What to see in Andalucia: 15 most beautiful cities to visit

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L'Andalusia it is a destination full of charm, where olive groves and unspoiled nature are the masters. Located in the south-west, it has represented for centuries a crossroads of civilizations and populations by virtue of its position between two continents. During a visit to these areas, do not miss the beautiful white villages and the magnificent architecture with a strong Arab influence, and obviously don't forget to dive into the rich Andalusian gastronomy.
Andalusia lends itself to a wonderful road trip, and among the different places in this area you shouldn't miss a visit to the most beautiful cities!


  1. Huelva
  2. Almeria
  3. Marbella
  4. Frigiliana
  5. Malaga
  6. Tarifa
  7. Mojacar
  8. Seville
  9. Pampaneira
  10. Olvera
  11. Cordoba
  12. Vejer de la Frontiera
  13. Ronda
  14. Cadiz
  15. Granada
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How to get there: main airports in Andalusia

The best way to reach Andalusia is by plane, thanks to the presence of numerous international airports located near the main cities. Below is information on the average prices for a flight departing from Italy.

  • Flights to Malaga Airport (AGP): starting from € 47,00 -
  • Flights to Seville Airport (SVQ): starting from € 58,78 -
  • Flights to Granada Airport (GRX): starting from € 131,96 -
  • Flights to Almeria Airport (LEI): starting from € 168,00 -

15 - Huelva

Huelva, almost on the border with Portugal, is a typical port city, located between the estuaries of the Odiel and Tinto rivers. The city is located on the famous Costa della Luce and is famous for its wonderful white beaches, characterized by dunes and pine forests. In the city, however, you can admire beautiful historical monuments, such as the Cathedral, moreover Huelva also welcomes the magnificent Doñana National Natural Park.

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  • What to see absolutely: the Cathedral de la Merced, in Baroque style is the symbol of the city, and is located in a lively area surrounded by places where you can taste the typical cuisine; not to be missed in Piazza del Punto, the house of Christopher Columbus and the Monument to the Madonna del Rocio; finally, enjoy the beauty of nature in the beautiful Zafra Park city park or in the nearby Doñana National Park.
  • What to eat absolutely: among the dishes of the city of Huelva not to be missed are the famous Jamon de Jabugo, the most famous of the Iberian jamons, and the white prawns, typical of the area.

14 - Almeria

Enchanting historical city, where you can enjoy mountain landscapes and beautiful beaches, but also parks and nature reserves. The area of Almeria it is among the driest in all of Europe and it is here that Sergio Leone's famous Spaghetti Westerns were shot, a few steps from the Tabernas desert. The city is mainly famous for its natural jewel, the Cabo di Gata Natural Park, promontory declared a nature reserve.

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  • What to see absolutely: in addition to the Cabo di Gata Park and the beaches, the city is certainly worth a visit, with its magnificent Alcazaba, the Moorish castle, an ancient Arab fortress among the most beautiful in Spain, and the cathedral, very characteristic as it is also it looks like a fortress, with its towers and crenellated walls.
  • What to eat absolutely: the unmissable tapas, to try in the oldest bar in town, Casa Puga, not far from the Cathedral, and the famous Zupa of Almeria, based on fish with peas and red peppers.

13 - Marbella

The hippest city on the Costa del Sol, Marbella it is among the best known destinations in Spain, due to its wonderful beaches. A village, born as a fishing village, which squeezed between land and sea, between the blue of the Mediterranean, and the heights of the Sierra Blanca behind it, in recent years has become a destination for exclusive tourism. The area around Marbella has recently become quite popular even among golf enthusiasts, due to the dozen or so courses that have recently sprung up and are located in a unique context.

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  • What to see absolutely: the historic center, with its Renaissance square overlooked by noble palaces from the 1500s and 1600s, and the 26 km long bay on which the magnificent white beaches alternate, such as San Pedro and Alcantara. The bike tour to discover these places is particularly recommended.
  • What to eat absolutely: tapas and sardine skewers, the main dishes you will find in the city.

12 - Frigiliana

It is a small agricultural town in the province of Malaga, famous above all for the production of sugar cane honey, the only producer in all of Europe. The small and charming village, characterized by the presence of white houses, boasts an incredible landscape richness, between the green hills and the sea in the distance.

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  • What to see absolutely: El Ingenio, formerly the palace of Count Manrique de Lara, today a honey factory, which still uses early 900th century machinery to produce this specialty. For a nature walk, do not miss the Sierra de Tejeda Park, Almiyara y Alhama. Excursion to Nerja and Frigiliana.
  • What to eat absolutely: typical of Frigiliana is el choto, a lamb-based dish, fried with almond sauce.

