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Budapest is called the pearl of the Danube for its architectural beauties and for the romantic atmosphere that characterizes its landscapes. The river that crosses it and divides Buda from Pest makes the capital of Hungary a jewel that cannot leave the curious tourist indifferent and the one who loves to discover new and nuanced places. Observing and experiencing the atmosphere of the city, it is not surprising that the Danube with its suggestive bridges has been included by Unesco among the World Heritage Sites.
Because of its artistic beauties (but not only!) The Hungarian capital is every year one of the most chosen and loved destinations by tourists from all over the world. If you have little time available and want to visit the city, there are no obstacles, the possibilities are not lacking. Here what to see in Budapest in one day.


  1. One day itinerary in Budapest: Morning
  2. One day itinerary in Budapest: Afternoon
  3. One day itinerary in Budapest: Evening
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One day itinerary in Budapest: Morning

1 - Church of King Matthias

You will start your day early with a great breakfast at Walzer Coffee in Tancsics Mihali Utca, 12. Here you can taste its typical sweets and a hot drink at a decidedly economical price (€ 2,50 approximately). The bistro is located in the Buda district, the oldest part of the city. To get there you can use the bus, precisely the numbers 16,16 / A, 116 or do it on foot. Definitely not to be missed King Matthias Church, a privileged place for the coronation of the Hungarian kings including Franz Joseph I and his wife Sissi. Thanks to the perfect acoustics, interesting organ concerts are held every year. Its roof with colored tiles is striking.

2 - Buda Castle and Sandor Palace

It then comes to Clark Adam Ter, the roundabout leading to the Krisztinaváros tunnel and which is crossed by numerous vehicles every day. From here you will take the funicular to get to the hill to visit Szent Gyorgy Square, gateway to the Buda Castle, also called the Royal Palace, which dominates the city and which has a 304 meter long facade formed by two wings divided by a dome in the center. Also on the hill is the Sandor Palace. Built in 1803 in a neoclassical style, it has been the home of the President of the Hungarian Republic since 2003. Inside you can also visit the Budapest History Museum. Don't miss the Turul statue, the sacred bird that protects the city.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,6 km / 23 min
  • Places visited: King Matthias Church (€ 5,00), Clark Adam Ter (free), Szent Gyorgy Square (free), Buda Castle (€ 11,00), Sandor Palace (free exterior).
  • Useful tickets: 3 hour tour with the local guide
  • Where to have breakfast: Walzer Caffè, Tancsics Mihali Utca, 12

One day itinerary in Budapest: Afternoon

1 - Pest district

From Buda where we will have lunch atArany Kaviár Restaurant in Ostrom Utca, 19 where we will taste the city's specialties and spend about 25 euros with wine, passing through the chain bridge on foot or using the bus, you get to Pest. Here we will spend the afternoon starting to visit the Church of Santo Stefano, in Baroque style and the oldest in the city. It can host 8 thousand people. Another destination is the Vajdahunyad Castle which is located in Városliget, the city park built between 1860 and 1908 in wood and papier-mâché. Inside there are also the Széchenyi Baths, the most important thermal baths in the city. The thermal baths are definitely worth a visit, at least from the outside. Don't miss the quick visit to the subway M1, the oldest after that of London.

2 - Opera House and Andrássy Avenue

The Metro will take us to the Opera station where it will be the turn of the visit Opera House, one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture and one of the most elegant buildings in the city. You can decide to go the Andrássy avenue, recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is the oldest and most suggestive boulevard in Budapest.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 9 km / 1 h 53 min
  • Places visited: Chain Bridge (free), St. Stephen's Church (€ 14,00 adults, € 12,00 students and retirees), Vajdahunyad Castle (€ 3,50), Széchenyi Baths (€ 20,00), oldest Metro M1 (free), opera house (€ 11,50), Andrássy avenue (free).
  • Useful tickets: One day pass to the Széchenyi Spa without queuing, Half day bike tour
  • Where to have lunch: Arany Kaviár Restaurant, Ostrom Utca, 19

One day itinerary in Budapest: Evening

1 - Apericena and Budapest by night

After the cultural visits, in the evening it will be time to discover the nightlife in Budapest active and cheerful. We stop on Andrássy avenue that we will visit better walking to let ourselves be enveloped by the suggestive atmosphere and the fun of the many clubs in the area. We stop for ours aperitif at the 360 ​​° Bar in Andrassy ut 39. From here you can enjoy the best panoramic view over the city because we are on the highest terrace in Budapest. With about € 10 you can have a rich aperitif.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 250 m / 3 min
  • Places visited: Andrassy avenue
  • Useful tickets: Budapest Pub Crawl, Danube Evening Cruise
  • Where to dine: aperitif at the 360 ​​° Bar in Andrassy ut 39

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Do not exchange money (from euro to guilder) at the airport because the exchange rate is not the best. Do it before you leave
  • Beware of pickpockets on the subway and in stations
  • If you travel in winter, bring warm clothing with you as the cold is bitter
  • If you are a coffee lover, always ask for an espresso so as not to see you bring the long coffee (in short, soup!)
  • If you decide to extend your stay and enjoy Budapest by night, you can consult our accommodation offers in Budapest.

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

Budapest is a city full of places to visit, so one day to see them all is not enough. As in any other major city, there are stages that should be included in the tourist's itinerary, but which unfortunately cannot be respected due to lack of time.

  1. Parliament. Certainly not because it is not worth a visit, but the often too long lines do not allow you to be discovered if you have only one day available. Alternatively, it is possible to book the guided tour in your language without queuing
  2. Tour of the Danube. Of rare beauty, but the duration does not meet the needs of the "daily" tourist.
  3. spa. It is recommended to visit them, but only from the outside. The thermal bath experience is one of the most relaxing, but in this case it will take away time to visit interesting buildings and places in the city.

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