What to do in Formentera if it rains

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What to see in Formentera if it rains

It can happen, even if rarely, that you are on the island and it rains. So what to do on a day without a beach? Here is a list of things to do on the beautiful island in bad weather.

Visit the Ethnological Museum

In the heart of San Francesc Xavier lies the Ethnological Museum and visiting it allows you to discover what life was like in Formentera before the tourist boom, what were the tools used in the handicraft and rural sector. A truly suggestive glimpse to make you take a dip in the past of the island.

Eat the typical dessert of the island

To pass the time and satisfy your palate, look for Ensaimada in one of the pastry shops or bars, a soft, spiral-shaped dessert that has become typical in all the Balearics.

Read a book at the Big Store

Do you want to take a coffee break? At the Big Store, the concept bar in San Francesc, you can have a snack, take advantage of the free wifi to check your email or read a few books or magazines. The atmosphere here is the same as at a friend's house.

Go shopping at Nomads Formentera

Located in San Francesc Xavier, Nomads is one of the clothing stores where it is worth shopping in Formentera. You can find refined products, a clothing line signed by the same store and the famous line of EXkite jackets made with the Kite material that is no longer used. So in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, they are also eco-sustainable.

Visit Schoppi's studio

Pay a visit to Schoppi's atelier (found on the right on the road leading to San Francesc Xavier, before the bend). Schoppi is the hippy artist who died in 2007 who developed a personal art, still present on the island today. In fact, in many villas and houses you can admire his wonderful and colorful works. Today the atelier and its artistic technique are carried out by Aby, an artist who also makes ceramic objects.

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