11 - Malaga

Malaga it is the second city of Andalusia, located on the shores of the Mediterranean and is certainly, together with the Costa del Sol, among the most famous and touristic areas of Andalusia. This is thanks above all to its mild climate, its local traditions, the dynamic pace, the particularly intense cultural life and its splendid white beaches. It is also a city in full swing, during the year there are numerous festivals and fairs not to be missed.

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  • What to see absolutely: in Malaga you absolutely must not miss the Pablo Picasso Museum, which is located inside the Palacio de los condes de Buenavista and which houses a collection of the artist's paintings that come from the legacy of Picasso's daughter-in-law. Explore the narrow streets of the historic center by bike and don't miss the hills of Gibralfaro, the best viewpoint in the city. Also worth visiting is the Cathedral, a Gothic-Renaissance church dating back to the th century. Finally, don't miss the incredible Caminito del Rey trail.
  • What to eat absolutely: being a city on the coast the main delicacies are based on fish, do not miss the famous Malagueña fry, mixed fried fish based on fish, anchovies and squid, and the sardine skewer.

10 - Tarifa

Don't miss the charm of the small town of Tarifa, the southernmost point of continental Europe, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and the point of union between two continents. Also known as the city of the wind and the city of surfing, those who come here do so to enjoy its 10 km of white beaches, its unspoiled and wild nature, and its pretty historic center.

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  • What to see absolutely: the core of the historic center consists of the magnificent Moorish castle of Guzman El Bueno, with crenellated walls, which dates back to 960, and the church of San Matteo. Tarifa is also an excellent starting point for diving and whale watching.
  • What to eat absolutely: mojama de atun, a preparation of dried tuna fillet. In general, any fish dish.

9 - Mojacar

In the province of Almeria, north of the Cabo di Gata Natural Park, do not miss this little pearl near the sea. The village consists of two nuclei, the historic one, on the hill, and the modern one, on the coast. The historic center, where the traces left by the ancient Arab domination are evident, is a maze of narrow streets overlooked by the classic Andalusian white houses.

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  • What to see absolutely: the Torre del Pirulico, a defensive construction of the XVIII century, and not far away, the Torre de Macenas, another defensive construction used until the Spanish Civil War.
  • Cove sleep:he dares to eat absolutely: as a fishing village, the fish you find here is always excellent, try the famous fish soups.

8 - Seville

Seville, capital and largest city of Andalusia, is the true soul of the region. It is a city rich in history and culture, but also passionate and lively. It is located along the banks of the Guadalquivir river, which has marked its historical events and is the true mirror of the city. Turn around its wonderful historic center and get lost in the narrow alleys of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, where the ancient Jewish ghetto resided.

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  • What to see absolutely: do not miss the Cathedral with the Giralda Tower, the most important monument in the city, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Climb to the top of the Giralda, from here you can enjoy a fantastic view over the entire city. Then do not miss to visit the Real Alcazar, an ancient fortress which later became a royal residence, is a magnificent Moorish-style palace, a succession of different architectural styles that represent the different influences suffered by the city. Finally, take a bike ride through the city until you reach the magnificent Plaza de Espana, an immense square in a semicircle decorated with azulejos.
  • What to eat absolutely: Seville is the paradise of tapas, although they are widespread throughout Spain, it is precisely here that the culture of these small tastings is born, and the best neighborhoods for tapas are undoubtedly Triana and La Macarena. Don't miss the gazpacho, the famous cold tomato soup that you can enjoy in the best restaurants in the city.

7 - Pampaneira

We move to the province of Granada, in Poqueira Valley, which is part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Pampaneira it is certainly among the most evocative villages of Andalusia, with its narrow streets, often carved in the middle by a drainage channel, where small traditional white houses with flat roofs are perched. Its name derives from "pampano"; that is from the leaf of the vine, of which there was a significant cultivation in the area.

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  • What to see absolutely: the small historic center, developed around the Libertad square.
  • What to eat absolutely: the alpujarreño dish born right here, a hearty dish made with potatoes, onion, eggs, chorizo ​​and black pudding.

6 - Olvera

Among the most evocative villages of Andalusia, Olvera it is located in the province of Cadiz, although it is not far from Seville. The small village, perched on the hill with its typical white houses, is surrounded by wonderful olive groves, and here you can still feel the Arab influence of the past. Olvera is also part of the Via Verde of the Sierra, a route of 38 km obtained from a disused railway section.

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  • What to see absolutely: the th century Arab castle with the Homenaje tower and the Muslim wall, which encloses the historic district of Olvera, called La Villa. The most important Catholic testimony of the village, however, is the magnificent Church of Nuestra Signora de la Encarnacion, in neoclassical style and dating from the eighteenth century.
  • What to eat absolutely: the main product of the country is obviously olive oil, do not miss the famous sopas pegas, a soup made with asparagus and garlic.

