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Barcelona, ​​capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, it is the favorite destination of millions of visitors every year. It is located in a splendid position, overlooking the Mediterranean and, behind it, is the chain of the Pyrenees mountains that divides it from France. From Italy it is easily reachable with a short flight and therefore it is very popular to spend an alternative weekend there. Let's see then What to see in Barcelona in 3 days.


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1 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Casa Batllò, Casa Milà, Plaza de Catalunya

We start the morning early with the architect's two most famous houses Gaudi, in front of which long lines are created: Casa Batllò e Casa Mila, a few hundred meters away from each other. But first let's have breakfast right next to the first house, at the Vives pastry shop: with less than € 10,00 we will have excellent desserts and hot drinks.

Reach Casa Batllò by train from Barcelona Sants station (approx. 15 min), admission costs € 25,00 per person, however with the Barcelona City Pass you have a 20% discount. Please note that to visit the house with the dragon scales, it will take more or less an hour, and it is open every day from 9:00 to 21:00. Casa Milà, another modernist work by Gaudi with a wavy facade, perhaps takes a little longer, the ticket always costs € 25,00 and you can always take advantage of the Barcelona City Pass and also the priority ticket. The spring-summer timetable is from 9:00 to 20:30 (winter until 18.00), but there is also the possibility of taking the evening tour before 23:00.

After the two visits, we take two steps towards Plaza da Catalunya, a spectacular place that deserves some of our time given the presence of monuments and greenery in which to relax.

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Las Golondrinas Boat Tour, Barcelona Acquarium and Natural History Museum

For lunch we choose an excellent and real Barcelona bocadillo at the Viena restaurant, not far from plaza de Catalunya: it is very tasty, made with tomato and Jamon, and the price to eat here ranges from € 6,00 to € 12,00.

We then continue our itinerary towards the Marina of Barcelona, ​​with Las Golondrinas Boat tour, to admire the view of the city from the sea. The destination can be reached either by metro (line 3), from Pl. Catalunya to Drassanes and then taking a 5 minute walk, or by bus, from Metro Urquinaona to Maremagnum and then continuing for 7 minutes on foot. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and the ticket costs about € 15,00, but there is something for everyone.

Once back, it will be possible to continue the tour of the port atBarcelona Aquarium and Museum of Natural History. The Aquarium is open in spring from 10:00 to 20:00 and in summer until 21:00. The ticket costs € 21,00 for adults and € 16,00 for children, it is in fact an excellent option for families. The Natural History Museum, reachable by metro from Barceloneta (line 4), requires a few hours of your time e will take you through the history of the Spanish region. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00, on Wednesdays until 20:00 and on Sundays until 14:30. The ticket for the permanent exhibition costs € 4,50, reduced € 3,50.

3 - Evening: Tapas, dinner, La Rambla.

Visiting Barcelona without having an aperitif with tapas? A sacrilege! From the statue of Columbus you can pass the evening walking along the famous Rambla Barcelona, ​​reachable by metro line 4 from El Maresme, and then stop in the various cafes that offer, in addition to excellent tapas, the real nightlife of Barcelona.

The first stop is in fact at the bar Cañete, where they serve elaborate tapas and drinks. It costs about € 30,00 each and in reality it is already a substantial dinner. However, if we're still hungry, why not enjoy a nice one paella at the Catalan restaurant Les Quinze Nits? Prices range from € 20,00 to € 30,00. We can complete our evening by continuing to stroll through the lively Rambla.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 18,9 km / 3 h 53 min
  • Places visited: Casa Batllò, Casa Milà, Plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona Marina with boat tour to Las Gondrinas, Aquarium, Natural History Museum, La Rambla.
  • Barcelona Card: 3, 4, or 5 days with various discounts Hola BCN: 2, 3, 4 or 5 day transport ticket Barcelona Aquarium: Skip-the-line entrance ticket
  • Breakfast at Pasticceria Vives (Get directions), Lunch at Viena restaurant (Get directions), tapas at Bar Cañete (Get directions) Dinner at Les Quinze Nits (Get directions)

