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Are you looking for a destination that combines culture and sea, but also adventure and relaxation in a single journey? The right destination for you is definitely Cyprus! In the past crossroads between West and East, it is a mix of cultures and traditions because of the different dominations that have followed one another here.

To visit it at its best, our advice is to rent a car and move freely between one area and another of the island. Also, if you are interested in a trip that combines both sea and culture, the best thing probably is base in its capital, Nicosia, from which you can then move quickly to all other cities, with journeys of up to two hours by road.

Are you ready to go? Here what to see in Cyprus in 7 days.


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1 day

First day in Cyprus, in the capital Nicosia. The first two days we recommend that you dedicate them to discover this ancient city, thethe only capital in the world to still be divided between two states. So make sure you always carry your documents with you, to go through the green line there will be checks. For a first approach to the city it is useful and interesting to participate in the private tour with a local who will take you to discover the most important places and will give you advice on how to best experience the city.

Visit the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, where you can learn about the history of this country, crossroads between West and East. In its 14 rooms you can see artifacts ranging from the Neolithic to the Byzantine period. Pay attention to the times: it is open Tue / Thu / Fri 8: 00-16: 00, Wednesday until 17: 00, Saturday 9: 00-16: 00 and Sunday 10: 00-13: 00, closed on Monday. The entrance fee is € 4,50.

At the end of the visit, head to the historic center and stop for a lunch with typical dishes of the Greek tradition at Piatsa Gourounaki (average cost per person € 10,00).
In the afternoon stay in the Greek part of Nikosia, stroll through the old town and along the famous one Ledra Street, the pedestrian street in the center. Full of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and shops to buy some souvenirs.
Instead, head to the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory (10: 00-17: 00, € 2,50) and go up to the eleventh floor, on the panoramic terrace e enjoy an incredible view over the whole city and surroundings.

Always end the day in the historic center of Nicosia, in one of the many typical restaurants where you can taste Greek cuisine, for example the Chronoperpatēmata (average cost per person € 10,00)

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,1 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Cyprus Archaeological Museum (€ 4,50), Nicosia Old Town (free), Ledra Street (free), Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory (€ 2,50)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Nicosia: private tour with a local
  • Lunch at Piatsa Gourounaki (Get directions), Dinner at Chronoperpatēmata (Get directions)

2 day

Discover the Turkish side of the city of Nicosia.
But first, take the morning to visit another key museum to understand and learn more about the history and culture of Cyprus, the Byzantine Museum of Cyprus, with the richest collection of Byzantine art in the country (Mon-Fri 9: 00-16: 30, Sat 9: 00-13: 00, € 4,00). Three large rooms exhibit works, objects, icons, manuscripts and much more.
Then head back to Ledra Street and reach Ledra Street Crossing Point, the crossing point in Turkish Nicosia. Remember to bring your passport with you and be patient, there will probably be a bit of a queue for checks.

Once you pass the crossing point, stop for lunch at the Majeste Cafe & Bar (average cost per person € 10,00) and taste typical Turkish cuisine.
After lunch the Buyuk Han, the largest caravanserai in Cyprus (always accessible, free). The caravanserai was a building with an internal courtyard typical of the East built to accommodate the caravans and travelers during their long journeys. This was built by the Ottomans in 1572 and is exceptionally preserved
Then head to the Selimiye Mosque (open during the moments of prayer, free), which became such with the Turkish domination, before it was a Catholic cathedral. Being a place of worship, to visit it there are rules to be respected: you must be barefoot and women must have their heads covered.
Once the visit is over, enjoy a stroll through the streets and then cross the Ledra Street Crossing Point back to the Greek part of Nicosia, where you can spend the evening.

End the day with a dinner in the typical and beautiful Greek restaurant To Anamma Traditional Restaurant (average cost per person between € 10,00 and € 15,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,0 km / 25 min
  • Places visited: Byzantine Museum of Cyprus (€ 4,00), Turkish Nicosita (free), Buyuk Han (free), Selimiye Mosque (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 30,00
  • Lunch at Majeste Cafe & Bar (Get directions), Dinner at To Anamma Traditional Restaurant (Get directions)

3 day

Start discovering Cyprus with the area of Troodos mountains, where there are 10 Byzantine churches, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a day to visit as many as possible, obviously all will be impossible, and to reconnect with nature and the silence of these forests. A magical place.

Leave Nicosia and reach the first stop, the Monastery of San Herakleidios, one of the oldest monasteries and beautiful throughout Cyprus (always accessible, free). It is located in the locality of Politiko, also stop for a short walk in the town center.
Get back in your car and, after about an hour's drive, you will reach the second stop, theAgios Nikolaos tis Stegis, an ancient Greek Orthodox church, known as the Church of San Nicola del Tetto (Tue-Sat 9:00 -16: 00 and Sun 11: 00-16: 00, closed on Mondays).

