What to bring on a cruise: tips for a perfect suitcase

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The trip is booked, the departure is approaching and with it comes the fateful question: what to pack for a cruise? It's not easy, you can't improvise, but don't panic, here is a series of useful tips to save your holiday designed with the collaboration of Planet Cruise experts.


  1. What to bring on a cruise
  2. What NOT to bring on a cruise:
  3. Tips half by half
  4. Useful info and limitations
  5. User questions and comments

What to bring on a cruise

The important thing is to always leave informed. This is because the cruise is a little different than any other vacation. It's a bit like making several trips in one go. There will be the "navigation" moment when you will spend time doing the most varied things, from simple sunbathing to a sophisticated show at the theater, and there will be the "ashore" moment when you leave the sea for excursions and visits to the city.

There are there are so many factors you need to consider: the destinations, the ship, the type of trip you want to do, how long you decide to spend on board or on land, the events you want to participate in. And then, of course, it is necessary to relate everything to the length of the journey and to your habits. But there are some nonetheless things you must never forget on no occasion, such as:

  1. personal documents (passport, identity card, visas);
  2. travel documents;
  3. credit card or cash;
  4. medicines or medical devices (possibly also against seasickness);
  5. battery charger;
  6. camera;
  7. baby bottles, toys and specific foods if you have small children;
  8. sunscreen, sunglasses and swimsuit;
  9. comfortable shoes to enjoy excursions in complete tranquility;
  10. an elegant dress and a white cape;
  11. a sweater or shrug.

What NOT to bring on a cruise:

On board the ship you will find several useful things that you can safely leave out of your suitcase:

  1. bed sheets;
  2. towels;
  3. soap, shampoo and shower gel;
  4. hairdryer;
  5. Beach towels;
  6. cigarettes, tobaccos (on sale in shops and bars on board);
  7. cot, cot, high chair and bottle warmer (on request and after checking availability at the time of booking).

NB: In some cases you will also find a hairdresser, beauty center and laundry service, but beware, prices may be higher.

Tips half by half

Cruises are not all the same and if you opt for a navigation between the Norwegian fjords, you will find a very different climate than that of a tour of the Arab Emirates. In addition, it is useful to take into account the temperatures on the ship. You will go from the cold of the air conditioning in the restaurant to the scorching heat of the swimming pool, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We therefore recommend to dress in layers. Remember pullovers and shrugs. For dinner and in the evening there are special occasions that include an elegant dress, such as gala evenings, while the others are free to choose how to dress. The advice is to always bring at least two evening dresses, with matching shoes.

Since going on a cruise is a bit like taking three different trips, to avoid having to find yourself sitting on your suitcase at the last minute trying to close it, you can follow these tips halfway through.

Useful info and limitations

Read carefully the rules of the shipping company you have chosen, there will certainly be things that you will not be able to take on a cruise with you, for example:

  • appliances (iron, coffee maker, kettle, hairdryer, plate);
  • animals (with the exception of guide dogs);
  • food and drink (except food for small children);
  • fireworks, gas, infectious and poisonous substances;
  • weapons, ammunition, explosive substances;
  • candles and flammable materials.

Once you have prepared your suitcase, remember to weigh it. Shipping companies have a limit on the number of bags per person, often two, and one weight limit to be loaded beyond which a surcharge applies, usually the range is between 20 and 30 kg. And if it's a flight cruise, don't forget to check the airline's baggage regulations!
Finally, the last valuable tip: leave some empty space in your suitcase for souvenirs.

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