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Two authentic pearls. Thus we could define in a single adjective the delightful seaside resorts aci trezza and Aci Castello, not far from the equally suggestive Catania. Two destinations that contribute to making Sicily exceptional and that are worth a visit, perhaps organizing a suggestive tour starting from the island city. Let's find out what are the unmissable attractions, set like diamonds in these two splendid seaside resorts.


  1. Norman Castle, Aci Castello
  2. Marine Protected Area of ​​the Cyclops Islands
  3. Bathing stop at Lido dei Ciclopi
  4. Casa del Nespolo Museum (Aci Trezza)
  5. Faraglioni of Aci Trezza
  6. Church of San Giovanni Battista (Aci Trezza)
  7. Lachea Island (Aci Trezza)
  8. Fishermen's House (Aci Trezza)
  9. The columnar basalts at the port of Aci Trezza
  10. Where to eat: the best restaurants
  11. Where to sleep: better Acitrezza or Aci Castello?
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Norman Castle, Aci Castello

Also known as Castello di Aci, it overlooks the square in via del Porto thanks to its privileged position (the structure is located on top of a lava ridge). Today the attraction is home to the civic Museum.

  • the castle can be reached on foot from the center of Aci Castello in a few minutes - Get directions
  • open Mon-Sun 09:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 17:00 during the winter months; 09:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 19:00 during the spring months; 09:00 - 13:00 and 16:30 - 20:30 in the summer months.
  • € 3,00 (full); over 65: € 1,50; children 7/10 years € 1,00; under 7 years, disabled people and members of the police force enter for free

2 - Marine Protected Area of ​​the Cyclops Islands

This extraordinary protected area, born from an eruption of Etna, includes both municipalities, where you can admire a colorful and unique flora and fauna, especially fish, obviously respecting the delicate ecosystem inside the area.

  • It is possible to reach this extraordinary nature reserve by car or on foot. From Aci Castello, with the SS114 you arrive at your destination in 6 minutes by car (but you can also reach the destination on foot, in about 20 minutes). From Aci Trezza it is even easier to reach the area: 4 minutes by car (from via Provinciale), or from 9 to 13 minutes on foot. Get directions
  • Information: it is advisable to visit the website of the attraction to obtain more information on rules to be respected and booking a guided tour

3 - Bathing stop at Lido dei Ciclopi

It is not possible to stop in Aci Trezza or Aci Castello without treating yourself to the pleasant inebriation of a bath in their crystal clear waters. Lido dei Ciclopi is the most popular seaside area in the area.

  • from Aci Castello it takes just 3 minutes by car along via Provinciale and about 15 minutes on foot; from Aci Trezza it will take a few minutes on foot to reach the beach - Get directions
  • Information: various accesses to the beach. There are numerous paid services (toilets, solarium, bar).

4 - Casa del Nespolo Museum (Aci Trezza)

From the high Italian literature of Verga to the cinematographic masterpiece of Visconti, from "I Malavoglia" to "La terra trema", the two rooms of the suggestive Casa del Nespolo Museum allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the history of Acitrezza, between traditions and the life of fishermen .

  • walking along via Livorno in Aci Trezza, the attraction can be reached on foot in about 7 minutes. It takes just over half to get to the Casa del Nespolo by car - Get directions
  • Mon-Sun 09:30 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 21:00.
  • € 1,50. It is not necessary to book the visit

5 - Faraglioni of Aci Trezza

A true naturalistic masterpiece, the Faraglioni (also known as the Cyclops Islands) are an archipelago born from intense volcanic activity. Their genesis oscillates between reality and Homeric legend. The most important island of the archipelago is Lachea. The whole area of ​​the Faraglioni is part of the Island of Lachea and Faraglioni dei Ciclopi integral nature reserve.