2 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell

We inaugurate the second day with breakfast at the Lepanto pastry shop, near the Sagrada Familia. The typical sweets are excellent and the price is kept within € 10,00 per person. So let's continue with the visit toperhaps Barcelona's best known attraction, the Sagrada Familia of Guadì, a large Catholic basilica, a modernist masterpiece by the Catalan architect whose works began in 1882. It is necessary to arrive early, it is the most visited monument in the city, and to dedicate at least an hour and a half, double if you choose the tour of its towers. We strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance (buy your tour online), it is also possible to buy a single ticket, with transfer, for Sagrada Familia and Park Güell together at a cost of about € 58,00; with the skip the line option the cost is € 95,00. From April to September the basilica is open from 9:00 to 20:00. The price of the guided tour (recommended) is € 34,50, while the simple entry is € 17,00 online, € 3,00 more at the ticket office. If you don't want to miss any of the attraction: here is more information on the Sagrada Familia

We then move with the comfortable L5 metro or with the transfer if we have the combined ticket, al Park Güell: it is a public park, with gardens and architectural elements that have become iconic, designed by Gaudì and commissioned by the impresario Güell, inaugurated in 1926 as an urban complex. In this monumental work, the harmony of the architectural forms and the bright colors of the mosaics blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. Being a city park, there is an area to enter freely and an area Monumental for a fee, where to enter, if we do not have the combined ticket, with € 10,00. Find out more about Parc Güell in Barcelona: How to get there, prices and tips

2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Gaudì Experience, Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

We stay in the area to complete the visit later, and have lunch at the Larrard 55 restaurant, where it is possible to enjoy sandwiches or burgers with drinks for about € 15,00. So let's continue the day at the Gaudì Experience: a place that tells the life and works of the architect in an interactive way, there is also a 4D cinema. It is open in the warmer season from 10:30 to 19:00, the ticket costs € 9,00 and with the Barcelona City Pass there is a 20% discount.

We move towards the Sant Pau Modernist enclosures, it is relatively close so we can also walk for about 25 minutes, or take the H6 bus. It is an attraction recently opened to the public, but it is fast becoming one of the most popular: it is an architectural complex, an incredible example of Art Nouveau, originally conceived as a hospital. It is a series of buildings where it is extremely pleasant to walk, inside and out. It is open from 10:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Saturday and until 14:30 on Sunday, the ticket has a cost of € 10,00 full, € 7,00 reduced, however there is always the possibility of having 20% discount.

3 - Evening: Dinner, Gothic Quarter, Ciutat Vella

For the evening the ideal is to visit, with a nice relaxing walk, the streets of Old City, reachable by metro L2 or L5 and L3 in 30 minutes, where you can admire the seat of the Catalan government, the Palau of the Generalitat, which closes at 20pm, however it is also nice from the outside. We can also admire the facade of the Barcelona Cathedral then push us up to the picturesque plaza d'Espanya. So we will return to the center and we will stop to dedicate ourselves to dinner at the Cullera de Boix restaurant, where tapas are very cheap, from € 4,50 upwards, so a full dinner will cost you about € 20,00.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 10,8 km / 2 h 18min
  • Places visited: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Gaudì Experience, Recinte Modernista Sant Pau, Ciutat Vella, Plaza d'Espanya.
  • Park Güell and Sagrada Familia: skip-the-line and guided tour Barcelona Pass Modernista: all-inclusive card for modernism
  • Breakfast at Lepanto pastry shop (Get directions), Lunch at Larrard 55 restaurant (Get directions), Dinner at Cullera de Boix restaurant (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: Breakfast, Picasso Museum, Parc de la Ciutadella, Chocolate Museum

This morning we leave from the surroundings of the Jaume I metro station, where we will arrive with the L4 line or even on foot, and have breakfast at the historic Cappuccino restaurant. We will be able to eat the famous chocolate churros. Breakfast, coffee and pasta, are around € 6,00. After that we will be very close to the famous Picasso Museum which is truly a must even if you visit Barcelona for only a few days. The museum is open on Mondays from 10:00 to 17:00, from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 20:30 and on Thursdays until 21:30. The full ticket, i.e. the collection and the temporary exhibitions, costs € 12,00 (reduced € 7,00), while only the temporary exhibitions € 6,50 (reduced € 4,50), however it is included in the Barcelona card, which you can also choose for the duration of 3 days together with numerous other museums. The famous painter Picasso, in fact, spent important years in the city and the aim of the museum is to celebrate his work.

After the visit we can take a break with a relaxing stroll to the nearby Parc de la Ciutadella, stop under the monumental waterfall and enjoy the greenery. Then we can go on and visit the Chocolate Museum, also included in the Barcelona Card. The Museum is promoted by the Barcelona confectioners association and its intent is to promote the ancient use of this delicacy also as a bridge between peoples. There are various experiences to buy, for example pastry activities with children, however the price for a guided tour is € 7,50.

