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Bergen is the classic postcard city. Located in the southern part of the Norway, this small town is a true artistic jewel recognized worldwide. Its wooden houses with colorful facades for many the symbolic image of Norway and beyond, are in fact also a Unesco heritage. Literally the ancient name of the city had a meaning very similar to "green meadow in the mountains" and it is not difficult to understand why. Nestled between the green Norwegian woods and the sea, it is a sight to visit. If you have a trip in mind Northern Europe take a trip to Bergen, then if you don't know what to see we will help you with this one day itinerary.


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  2. Bergen day itinerary: Afternoon
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Bergen day itinerary: Morning

1 - KODE art Museum

Our trip to Bergen starts from the city airport. Its location is excellent if you are planning a "hit and run" stop in this city. Start your day with a typical norwegian breakfast at Cafe Opus Bergen Strorsenter, (the shopping is from 150 nok and down) and then go to the KODE art Museum, where you can admire a huge collection of works among which Munch's work.

2 - Lille Lungegardsvannet, Byparken, Festplassen, St. John's Church and Gingerbread Town

From here continue on Rasmus Meyers Allè up to Lille Lungegardsvannet, where the Byparken is located, a park built in 1865 which represents the green heart of the city. Here also is the Festplassen, place where the celebrations of the national holiday take place every May 17th.
Taking Olav Kyrres Gate and cutting into Rosenbergsgaten you will find St. John's Churc, a neo-Gothic church that has the primacy of the largest churches in the city. Once the visit is complete, head to Hakosgaten, where you will find Gingerbread Town, (Pepperkakebyen), a replica of Bergen made with the traditional gingerbread so loved by Norwegians. If you visit the city in winter you cannot fail to visit it.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,1 km / 28 min
  • Places visited: KODE art Museum (50 nok), Lille Lungegardsvannet (free), Festplassen (free) and Byparken (free), St. John Churc (free), Gingerbread Town (90 nok)
  • Guided tour with a local
  • Where to have breakfast: Cafe Opus Bergen Strorsenter, in Stromgaten 8

Bergen day itinerary: Afternoon

1 - Det Hanseatiske Museum og Schuetsuene

At this point you change direction taking Teatergarten and continuing up to port of Bergen. Here you will also have the opportunity to visit the fish market. A stone's throw from there is the Det Hanseatiske Museum og Schoetsuene, one of the most important museums in the city. Here you will see the history of the Hanseatic League. the local organization that has made Bergen one of the most important cities in Norway since the 1877th century. Not far from here for lunch there is 750. With not too high figures (about nok per person) you can have lunch with typical Norwegian cuisine.

2 - Bergen Fortress and Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

Continuing along the seafront you will soon arrive at the Bergen Fortress. The main building, which dates back to at least 1240, was remodeled until the Second World War. Today, however, testifying to the medieval past is the tower and Haakon's Hall, which remains the largest medieval building in Norway today. A stone's throw from here you will find the famous Hanseatic wharf of Bryggen, a historic district of Bergen, dating back to the 280th century and located on the city's waterfront. Characteristic are its wooden houses built side by side. To date remain and they have all been declared UNESCO heritage.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2 km / 26 min
  • Places visited: Det Hanseatiske Museum og Schoetsuene (80 nok), Bergen Fortress (80 nok), Bryggen (free)
  • Panoramic bus tour
  • Where to have lunch: 1877, Vetrlidsallmenningen 2

Bergen day itinerary: Evening

1 - Dinner, Rosenkrantz Tower

For dinner, stop at 26 North Restaurant & Social Club Bergen. The restaurant, which on the outside is no different from the typical city houses, inside will surprise you with its elegance and the dishes served. The cost? About 25 euros per person. Continuing you will find the Rosenkrantz Tower, building a stone's throw from the Bergenhus Festning and Haakon's Hall.
Built in 1560 by Erik Rosenkranzt, the Rosenkrantz Tower is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Norway. It is a particular construction, which is both a fortified tower and a residence. The evening is illuminated, creating a truly suggestive show.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 2,1 km / 28 min
  • Places visited: Rosenkrantz Tower (free)
  • Where to dine: 26 North Restaurant & Social Club Bergen, Bryggen 47

Before leaving: useful tips

Bergen will also be a dream city, but this does not mean that some precautions are necessary before leaving. So here are some useful tips for your trip.

  • From Oslo you can reach Bergen by plane or on the train. In the second case you will travel one of the most beautiful railway lines in Europe and not only.
  • Try to visit the city in the light months.
  • Book tickets to visit museums in advance, by doing so you will save a lot of precious time.
  • If you decide to extend your visit, take a look at our offers for stays in Bergen.

What not to see: the attractions that are better to give up

At the end of this day you will have to sum up everything you have been able to see and what you have had to give up this time. If you don't know what not to see in Bergen, consider these options.

  1. Bergen Kunsthall: already having time for the KODE will be a challenge, adding another gallery of modern art is too much for a single day.
  2. Mount Floyen: Mount Floyen is too far from the city center to be seen in one day
  3. Museum Tram: it is a very original attraction if you have more time, but for now you will have to skip it.
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