Before continuing with the visit of the UNESCO World Heritage churches, stop for a typical Greek lunch at Taverna stou Zoppi (average cost per person € 15,00) in the town of Kakopetria.
Then continue with the visit to St John Lampadistis monastery, dedicated to St Eraclido (inverno: lun-sab 9:00-13:00/14:00 -16:00, dom 10:00-16:00; estate: lun-sab 9:00-13:00/14:00-18:00, dom 10:00-18:00, gratis).
Then arrive up to Kykkos Monastery, famous for preserving the icon of the Virgin Mary painted by the Apostle Luke (10:00-16:00,€5,00).

End the day with a dinner at The old cinema (average cost per person € 15,00) in the town of Kalopanayiotis, and then return to Nicosia.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 225 km / 4 h 24 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Monastery of Saint Herakleidios (free), Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis (free), Monastery of St John Lampadistis (free), Monastery of Kykkos (€ 5,00)
  • Daily shopping: € 35,00
  • Lunch at Taverna stou Zoppi (Get directions), Dinner at The old cinema (Get directions)

4 day

For this fourth day we take you to discover the city of Famagosa, a must see on a trip to Cyprus.
It is located just over an hour from Nicosia, on the Turkish side of the island. So make sure you have all the documents with you.

To start your visit in the best way, enjoy one walk in the historic center and on the old ramparts that surround it, from which you can admire a beautiful view over the whole city. Once you arrive in the main square you will find yourself in front of the old one St. Nicholas Cathedral, now a Mosque, with a gothic facade. Just behind the mosque, you will find the ruins of the Castle of Othello, with the remains of the four towers and walls, which enclose a central courtyard.

Stop for lunch in the historic center, at Historia Restaurant Cafe (average cost per person € 10,00).
Get back in the car and reach Agia Napa, a seaside resort known for its beaches and its nightlife. Take a nice walk along the promenade and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and nature on its beautiful beaches, starting with Pantachou Beach, next to the Love Bridge, a sea rock formation in the shape of a bridge.

End the day with a dinner in Agia Napa, at Napiana - Mediteran Restaurant (average cost per person € 15,00) and then return to Nicosia (journey time one hour).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 25,3 km / 45 min
  • Places visited: Old ramparts (free), St. Nicholas Cathedral (free), Othello's Castle (free), Agia Napa and beaches (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 25,00
  • Lunch at Historia Restaurant Cafe (Get Directions), Dinner at Get Directions (Get Directions)

5 day

On this day instead we explore the west coast of the island, starting from the city of Paphos, rich in archaeological sites but also beautiful beaches. On this day you can combine culture and relaxation.

Start the morning by visiting the Tombs of the Kings, a necropolis from the 8th century BC with underground tombs carved into the rock (30: 17-00: 2,50, € ).
Continue along the coast by car until you reach the Paphos Archaeological Park, located near the port of the city (8: 30-17: 00, € 4,00). Here you can visit the remains of four Roman villas, namely the House of Dionysus, the House of Orpheus, the House of Aion and the House of Theseus, and the beautiful mosaics that have made the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Stop for lunch near the beach, at The Wooden Pub (average cost per person € 10,00) and, after a morning of sightseeing, enjoy an afternoon of total relaxation.
You can relax on the beaches of Vrisoudia ΙΙ Beach and SODAP Beach or, for the more sporty, or for those who simply want to walk, there is a beautiful Coastal Broadwalk to go. Alternatively if you want to spend a fun afternoon at the Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, a large water park. To avoid queues, buy your ticket online.
Being on the western side of the island, here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea.

And after watching the sunset, end the day with a dinner in one of the many clubs in the area, perhaps at the Suite48 Grill & Lounge Bar (average cost per person € 15,00) with a beautiful view of the sea and open until late.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 7,8 km / 1 h 35 min
  • Places visited: Tombs of the Kings (€ 2,50), Papho Archaeological Park (€ 4,00), Vrisoudia ΙΙ Beach and SODAP Beach (free), Coastal Broadwalk (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 35,00
  • Paphos: entrance to the Aphrodite water park
  • Lunch at The Wooden Pub (Get directions), Dinner at Suite48 Grill & Lounge Bar (Get directions)

6 day

Start the morning immediately with a visit to Kourion Archaeological Park, with Roman and Byzantine ruins located on a panoramic hill, from which you can also enjoy a magnificent view. The complex includes: the House of Achilles, the House of the Gladiators, the Eustolium complex, the ancient amphitheater and the Sanctuary and the Temple of Apollo. The visit will take at least 2 hours, open Sep-Apr 8: 15-; May-Aug 8:15 to 19:15, € 4,50.

Stop for a fish lunch at M1 Fish Tavern (average cost per person € 15,00) and then continue on to your afternoon destination, Limisso.
Go directly to the beach, la Akti Olympion B beach, to enjoy a few hours of relaxation on the beach in the shade of the trees. Then head to the center of Limassol, and enjoy a private tour to discover the city through the eyes of a local. Take a walk along the beautiful promenade and maybe an aperitif in one of the many clubs.

End the day with a dinner right in the center of Limisso, with a typical dinner at Dionysus Mansion (average cost per person € 20,00).