5 - Cordoba

Cordoba is a beautiful city that, like the capital, Seville, rises on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, and was for a long time the capital of the Muslim empire in Spain. The profound Arab influence is still perceptible today in the central areas, between the streets of Juderia, where it is still possible to breathe a bit of the atmosphere of the old Andalusian. However, Cordoba is not just history and ancient monuments, it is popular for its fantastic nightlife and rich culinary tradition

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  • What to see absolutely: Unmissable stop is the majestic Mezquita, the mosque of Cordoba, a real jewel of Muslim architecture in Europe. Next to the river stands the splendid Alcazar de los reyes Christian, which houses inside the wonderful garden, as well as important Roman finds. Between the mosque and the river branches off the Juderia district, the historic core of the center and the ancient ghetto.
  • What to eat absolutely: the Arab influence is also very strong in the cuisine, we recommend you try the oxtail stew, a very popular dish in the city, and as a dessert try the Priego donuts.

4 - Vejer de la Frontiera

This charming village is located in the province of Cadiz: it is a small village of just over 10 000 people perched on top of a hill, not far from the coast of the Costa de la Luz. One cannot help but be enchanted to look at it: its white houses inserted in the intricate labyrinth of narrow streets reveal all the charm of this pleasant town.

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  • What to see absolutely: walking through the small village you come across the walls of the ancient castle of Vejer, with its defensive towers. The most important historical monument is certainly the Church of the Divine Salvador, in Gothic style, built on the ashes of an ancient mosque.
  • What to eat absolutely: the typical cuisine is based on veal and fish: the classic tapas and hot gazpacho are a must.

3 - Ronda

A trip to Andalusia shouldn't be separated from a visit to the beautiful city of Ronda, one of the oldest cities in Andalusia and Spain, perched on the gorge of El Tajo, in the province of Malaga. Once famous as the haunt of the famous Andalusian bandits, the bandoleros, Ronda, whose name means "city of the mountains", is a city where all the aspects and peculiarities that have characterized the entire Spanish history coexist. Let yourself be enchanted by its evocative and breathtaking views.

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  • What to see absolutely: the ancient Arab village, the Ciudad, and in general the entire historic center is a small jewel that is certainly worth a visit, with its narrow and irregular streets and squares. Then let yourself be fascinated by the famous overhangs that surround the city, from which you can admire unique views, and finally by what is called the most beautiful bullring: it is precisely here that the modern bullfight is born.
  • What to eat absolutely: you must try the Iberian cured meats of the Serrania di Ronda, and the famous Yemes del Tajo: delicious desserts made with eggs, sugar and water.

2 - Cadiz

Cadiz between land and sea, it is a wonderful coastal city perched on a promontory overlooking the Atlantic. According to legend, the city was founded by Hercules himself, and in the past it was an important trading center, which made it the richest and most cosmopolitan Spanish city. It is certainly worth a visit to this city to admire its fascinating historic center and to enjoy its beaches.

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  • What to see absolutely: The Populo district, the oldest in the city, and the catedral Vieja. Don't miss a fantastic view over the city from the Tavira tower. Finally, the Castello de Santa Catarina, from 1598 and the oldest building in the city, is absolutely worth a visit. Take advantage of a comfortable tour aboard a panoramic bus.
  • What to eat absolutely: among the rich gastronomy of Cadiz, the fried fish, famous all over the world, certainly deserve a taste, and among the delicious desserts the alphajor, a dessert made with almonds, honey and walnuts and covered with icing.

1 - Granada

If you haven't seen Granada, you have not seen anything. The city is full of beauties and a trip to Andalusia cannot be separated from a visit to these wonderful places. Located near the Sierra Nevada mountains and the confluence of the Darro and Genil rivers, it was its privileged position that made it a meeting place between different cultures: Iberian, Roman and Islamic, all influences that are still reflected today in the magnificent architecture of the city.

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  • What to see absolutely: when you go to Granada, you absolutely cannot miss the famous Alhambra, the residence of Muslim kings and a true symbol of the city, an architectural jewel of unique beauty. Also worth seeing is Albaicin, the city's Arab quarter, with its narrow streets, squares, alleys and white houses. Finally, do not miss the historic center with the Alcaiceria, the ancient silk market.
  • What to eat absolutely: one of the specialties of Granada is the Sacromonte tortilla, a rather substantial dish based on marrow, sheep entrails and eggs. The undisputed king of Granada's gastronomy is definitely the Trevelez ham.

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