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Belgrade was capital of the former Yugoslavia and today it is there capital of Serbia. It is a city difficult to understand and not immediate, like perhaps other European capitals more enjoyed by tourists, but it is not without charm. There were many peoples who contributed to the birth and development of this city, including Celts, Slavs, Romans, then Byzantium, the Habsburgs and the Ottomans: this is why Belgrade it has a thousand contradictions and testimonies of habits still present today.

Meeting point between Eastern and Western Europe, between North and South, Belgrade is a city inhabited by about one million and 600 thousand inhabitants that is worth a visit. The historic center, where the main attractions are concentrated, can be visited on foot.


  1. Republic Square
  2. The fortress
  3. Temple of San Sava
  4. Nikola Tesla Museum
  5. Ada Ciganlija Island, Belgrade Beach
  6. Terazije Square
  7. National Museum of Serbia
  8. Skadarlija
  9. Splav
  10. Museum of Yugoslav History and House of Flowers
  11. 5 things to do in Belgrade
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Republic Square

The main town square was inaugurated in 1866, and this is where most city tours leave from (which we recommend for a first approach to the city). Here once stood the Gate of Constantinople, the so-called Stanbol Kapija. Built by the Austrians in the eighteenth century, it took its name from the road that started from this gate, which allowed to reach the Turkish city. The Stanbol gate is sadly known as the Ottoman authorities carried out right in front of it, the executions of the Serbs through a very bloody practice: impalement. In the square there is also the National theater, dating back to 1869, and the statue of Prince Mihailo III.

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2 - The Fortress

Dating back to the nd century, the Fortress was built for the protection of the city from external attacks. Today it hosts the Belgrade Historical Museum and represents its past, preserving the testimonies of all the clashes that the city has suffered, the destructions and attacks by the Goths and the Huns, the Avars and the Slavs.

We also absolutely recommend an underground tour of the Fortress, with the army bunker, the gunpowder warehouse, the Roman well and the dungeon, with the prisons and torture mechanisms of medieval times. Just think this is Alfred Hitchcock's favorite place!

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Visit the dungeons: you absolutely cannot miss an underground tour of the Fortress, with the army bunker, the gunpowder warehouse, the Roman well and the dungeon, with the prisons and torture mechanisms of medieval times. You'll find out why this is Alfred Hitchcock's favorite place!

3 - Temple of San Sava

It is the largest Orthodox church in the world, located in the Vracar district.
In addition to being a religious landmark, it is also one of the most important and evocative structures in the city. It has very ancient origins, dating back to the period of Ottoman domination, and served as a refuge for those who wanted to continue to profess the Orthodox religion.

In addition to the extraordinary aesthetic beauty, both outside and inside, the anecdotes and history of this temple are unique and very interesting. Given the importance, a more in-depth visit with a local guide is recommended (from € 25,00, also includes the Tesla museum).

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4 - Nikola Tesla Museum

It is the dedicated museum to the famous Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla, who holds everything related to him, namely awards, documents, articles, drawings, photos and projects that have never been realized. During the dictatorship of Tito it was not allowed to celebrate the physicist and some of these relics remained in the United States. Some projects are still in the hands of the CIA.

Tesla was one of the most brilliant and controversial scientists, repository of truths never yet revealed and inventions so revolutionary that they never saw the light. Its history is unique and very interesting, so it is strongly recommended to visit the Nikola Tesla museum with a guide (from € 25,00, it also includes the Temple of San Sava).

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Discover the Tesla coil: probably Tesla's most ingenious and revolutionary invention is his famous coil, a transformer capable of channeling energy from the air and distributing it without the use of electrical wires. Seeing is believing: in the museum you will have the possibility to light fluorescent tubes simply by approaching them to the coil, without switches or wires. Tesla was convinced that this invention could provide unlimited, clean and free energy for all.

5 - Ada Ciganlija Island, The Belgrade Beach

Also called "Belgrade beach", it is a real attraction for tourists. The island of Ada Ciganlija is located along the Sava River and is an artificial oasis with beautiful beaches. Just four kilometers from the city center, it attracts not only tourists but is also a favorite with citizens, especially in summer.

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6 - Terazije Square

More an open space than a real square, this point of the city housed, until the early nineteenth century, the water distribution structure built by the Turks. It is an area of ​​Belgrade very elegant and neat, ideal for it luxury shopping thanks to the presence not only ofMoskva hotels, the most prestigious city hotel, but also for brand stores such as Emporio Armani, Max Mara and Burberry. You can also treat yourself to a delicious break in one of the restaurants or delle confectioneries overlooking the square.