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 32,4 km / 44 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Kourion archaeological park (€ 4,50), Akti Olympion B beach (free), promenade and center of Linissio (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 40,00
  • Welcome to Limassol: Private Tour with a Local
  • Lunch at M1 Fish Tavern (Get Directions), Dinner at Dionysus Mansion (Get Directions)

7 day

And for this last day we don't move much from Nicosia, we take you to discover the town of Kyrenia, a small jewel of Northern Cyprus. To reach it from Nicosia it will take you only 40 minutes by car.

Dedicate the morning to explore the city, starting from the old port, where fishing boats, private boats and yachts dock every day. This area is full of clubs, shops and restaurants and is always very lively. From here, moreover, several boat tours depart that will take you to discover the whole bay (costs starting from € 20,00, € 40,00 with lunch included). Stroll along the coast until you reach Kyrenia Castle and admire the view across the city

If you have decided not to take part in the boat excursion with lunch included, stop in the historic center, perhaps at Azure Cyprus (average cost per person € 15,00).
Then take the car and head east for less than 20 kilometers and in about 20 minutes you will arrive at Alagadi Turtle Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole area. Relax on the sand and enjoy the crystal clear sea for a few hours.
When the sun starts to go down, take your car back to Nicosia to spend your last evening in the city and in Cyprus.

Once in Nicosia, stop for dinner at Domus Lounge Bar & Restaurant (average cost per person € 15,00) and enjoy your last evening on this wonderful island.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 64,2 km / 1 h 20 min (by car)
  • Places visited: Old town and port (free), boat ride (price varies according to the tour, from € 20,00) Kyrenia Castle (free), Alagadi Turtle Beach (free)
  • Daily shopping: € 50,00 (including possible boat ride)
  • Full day tour to Nicosia and Kyrenia
  • Lunch at Azure Cyprus (Get directions), Dinner at Domus Lounge Bar & Restaurant (Get directions)

How much is a week in Cyprus

NB: The prices expressed in the table above are to be intended "per person".

Cyprus it is not an expensive island, therefore it is perfect for those who want to organize a low cost holiday. Furthermore, from Italy, especially during the summer season, there are numerous air connections.
As for accommodation, you will be spoiled for choice between hotels, b & bs and apartments. If you want autonomy and affordable accommodation, we recommend that you choose an apartment.
Finally, even eating out will really cost a place, on average you will spend between € 10,00 and € 20,00 depending on the place you choose. If you choose quick lunches, the prices drop even more.

  • starting from € 100,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -
  • Cyprus: 6-Hour Wineries and Rural Villages Tour From Ayia Napa: WD Tour to the Enchanted Lagoon Full Day Tour of Nicosia and Kyrenia
  • Total cost of a week, flight included: from € 550,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Cyprus: with a Mediterranean climate and mild climate and hot summers, the island can be visited all year round. Half-seasons are recommended for visits to cities and archaeological sites, while the summer season is recommended for a seaside holiday. A good compromise to combine sea and city are the months of June and September, in July and August Nicosia, in the hinterland, is really very hot
  • Cyprus's main airport is Larnaca International Airport, where most of the European flights and low cost flights land. It is 40 kilometers from the capital Nicosia, which you can reach thanks to the Kapnos airport shuttle bus (journey time 50 minutes, ticket cost € 8,00 each way) or, alternatively, by taxi (journey time 30 minutes, cost average ride from € 40,00 to € 50,00). There are also 10 different car rental counters at the airport, the best way to get around the island, so you might already be thinking about renting your car here and returning it before you leave.
  • it depends on what kind of vacation you want to experience. The best solution is to stay in Nicosia, which is located in the center of the island and allows you to easily reach all the cities around, thus combining both cultural excursions and days of total relaxation by the sea. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a holiday made up mainly of amre and relaxation, we recommend seaside resorts such as Larnaca and Paphos, where there are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. If you are looking mainly for nightlife and entertainment, the right city for you is Agia Napa
  • Getting around: within the different cities you can easily move on foot. As for internal travel, between one city and another on the island, you should know that there are no internal flights or trains. The best solution is to rent a car directly at the airport, the prices are really very cheap and you will only need an Italian driving license. But be careful: the guide is on the left. Public transport such as buses and collective buses are also available, but they will not guarantee you the same freedom and, above all, they are not efficient in the same way throughout the island
  • An island divided in two: you should know that Cyprus is divided into two parts, one part under Greece and one under Turkey. Its capital, Nicosia, is the only capital in the world divided in two. The green line runs along the city, or the dividing line established by the UN to divide this country. You can safely cross this line, you will only have to pass a few checks, just make sure you always have your documents and passport with you! And when hiring a car, make sure you have a permit to cross into Turkish Cyprus, just ask directly at the rental desk at the airport. There are no dangerous situations, obviously a little caution and a responsible attitude are always required, especially in Northern Cyprus, the Turkish side. Before leaving and during your trip, always keep up to date on the official website of the Farnesina in the Cyprus section

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