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Peschici is one of the many places in Puglia that are visited every year by thousands of tourists in love with the climate and landscapes of this splendid region. Specifically, Peschici manages to combine everything a traveler looks for: good food, fun, relaxation and even a little culture. All this is possible thanks to countless activities to do alone or in company, with pristine coasts, medieval buildings and top quality food. Would you like to know more?


  1. How to get to Peschici:
  2. What to see in Peschici
  3. What to do in the evening
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How to get to Peschici:

  • By car: Get directions
    From the North: take the A-14 Bologna Taranto. Exit Poggio Imperiale and continue on Strada Veloce del Gargano. Then continue on the coast road SS89 to your destination.
    From the South: take the A-14 Bologna Taranto and exit at Cerignola Est. Continue towards Manfredonia on the SS159 and, once reached, continue on the SS89 towards Mattinata. Choose whether to continue on the coast road B53 or on the internal road SS89.
  • By Bus: Peschici can be reached thanks to several bus companies that connect it to the major Italian cities. All information can be found on the Saps website, www.sapsbusline.it.
  • By train: There are no trains that stop in Peschici, so you have to get off at Foggia station and continue with a Foggia-Peschici bus. For information on trains visit the website https://www.trenitalia.com/

What to see in Peschici

In Peschici there is so much to see. Starting from its beaches, which contributed to its fame, up to the buildings in the historic center.


Bathed by the sea of ​​the Gargano, the beaches of Peschici satisfy every need. In the city and in the adjacent areas you will find beaches full of bathing establishments, which in the evening also become places dedicated to nightlife, and others further away from the bustle of the city, still unspoiled and wild ().

  • Peschici beach
  • Manaccore beach
  • Zaiana beach
  • Turco beach
  • San Nicola beach
  • Sfinale beach
  • Procenisco Bay

Historic center: the Castle

The historic center of Peschici is full of beautiful places to discover. Among the main attractions of Peschici can not miss the castle of the city.
Built by the Normans between the th and th centuries as a defense from Saracen pirates, it strikes as much for its grandeur as for the place where it was built: overlooking the sea.
Today only the dungeons remain of the original structure, which in the past also housed the weapons depot and the warehouse. The castle can be visited at these times:

  • giugno 9:30-13:30/16:30-22:30. Luglio 9:30-13:30/16:30-24:00. Agosto 9:30-13:30/16:30-00:30. Settembre 9:30-13:30/16:30-22:30
  • cost of tickets: full € 4,00. Reduced (children and over 65) € 2,00

Kalena Abbey

In the agro area of ​​Peschici you can also see the remains of the abbey of Zant Maria di Calena. Built in 872, it is among the oldest in Italy. Its dating, however "precise", remains uncertain: the only certainty we have is that in 1023 the place of worship already existed. Today you can visit it without problems of ticket cost and timetables.


Not to be missed are the trebuchets, present almost everywhere on the city coasts. They are gods ancient fishing machines which, in Peschici are "strangely" built directly on the coast.

Church of Sant'Elia

Among the monuments of the historic center you can find the Church of Sant 'Elia. Dating back to around 1200, it was built with a Latin cross plan with six side chapels. Of particular importance are the inscriptions that you will find inside the church: one is located behind the altar, while the other two are inside as many chapels. The church can be visited in relation to the times of the mass.

Other points of interest nearby

In the surroundings of Peschici you will find several interesting places. Here are a few:

  • Grottone di Manaccora, 5 km from Peschici - Get directions
  • High Moorish Village, 4,7 km from Peschici - Get directions
  • Tremiti Islands, 45 km (30 nautical miles) from Peschici - Get directions

What to do in the evening

Don't know what to do in Peschici in the evening? The solution is very simple. In fact, Peschici has a very active nightlife, which goes from the historic center to the beaches that become splendid places to stroll and enjoy the city. Here are some ideas on what to do in the evening in Peschici, with the list of clubs and bars in the village.

  • Toda Joia, Facebook page
  • Mokerhapa, Facebook page
  • The Pitcher, Facebook page
  • Giarrone cocktail & wine bar, Facebook page
  • Camavitè, Facebook page

Where to eat

As for food in Peschici you will find everything and more. The city is full of restaurants for every pocket offering the best Apulian specialties. Not only fresh fish, but also oil, bread, cheese and sweets are the masters on the tables of Peschici, and here are some places where you can taste them.

  1. The bakery in via Castello, recommended for breakfast
    Via Castello 11 - Get directions
  2. La Taverna restaurant, recommended for quick lunch
    Piazza del Popolo 15 - Get directions
  3. Borgo Antico restaurant, recommended for romantic dinner
    Via Castello 13 - Get directions

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