dublin
  • the airport is only 10 km from the center. It is connected by the buses of the Aircoach companies (active 24 hours a day) and Airlink both at a cost of € 7,00 one way and € 12,00 return. It will take you 30 minutes to reach the center. Alternatively, you can take a taxi (the cost of the route starts from € 25,00 and varies according to traffic).
    Flights starting from € 54,00 -
  • the best place is the central area, between O'Connel Street and its surroundings and the area north of the River Liffey, but also the whole southern area, up to St Stephen Green park. The Temple Bar and Grafton Street areas are the busiest in the city.
    Hotel and b & b starting from € 66,00 per room -
  • Getting around: the historic center can be visited on foot quite comfortably. Either way, Dublin Bus company buses are available (prices vary between € 0,60 and € 2,60 depending on the distance traveled). Passes or smart cards are available which include city buses and connections to / from the airport (Leap Card at a price of € 10,00 for one day and € 19,50 for three days). More info on getting around Dublin
  • Other: always bring a k-way, closed and comfortable shoes and book early if you want to visit the city during St. Patrick's Day

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