What to do in the evening in New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, the American metropolis where everything is possible and where everyone can find something fun to do.
You cannot come here and not even experience the hours that follow the sunset: restaurants of all kinds, roof tops where you can have aperitifs or dance until late at night, theaters to watch concerts or musicals.
Here is a review of the best things to do and see in the evening in New York City!


  1. Getting around NYC in the evening
  2. Where to go out for dinner
  3. Where to go for a drink
  4. What to do: 5 ideas for a special evening
  5. Where to admire the sunrise
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Getting around NYC in the evening

  • Metro: New York has 26 lines, most of which run 24 hours a day. Single tickets cost $ 24 (€ 3). Cards are available, such as the reloadable Pay Per Ride Metrocard (offers an 2,66% bonus on every refill, and allows you to pay only $ 11 per ride) or the Unlimited Ride Metrocard (offers unlimited rides for 2,75 days for $ 7 / € 32)
  • By busBuses are especially recommended if you are staying in the Manhattan area. Only the main lines run 24 hours a day.
    On street corners there are stops where timetables, routes and waiting times are displayed. Fares are the same as those of the metro.
  • By taxi: available anywhere and at any time. The cost of a ride ranges from $ 2,50 (€ 2,22) plus $ 0,50 (€ 0,40) for every 1/5 mile and $ 0,5 for every minute the vehicle is stopped in traffic. At the end of the ride you must also add 15% -20% tip on the total amount to be paid.

Where to go out for dinner

Best panoramic restaurants with a view

  1. View of The World: Average price per person: $ 90 (€ 80,00)
    Downtown Manhattan, 140 Washington St, Financial District (Get Directions)
  2. Tavern on The Green: Average price per person $ 80 (€ 70,00)
    Central Park - 67th Street & Central Park West. Closest Entrance W66th Street (Get Directions)
  3. The River Cafe: Average price per person: $ 85 (€ 75,00)
    Wall Street, 1 Water St. Brooklyn (Get Directions)

Best Italian restaurants

  1. From Marino: Average price per person $ 45 (€ 40,00)
    Address and contact: Theater District, 220 W 49th St (Get Directions)
  2. The farm: Average price per person $ 50 (€ 45,00)
    Theater District, 235 W 48th St (Get Directions)
  3. Via della Pace: Average price per person: $ 28 (€ 25,00)
    Downtown Manhattan, 48 E 7th St (Get Directions)

Best steakhouses

  1. Porter House Steakhouse: Average price per person $ € 50,00 (€ 44,00)
    Lincoln Square, 10 Columbus Cir Ste 4 (Get Directions)
  2. Gallaghers Steakhouse: Average price per person $ € 62,00 (€ 55,00)
    Midtown, 228 W 52nd St (Get Directions)
  3. Minetta Tavern: Average price per person $ € 60,00 (€ 54,00)
    Greenwich Village, 113 Macdougal St (Get Directions)

Where to go for a drink

The Lounge Bars are a must for those who want to experience New York from sunset to late night. The city is full of clubs that are often renewed, so it may happen that a place in vogue today, tomorrow is no longer.
The areas, however, where most of the places are concentrated are the Meatpacking District and Williamsburg, but also the Village, the Lower East Side and the Bowery are areas of Manatthan full of nice places.

Recommended places

  1. Blind barber: a place that hosts a barber's shop during the day and hides a location behind a sliding door in the evening where you can drink a cocktail while chatting until late.
    Address & Contact Information: 339 E 10th Street (Get Directions)
  2. Dear Irving: Inspired by the movie "Midnight in Paris" this lounge bar has several welcoming rooms dedicated to some famous people: Johan Fitzgerald Kennedy, Marie Antoinette, etc. A welcoming place where attentive waiters will serve you exquisite cocktails. Address & Contact Information: 55 Irving Place (Get Directions)
  3. Bathtub Gin: The paradise for Gin lovers in the central and lively Chelsea Venue, a welcoming place ideal for an after dinner date or to stay up late at night. Address & Contact Information: 132 9th Avenue (Get Directions)

Useful Tips

  • Minimum drinking age: 21 years
  • Average alcohol prices: $ 8,50 (€ 7,00) for a beer - $ 15 (€ 13,00) for a mashed cocktail
  • Prohibitions and restrictions: in New York, drinking a beer or alcohol on the street is forbidden and can cost you very high fines, as well as a few days in jail. Therefore limit yourself to drinking alcohol only in bars, restaurants and clubs.