  • to admire the wonderful glimpse of the stacks from afar, reach the Aci Trezza seafront on foot through via Provinciale in 10 minutes - Get directions
  • Information: to admire the nature reserve up close, you can book a visit at the AMP Isole Ciclopi Visitor Center. For information, visit the website

6 - Church of San Giovanni Battista (Aci Trezza)

It is in Aci Trezza that Verga set one of his most illustrious works, "I Malavoglia", taking inspiration from locations truly present in the joyful Sicilian town. One of them is the church of San Giovanni Battista, the main religious building in the town, rebuilt after the terrible earthquake that hit the Val di Noto.

  • the church of the town can be reached on foot from the center in a few minutes - Get directions
  • Information: the church is open to the public at the following times: 08:00 - 12:00 and 16:00 - 20:00. In the months of July, August and September, the building will respect the following hours: 17:00 - 20:00

7 - Lachea Island (Aci Trezza)

Let's take a step back and enter the fabulous Lachea island, belonging to the archipelago of the stacks of Aci Trezza, which deserves an honorable mention for the flora and fauna and for the presence of a station for biological studies of theUniversity of Catania.

  • the island, 400 meters from the coast, can be reached by boat or canoe - Get directions
  • Information: Lachea Island is a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts, thanks to the clear seabed and crystal clear waters. For more information, the suggestions relating to the Faraglioni are valid

8 - Fishermen's House (Aci Trezza)

Fishing is a real lifestyle in Aci Trezza, so much so that a recreational center is dedicated to this special category of workers. The Casa dei Pescatori, a few steps from the Casa del Nespolo, is a real meeting place in the heart of the city for fishermen and fishing lovers. Inside it is possible to admire a vast photographic archive.

  • from the center of Aci Trezza, the Casa dei Pescatori can be reached in less time on foot than by car. It takes less than 10 minutes on your own feet and at least 15 on four wheels - Get directions
  • Information: outside the structure it is possible to admire a scene taken from the novel "I Malavoglia" in high relief, by the artist Mimmo Lazzaro and dated 1939.

9 - The columnar basalts at the port of Aci Trezza

They sparked a real dispute i columnar basalts, formations of effusive rocks generated by the Etna volcano. Currently this naturalistic miracle is protected in a site, near the historic port of the locality, called Ancient port of call of the Malavoglia and of the geosite of the columnar Basalts of Acitrezza.

  • it takes just 4 minutes by car to reach the area from the center of Aci Trezza, along the SS114. On foot, it takes about 15 minutes - Get directions
  • Information: access to the area is free. The area is characterized by being a true green oasis with lush flora and fauna

Where to eat: the best restaurants

  1. Ristosnack Pistorio: Fast food with typical rotisserie products and fish dishes.
    Address: Lungomare Ciclopi 187 - Get directions
    Tel: (+ 39) 3487620584
    Average price per person: between € 6,00 and € 16,00
  2. Anchovy Fish Bar: Sandwiches and fish specialties.
    Address: Via Provvidenza - Get directions
    Tel: (+ 39) 0957116047
    Average price per person: starting from € 6,00
  3. Old Marina in Urnazza: Pizzas, wraps and typical seafood specialties.
    Address: Via Provinciale 9 / a | Piazza delle Scuole corner - Get directions
    Tel: (+ 39) 095277688
    Average prices per person: starting from € 6,50
  4. Trattoria I Malavoglia da Paolino: Typical Mediterranean cuisine, dishes based on fresh fish.
    Address: Via Lungomare Dei Ciclopi, 167 - Get directions
    Tel: (+ 39) 3403360301
    Average price per person: starting from € 25,00
  5. The Courtyard of the Fairies: Pizzeria, with a wide choice of other courses.
    Address: Via Savoia, 16 - Get directions
    Tel: (+ 39) 0958184903
    Average price per person: € 20,00

Where to sleep: better Acitrezza or Aci Castello?

The best option to stay one or more nights is Aci Castello. The reasons are mainly two: the cost of the room (a double in a B&B can be booked at more than affordable prices), and the proximity to the center (it is not easy to find hotels or hotels close to the center of Aci Trezza, unless you opt for an overnight stay in the neighboring Aci Castello).

  • Hotel and b & b from € 45,00 per room -
  • Tour of Catania and the Riviera dei Ciclopi sunset tour on Etna

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