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Famous for its international airport, Bergamo is divided in two: the upper part, which encloses the oldest part of the city with the most relevant monuments, the lower part, which identifies all that remains outside, therefore the most modern part. Rich in history and scenic wonders, the city offers the possibility of spend an interesting weekend away from the stress of the city and the big cities and immerse yourself in nature in absolute tranquility. Ready to find out what the city has to offer? Let's go to the discovery of what to see in Bergamo in 3 days.


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1 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Funicular and Palazzo Moroni Museum

Starting from the historic Caffé del Viale in Via Brigata Lupi 2, where for € 10,00 you can drink one of the most inviting coffees in the Lombard city, approach the funicular that will allow you to go up to the upper city. Before going down to walk the walls, we invite you to visit the Moroni palace museum, full of works of art by the painter Gian Giacomo Barbelli, who at a cost of € 8,00 will introduce you to specialties from the Bergamo past and the Moroni family.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Venetian Walls, Porta San Giacomo

Discover the hamburgeria for € 20,00 the most bizarre possible: the Pub Pozzo Bianco. Located in an interesting and ancient setting you will have the opportunity to taste the most modern flavors. After having refreshed you just have to walk around the 5 km of Venetian walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, admiring the enchanting panorama of Bergamo and nearby Milan. At the end of the walls, the Porta San Giacomo one of the most beautiful access gates of the city walls. Built in 1592, it is made of pinkish white marble, with sound engineers divided by columns.

3 - Evening: Dinner and the Marianna

It does not remain that enjoy a typical Bergamo dinner at the Hostaria Restaurant. With an expense not exceeding € 40,00 you can discover tastes never imagined, preparing yourself for a peaceful walk towards the Pastry shop "La Marianna" Piazza Lorenzo Mascheroni 9A, place where the taste of Stracciatella originated. A historic place of worship that will accompany your taste buds into an extremely sweet and delicate past.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3 km / 50 min
  • Places visited: Palazzo Moroni (€ 8,00), Walls of the Upper Town (free), Porta San Giacomo (free) and La Marianna (free)
  • Bergamo: Private Walking Tour of the Upper Town with Guide
  • Breakfast at Storico Caffé (Get directions), Lunch at Pozzo Bianco Pub (Get directions), Dinner at Hostaria Restaurant (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning Breakfast, Civic Archaeological Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences, Donizetti's birthplace

Staying in Bergamo Alta, the day begins with a breakfast at Caffé Cittadella in largo Colle Aperto 4, which with € 10,00 will allow you to feel at home with the aroma of its coffee. Not far away awaits you Civic Archaeological Museum, which at the entrance price of € 3,00 will allow you to visit the Natural Science Museum. Let yourself be carried away by the archaeological discoveries that dominate the Civic museum and get involved in the spectacularity of life at the Museum of Natural Sciences. We conclude the morning with The Donizetti Birthplace, with free admission, open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00 (from Monday to Friday open by reservation), is that leap into music that awaits you since you set foot for the first time in Bergamo.

2 - Afternoon Lunch, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Duomo

Lunch is best enjoyed at the Lalimentari restaurant in Piazza Vecchia at number 12, where you can savor the typical Bergamo cuisine with an average cost of € 25,00, they will push you to lick your mustache for the sweet tooth. After an abundant and delicious break there will be waiting for us Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with exterior in Lombard-Romanesque architectural style and interiors in Baroque style. Inside it is possible to visit the tomb of the famous composer Donizetti. A visit to the Cathedral of Bergamo, which is located a few steps from the basilica, is a must. Dedicated to the patron saint of Bergamo, Sant'Alessandro, it is the main place of worship in the city. From the enchanting beauty the Duomo contains the Chapel of the Crucifix as well as numerous paintings noteworthy.

3 - Evening Dinner, Campanone and Piazza Vecchia

For dinner we recommend an excursus at the Dispensa di Arlecchino in Via Gombito 9. For € 40,00 per person you can taste the typical Bergamo flavors in the center of the Lombard city. Then we invite you to reach the "Campanone "(the civic tower), located in the old square, where you can admire both Bergamo illuminated from above and the main buildings of the city, such as: Palazzo della Ragione, Contarini Fountain, the Angelo Mai library.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 1,7 km / 23 min
  • Places visited: Civic Archaeological Museum (€ 3,00), Museum of Natural Sciences (free), Donizetti's Birthplace (free), Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (free), Duomo (free) and Campanone (free)
  • Breakfast at Caffé Cittadella (Get directions), Lunch at Lalimentari restaurant (Get directions), Dinner at Arlecchino's Dispensa (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning breakfast, Church and Hospital of La Maddalena, Basilica of San Alessandro in Colonna, Monument to Garibaldi and Donizetti Fountain