What to do: 5 ideas for a special evening

1 - Admire the Skyline

The Big Apple has beautiful panoramic terraces from where you can admire the famous Skylines. At sunset and in the evening when the city lights up, it is possible to have wonderful perspectives that outline the skyscrapers of New York. Here are some places to admire the skyline:

  1. Feedom Tower: The skyscraper that now stands where the Twin Towers once stood offers a 360 ° view of the whole city even if it is possible to enjoy the view only through the windows. Get directions.
  2. Empire State Building: once the tallest skyscraper in the city, it still remains the one from which you can admire a priceless view ranging from Central Park to the Downtown skyline. Get directions.
  3. Top of The Rock: in the heart of Midtown it has a view similar to the one you get from the Empire but there are those who prefer it photographically. Get directions.

2 - Enjoy a Broadway show

Broadway shows are known around the world for the choreography, musical arrangements and costumes used. During a stay in New York you cannot miss one of the many shows on the bill. However, we recommend that you purchase the ticket for the show of your interest in advance. You can do this in advance via the Hellotickets website.

3 - Listen to live music

New York is known all over the world for its venues where live music of all kinds play. Depending on your tastes, you can choose whether to listen to jazz, rock, pop or classical. Sometimes the locals charge an admission ranging from $ 20 to $ 25 (€ 18,00- € 22,00), in other cases it is necessary to consume.

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg: In the heart of Brooklyn a place for those who prefer live rock music. 66 N 6th St, Brooklyn (Get Directions) - Facebook Page
  2. Village Vanguard: A place where a band made up of 4 trombones, 4 saxes, 4 trumpets, a piano, a double bass and a drums plays jazz music for true connoisseurs. West Village 178 7th Ave S (Get Directions) - Facebook Page
  3. Terminal 5: A large space on two floors with an open terrace where you can listen to live music concerts in perfect acoustics. Midtown 610 W 56th St (Get Directions) - Facebook Page

Recommended cards, tickets and tours: Harlem Jazz Culture Tour

4 - Take part in a night visit

Another experience to live in New York after dark are excursions around the city to places that are even more fascinating in the dark.
You can decide to see the Big Apple from a double decker bus, or comfortably seated on one Limo or join one cruise on the banks of the Hudson with dinner on board.
If you do not spare any expense and want to experience a unique emotion, instead, we suggest the night tour by helicopter above the skyscrapers of New York!

Recommended cards, tickets and tours:
New York Harbor Evening Cruise and Statue of Liberty
New York: helicopter flight

5 - Go wild at the disco

If you're over 21 and you like to rock out until dawn, there are plenty of clubs in New York.
Almost everywhere you need a dress code, show your identity card and pay an admission ranging from $ 20 to $ 40 (€ 18,00-35,00) depending on the nights and events.

  1. Heaven Club: one of the best for environment, music and hospitality.
    18 Little W. 12 St. (Get directions) - Facebook page
  2. Marquee: an elegant nightclub in the Chelsea district, characterized by stylish decor and pleasant music
    At the corner of 27th st. (Get directions) - Facebook page
  3. Webster hall: discotheque and concert hall where famous DJs perform and dance to a wild rhythm all night long.
    125 East 11th Street (Get Directions) - Facebook Page

Where to admire the sunrise

If after the long night you found yourself making the dawn we suggest you see the first lights of the sun in these places that will make you fall madly in love with this city (if you are not already).

  1. Empire State Building Get directions
  2. Gantry Park in Long Island City Get directions
  3. The Brooklyn Heights Get directions
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