2 - Afternoon: lunch, Montjuic, Poble espanyol

Once we leave the Chocolate Museum we can stop for a lunch at the Catalan restaurant Petra, where it is possible to eat refined dishes but also a quick salad and spend around € 20,00 per person. From the Barrio Gotico we can take bus H14 and go towards the hill of Montjuic, a promontory overlooking the industrial port of Barcelona. From its slopes we can take the cableway and get to the Castle, a very important fortress in the past, in fact it is interesting for its ramparts and the courtyard of weapons. The spring and summer hours are from 10:00 to 20:00, the ticket costs € 5,00 or reduced € 3,00. From the Castle and the cableway you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, and returning to the city you can stop at Poble Espanyol, an authentic open-air museum in which there are reconstructions of the main styles of Spanish architecture but also craft shops and restaurants, it's like condensing Spain into a single village, strictly pedestrian. It is open from the morning to 9:00 until the evening at 20:00 on Mondays, while Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday until midnight and Friday and Saturday until 3:00 or even 4:00 at night, so you can also spend here your evening, but watch out for restaurant prices. The ticket to enter the complex costs € 11,90, reduced for children around € 6,00.

3 - Evening: Parc Joan Mirò, Tapas, Dinner, Ramblas

To complete this interesting weekend of art, you cannot miss a walk at Parc Joan Mirò, admission is free and is open until 23pm. After visiting it, we can return to the center, but first we stop for a tapas at the bar Bodega Gracian, a little out of the tourist hype and therefore even more authentic. A menu costs € 12,00. Then, if we are still hungry, we can go back to the Ramblas area where restaurants abound, pass in front of the Gothic basilica Church of Santa Maria del Pi and go to dinner at the historic restaurant Can Culleretes. The dishes vary as well as the prices, from € 10,00 to € 40,00, the interior is very suggestive and will leave you with good memories of this intense trip to Barcelona.

In summary:

  • Distance traveled: 11,7 km / 2 h 31 min
  • Places visited: Picasso Museum, Parc de la Ciutadella, Chocolate Museum, Montjuic and Castle, Poble espanyol, Parc Joan Mirò, center and Ramblas.
  • Picasso Museum ticket and Barcelona walking tour Barcelona: Poble Espanyol chocolate museum tickets Barcelona: skip-the-line ticket
  • Breakfast at Cappuccino (Get directions), Lunch at Petra (Get directions), Tapas at Bodega Gracian (Get directions) Dinner at Can Culleretes (Get directions)

How much does a weekend in Barcelona cost?

Barcelona is not an overpriced city and you can also take some whims. In addition, the cards that allow discounted or included in the price to the main attractions can be of great help in saving time and money.

  • Costs to eat: about € 40,00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions: about € 60,00 per person following the itinerary we suggest (but you can save by purchasing the Barcelona Card or the City Pass with a 20% discount on many attractions)
  • Transportation: the Hola Barcelona Travel Card allows you to travel by all means for 3 days for € 22,20, otherwise there is the Barcelona Card for € 46,80 including attractions and public transport, transfers to and from the airport included.
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b: Hotel and b & b starting from € 36,00 per room -
  • Fun: from € 20,00 per person (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Barcelona: from € 350,00 per person

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Barcelona: the best time is spring, from mid-April to mid-June, when it is still not too hot and the days are mild and long. Find out the best time to go to Barcelona - the weather and the tips for each month
  • El Prat airport is connected to the city center by the Aerobus which takes you directly to Plaza Catalunya in 35 minutes, but also by metro, whose ticket is included in the Barcelona Card (buy online) or even in the Hola Barcelona Travel Card (buy online), specific for the use of means of transport. Flights starting from € 30,00 -
  • the most convenient area to visit all the attractions is certainly the center, in particular the ancient Gothic Quarter.
    Hotel and b & b starting from € 37,00 per room -
  • Getting around: public transport works very well and connects the whole city. You can buy the Hola Barcelona Travel Card (buy online) at the airport which, for € 22,20, allows you to use all means of transport for 3 days. Find out how to move around Barcelona - info, costs and tips
  • Other: Barcelona's attractions are famous not only for their beauty but also for the endless queues, so a tip is definitely to buy the skip-the-line tickets to avoid losing the whole weekend waiting.

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