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Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai is one of the main and popular destinations in Thailand.
Founded in 1926 by King Mengrai, Chiang Mai it preserves its beauty among mazes of narrow streets, popular markets among whose counters stand out refined and very precious fabrics and inimitable Thai silver, and a culture as ancient as it is solid, which has its roots in small rural villages and very ancient Buddhist temples.
So here's one guide to visit Chiang Mai in one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Evening
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One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Morning

1 - Wat Chiang Man

Let's start our day with one breakfast at Goodsouls Kitchen, a very nice place, which offers us the possibility to choose between purely Thai or decidedly Western flavors, in a low price range between € 3,00 and € 5,00.

After breakfast, we head, with a short walk, to Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai (XIII century), inside which we can admire the Phra Sila, that is the marble Buddha, and the Phra Satang, the crystal Buddha.
The Temple is open every day from 6:00 to 17:00. Free entry.

2 - Wat Chedi Luang

During the second part of our morning we head to another of the more than three hundred temples that adorn the city: Wat Chedi Luang, a temple whose construction dates back to 1391 and which housed the Emerald Buddha, the most important and revered statue in Thailand.
Here every day from 13:30 to 18:00, in the external courtyard all tourists are given the opportunity to converse with the monks, to deepen the theme of Buddhism and to satisfy small curiosities about monastic life. However, remember that it is absolutely forbidden for women to touch monks or hand them anything directly.
The temple is open every day, from 8:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee: 40 THB / € 1,19.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,8 km / 21 min
  • Places visited: Wat Chiang Man (free), Wat Chedi Luang (40 THB / € 1,19)
  • Where to have breakfast: Goodsouls Kitchen, 52/2, Singharat Road | Si Phum - Get directions

One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Afternoon

1 - Wat Phra Singh and Thai Massage Conservation Club

We head to The Old city Inn restaurant, which offers us a typical Thai lunch and we opt for a Pad Thai: based on fried rice noodles, fish sauce, bean sprouts, eggs, shrimps and vegetables, at the modest price of 135THB / € 4,00.

After lunch, we decide to visit another of the most famous attractions: Wat Phra Singh.
Dating back to the th century, this temple is also known as the Lion Buddha Monastery, and it is one of the most original examples of Lanna architecture, typical of northern Thailand. Open every day from 6am to 00pm. Free admission, except for the main viharn (20 baht / € 00).

We are about to get to know another very important and very famous aspect of Thai culture: Thai massage. Among the many places we choose the Thai Massage Conservation Club, which has the curious characteristic of having only blind masseurs, which will make your massage truly unique, thanks to their strong sense of touch. The cost varies from 150THB to 250THB / € 4,45 - € 7,42.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,4 km / 30 min
  • Places visited: The Old city Inn, Wat Phra Singh (50 baht / € 1,46), Thai Massage Conservation Club (from 150THB / € 4,45)
  • Where to have lunch: 141/5 Thonon Rachdamnoen Alley, Si Phum, Muang Chiang Mai - Get directions

One day itinerary in Chiang Mai: Evening

1 - Night Bazaar

We decide to spend our evening in the most popular and authentic Chiang Mai: the colorful Night Bazaar, where we decide to go shopping, among stalls displaying silks, toys, precious silver jewels and the most curious, hard to find and Thai you could wish for.

For dinner we decide to be inspired by the scents that come to our nose; the Night Bazaar is in fact the perfect place to enjoyexcellent typical street food of the place, opting in our case for the famous tom yam soup (about 100THB / € 2,97).

We stop to admire some of the many street artists who, with their most diverse and curious arts, animate the market; and finally we decide to attend one of the many small shows that are organized every evening.
The market is open every day from 20:00 to 24:00. Admission is free.

In summary:

  • Places visited: Night Bazaar (free)
  • Where to dine: Night Bazaar, Chiang Klan Road, Chiang Mai - Get directions

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Getting around in Chiang Mai: the ideal means of transport is the bike, which can be rented in many parts of the city (around 80 THB / € 2,38 per day). For more distant places there are taxis or tuk tuks (€ 2,00 / € 3,00 for about 5/6 km) - more info on how to get around Chiang Mai
  • When to go: the cool season from December to the end of February is ideal. The temperature is around 30 °. Avoid hot season (late March-May) and rainy season (May-November)
  • the airport is about 4 km from the center. Accessible in various ways: tuk-tuk, 120,00 THB / € 3,60; taxi THB 150,00 / € 4,50; bus 20,00 THB / € 0,60 - Flights from € 337,00 -
  • the historic center is a strategic position, the Night Bazaar area is a more modern neighborhood. You will find a lot of offers - Hotels and b & b from € 20,00 per room -
  • Info: buy a local Sim for Internet traffic at the airport. All bars are equipped with free Wi-Fi. It is strictly forbidden to own, sell, import and export electronic cigarettes and their components. Relying on private medical insurance.
  • Clothing: choose comfortable and light clothes; shoes to be removed and put back on quickly, as in many temples it is mandatory to enter barefoot

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

  1. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep
  2. Bhubing Palace
  3. Elephant nature park

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