The last day in Bergamo must begin with a touch of modernity. Enjoy a breakfast for less than € 10,00 at Caffé 035 in Passage Don Seghezzi 2, before heading to the most interesting monuments of the city center. We begin our last day with a visit to the Church and Hospital of the Maddalena, a complex of buildings dating back to the mid-fourteenth century, which initially was a church, then the hospital was connected with the aim of helping the needy, numerous at that time. To this day, frescoes in the cloister are still visible intact in their original appearance. A few steps away is the Basilica of San Alessandro in Colonna, where according to tradition the martyrdom of the saint took place. Inside we find numerous paintings of the highest artistic value including: Miracle of the flowers born from the blood of Sant'Alessandro, by Gian Paolo Cavagna and Posa della prima piera of the temple of Enea Salmeggia. After admiring the splendor of these centenary churches we invite you to observe the monuments to Garibaldi, recall the sense of belonging to the homeland by going to the munumento to the Partisan and heading to the Donizetti Fountain.

2 - Afternoon Lunch and Visit to the Bergamasque Historical Palaces

Enjoying tastes that are not typical of Bergamo, but for this reason no less welcome, we invite you to try the Apulian Refreshment in Via Torquato Tasso 30,00 for € 96 per person, before leaving with the sequential visit of Palazzo Suardi, Palazzo Bonomi, Palazzo Maffeis - De Beni and Palazzo Daina-Penati. Admission to one house is € 12,00, for two houses € 20,00, so with € 40,00 you could have the opportunity to see some of the most sumptuous nineteenth-century residences in Italy.

3 - Evening Dinner and Colleoni Chapel

We conclude this trip with the typical Bergamasque cuisine of "Ai Donizetti" in via Gombito 17a, € 40,00 to drink and eat as only true Lombards can do. Finally, all that remains is to go for a small lucky rite: Colleoni Chapel, an attraction known for its particular architectural design, a true masterpiece, shows on the canellata a coat of arms depicting the attributes of the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni. There are three of them and they are very lucid ... rubbing them is said to bring good luck.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 3,4 km / 48 min
  • Places visited: Church and Hospital of the Maddalena (free), Basilica of San Alessandro in Colonna (free), monument to Garibaldi (free), monument to the Partisan (free) and Donizetti Fountain (free), Palazzo Suardi, Palazzo Bonomi, Palazzo Maffeis- De merci, Palazzo Daina-Penati, Colleoni Chapel (free)
  • Breakfast at Caffé 035 (Get directions), Lunch at Ristoro Pugliese (Get directions), Dinner at "Ai Donizetti" (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Bergamo cost

The budget for a weekdn in Bergamo depends on the type of accommodation, the attractions that you want to visit and the movements within the city by public transport and the funicular. Suppose we quantify the trip we have planned by taking an average:

  • Costs to eat: about € 70,00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 50,00 per person for the three days following our itinerary
  • Transportation: Airport-city transfer € 2,30, bus ticket € 7,00 (72 hours), funicular ticket € 7,00 (72 hours)
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 38,00 per room per person per day -
  • Fun: from € 20,00 per person (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Bergamo: from € 500,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Bergamo: characterized by a temperate climate with cold winters with temperatures that reach even below zero and hot summers with peaks up to 30 °, the latter is still the best time to visit the city, mainly in the months of August and September. In this period the city is full of events and festivals such as the one dedicated to the Madonna della Castagna, such as the DeSidera and the Sarnico Busker Festival in Seriate. Find out the best time to go to Bergamo - climate and tips month by month
  • the city center is 6 km away, about 15 minutes, from the Oro al Serio airport, reachable by ATB buses for € 2,30 or by taxi for € 12,50. Reachable from Milan in about 50 minutes with Trenord trains with prices starting from € 5,50 or with the different bus companies with prices starting from € 3,30
  • the lower part is recommended, as it is the most modern and well connected part of Bergamo, full of clubs, pubs and night clubs. The upper part is also well connected, which unlike the previous one, is less accessible if you arrive by your own vehicle or by train, given the numerous pedestrian areas and ZTL in the area, so parking becomes a difficult task. The upper part is recommended for those who want to live and breathe the medieval atmosphere between characteristic alleys and breathtaking views
    Hotel and b & b starting from € 38,00 per room -
  • Getting around: the city is well connected, there are 13 bus lines active from 5:00 to 23:00 with costs of € 1,30 for each single ride or with a travel book that allows you to save (10 rides € 11,50; 24 hours € 3,50; 72 hour ticket € 7,00). There are also tram lines, with costs of € 1,30 per single journey, and the funicular that connects the upper part with the lower part of Bergamo, with costs of € 1,30 per single journey. Find out how to get around Bergamo - info, costs and advice

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