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7 - National Museum of Serbia

It is one of the oldest institutions of Belgrade and hosts beyond 400.000 works of art by national and international artists. The foreign collections are noteworthy, at this museum you can also admire the "Portrait of a man" by Amedeo Modigliani, with an estimated value of 25 million Euros. The area dedicated to numismatics is also large. Known for its technical library and an important center for the restoration and conservation of ancient volumes, the Museum preserves the "Gospel of Miroslav". It is a text dating back to the 1180th century, written in Serbian by two monks in the period between 1191 and , considered one of the oldest manuscripts of national culture but also the most beautiful Cyrillic manuscript in the world.

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8 - Skadarlija

È the old bohemian quarter of the city, whose construction dates back to the end of the 130th century. Despite being over years old, it has remained unchanged and has not been affected by modernization and changes. Often compared to the Montmarte district of Paris, it was a meeting point for many personalities of the cultural scene of those years. It is very popular with both tourists (the neighborhood is near the National Theater and the Operetta) and from artists, poets and writers that crowd the small bar-restaurants.

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Discover the kafanas of Belgrade: born in 1500, the kafana are the first cafés in Europe. In reality, they are much more: they are iconic places born to drink drinks, coffee, eat, but they were also meeting places to stipulate commercial agreements, arrange weddings, disseminate information, think freely, listen to music. This is where politics was discussed and regimes and governments were even brought down. Even today, in the Skadarlija district you can see the kafana, certainly adapted to the present day but still with the spirit of the past.

9 - Splav

Have you ever heard of celebrities floating premises from Belgrade? The city is famous throughout Europe for its particularly lively and cheap nightlife.
The splavs are really places scattered on the banks of the Sava river, crowded on weekends and in summer by many young people.

The Splavs are unmissable stops in the Pub Crawl of belgrade, activities that include a tour of the coolest pubs of the city nightlife between drinks, shots and music (from € 26,00 drinks included - find out more)

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10 - Museum of Yugoslav History and House of Flowers

Connected to the Museum of Yugoslav History, the so-called Flower House is none other than a mausoleum which houses the remains of Josip Broz Tito,. Built in 1975 and initially used as the dictator's residence, it remains today one of the most visited places by tourists from the former Yugoslav republics (Slovenia in first place). Tito's funeral was the most visited of a politician in the twentieth century, more than seven hundred thousand accompanied the body with 209 delegations from 128 countries of the world, 31 heads of state, 22 prime ministers, four kings and six princes

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5 things to do in Belgrade

  1. Scenic sunset cruise on the Sava River
    Enjoy the city from a special perspective, when the city lights come on at sunset. You will be able to take crazy photos and enjoy a romantic atmosphere. More info here
  2. Explore the surroundings of Belgrade
    The city is beautiful, but the surroundings are perhaps even more so! Novi Sad, pearl of Serbia just 80 km away, the Iron Gates along the Danube, the villages and castles of Golubac, Viminacium and Smederevo. Discover the best excursions here.
  3. Red Belgrade tour
    The communist period left an indelible mark on the city. Discover the iconic places, from the museum of Yugoslavia to the places of Josip Broz Tito, the most important figure and symbol of this former country, with a tour of the Red Belgrade among the communist sites
  4. Enjoy the nightlife
    Belgrade is considered among the top destinations in Europe for nightlife. The Kafana of the Skadarlija district and the clubs of Stari Grad (center) for an initial pub crawling, the Kalemegdan Park and the pedestrian street Knez Mihailova if you love night clubs, the Savamala and Strahinjica Bana (known as Silicon Valley) districts to find discos coolest frequented by VIPs), and finally the Splavs, the clubs on stilts along the Sava river.
  5. Enjoy a day in Ada Ciganlija
    An island on the Sava river born from the redevelopment of a swampy area that is not only the city beach, but a multifunctional area with bars, restaurants, but also cycle paths, basketball, golf, volleyball, even hockey and rugby fields!

Plan your stay in Belgrade: flights, hotels and tours

The solutions to stay in Belgrade are many and vary according to the visitor's needs. If your intent is to take advantage of the city nightlife, you can look for a hotel or a bed and breakfast in the Skadarlija district, a few steps from the central Republic Square.

  • starting from € 159,61 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 43,00 per room -

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