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It is said that the Sardinia it is beautiful thanks to its unspoiled nature. True, but the beauty of this beautiful island is also due to its cities. Concentrated on the coast, they are popular tourist destinations not only for the Sardinian sea, but also for their artistic beauties that have nothing to envy to other cities of the Italian peninsula.

One example among all is Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia which has almost 155.000 inhabitants. In its streets you will see architecture that is very reminiscent of those you might see in Spain, gardens, churches that hide priceless treasures and many, many museums.
Here what to see in Cagliari: an itinerary that will lead you to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Sardinia.


  1. One day itinerary in Cagliari: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Cagliari: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Cagliari: Evening
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One day itinerary in Cagliari: Morning

1- Church of Sant'Agostino

from central station of Cagliari, right in the center, take via Roma, you will soon arrive at the Town Hall. Heading on Largo Carlo Felice, you will find the Swiss coffee, one of the historic cafes of Cagliari. Here you can have breakfast for less than € 5,00 per person.
Moving along Largo Carlo Felice you will arrive at Church of Sant'Agostino. It is a monumental church, built in the second half of 1500 in the Renaissance style.

2 - Church of San Michele, Botanical Garden

Continuing on Larco Carlo Felice you will then arrive at Yenne Square, which slightly anticipates the Tower of the Elephant (which will be on your right) while on the left, on via dell'ospedale, you will find the Church of San Michele. The building, built in the seventeenth century, rises above a previous oratory dedicated to San Michele and Sant'Egidio. Its decorations, sculptures and architecture make this church the most important testimony of the Baroque in Sardinia.
Continue on via Sant'Ignazio da Laconi to the archaeological area ofBotanical Garden. Inaugurated in 1866 by Prof. Patrizio Gennari, this Botanical Garden has an extension of 5 hectares and contains, divided into sections, more than 2.000 plant species, ranging from Mediterranean plants to succulent and tropical plants. In addition, the garden contains several Roman cisterns and wells.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,5 km / 21 min
  • Places visited: church of Sant'Agostino (free), Piazza Yenne (free), church of San Michele (free), Botanical Garden (€ 6,00)
  • Guided tour of Cagliari
  • Where to have breakfast: Swiss Coffee, Largo Carlo Felice 6

One day itinerary in Cagliari: Afternoon

1- National Archaeological Museum, Pinacoteca and Tower of San Pancrazio

Arrived on viale Monsignor Luigi Guissani take the bus (Line 8, 8A or 20) up to Piazza dell'Arsenale, where you will find the National archeologic museum. The Museum was born in 1800 when Lodovico Baylle proposed to the viceroy Carlo Felice to create a place that would collect the archaeological collections and natural history finds of Sardinia. A stone's throw from here is also the picture gallery, which contains canvases, paintings and sacred furnishings as well as a collection of contemporary art and sculpture. From here you will pass by Christian door and Tower of San Pancrazio until you reach Via dei Genovesi and theImperfect. It is the ideal place for your lunch, offering menus suitable for every taste and price range (about € 25,00 per person).

2 - Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Garden under the Walls, Bastion of Santa Caterina and Bastion of Saint Remy

After lunch, we go towards Palazzo square, where you will find the City Palace and Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Built in the th century in an original Romanesque-Pisan style, over the centuries it has seen various transformations in Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Romanesque style. The structure is a Latin cross, with three naves, transept and side chapels. Inside the Aragonese chapel a thorn that seems to belong to the crown of Jesus. According to legend, this relic arrived in Cagliari in 1527 with other works of art stolen from the churches of Rome.
After visiting the Cathedral, head towards the Garden Under the Walls up to Bastion of Santa Caterina and to the Piazzetta David Herbert Lawrence, from here it continues up to Bastion of Saint Remy. This is without a doubt one of the most important monuments of Cagliari. The Bastion was built on the defensive walls of the medieval city. Its structure includes limestone columns with Corinthian capitals. During the Second World War the staircase and the triumphal arch of the bastion were damaged, but fortunately they were rebuilt.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,5 km / 50 min
  • Places visited: National Archaeological Museum and Pinacoteca (€ 9,00), Tower of San Pancrazio (free), Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (free), Garden under the Walls (free), Bastione di Santa Caterina (free) and Bastione di Saint Remy (free)
  • 2 hour bike tour
  • Where to have lunch: L'Imperfetto, via dei Genovesi 111

One day itinerary in Cagliari: Evening

Dinner and Lungomare

As for the evening, you are spoiled for choice, but we offer you a fairly quiet way to end the evening. Walk along Viale Regina Margherita to Piazza Giovanni Amendola, one of the many green spaces in the city. Here you can dine at Starfish of Montecristo, with fresh fish dishes for around € 30,00 per person. After dinner you could end your day in Cagliari with one walk along the seafront of the city, a short distance from the club, or al port of Cagliari, which is located exactly in front of the restaurant proposed for dinner.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 750 m / 9 min
  • Places visited: Promenade, harbor
  • Cagliari Segway tour
  • Where to dine: Stella Marina di Montecristo, via Sardegna 140

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Airport transfer: if you arrive by plane you can easily reach the city center thanks to the shuttle service, paying only € 5,00.
  • Car boarding: traveling by ferry you can take your car with you. Pay attention to the prices, we are talking about an average of € 80,00 per person, vehicle included.
  • Tickets and museums: most of the attractions are free.
  • If you decide to extend your visit, take a look at our offers for a stay in Cagliari

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

Unfortunately, some places take too long to visit. Whether it's because of their size, excessive distance or other reasons, here are what they are the attractions you should give up if you go to Cagliari for a day:

  1. Roman Amphitheatre: the Amphitheater is currently undergoing restoration
  2. Poetto: this beach is too far from the rest of the proposed itinerary
  3. Monte Urpinu Park: this park is very large, too large to be included in a one-day itinerary

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