What shouldn't be missing in your suitcase? 5 things not to forget when traveling

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The least pleasant thing to do before a vacation is undoubtedly prepare your suitcase.
Yes, because it is a boring thing that we usually put off until the day before departure.
In doing so, however, it often happens that some evaluations are wrong: bring something absolutely useless or worse forget something fundamental at home.
Preparing your baggage is not easy at all, you have to respect various rules imposed by safety laws and by airlines.
A classic example is to bring liquid cosmetics that exceed the limit of ml allowed, or fill the suitcase reaching immoderate levels, to the point of making it very heavy, resulting in a fine for being overweight.

Even if it frequently happens to diminish its importance, the preparation of the suitcase, as well as of the hand luggage is an influential moment, capable of condition the outcome of the trip same.
Do you wonder how this can be possible? Well ask all those people who have forgotten the passport at home ...
In the past we have already given you some tips on what to pack to leave: today we intend to shed some light on things that we tend to forget more frequently, giving you some tips to prevent this from happening.


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Tips to not forget anything

Learn to follow these "commandments" and the chances of forgetting something will be close to 0%.
Here 5 practical rules that every true experienced traveler knows by heart.

  1. Make a list of things to take on vacation: We have already specified this on other occasions, the checklist makes the difference! To some it might seem an exaggeration but these are the same people who are forced to buy a new toothbrush on every trip!
    Make a list with everything you think it can serve. In this first phase it is not strictly necessary to be thrifty, write down everything you can think of! Then you will make a selection of the really essential things.
  2. Begin at least 3 days before departure: Programming is everything!
    Start thinking about what you are interested in taking on the road well in advance. Once you have completed the list and selected the really essential things you may need to run to buy something which is not currently available.
  3. Bring as few things as possible: This rule applies to ladies, as far as clothing is concerned, and for gentlemen, as regards technological equipment. While, on the one hand, women cannot give up a vast choice of clothes, dresses and footwear; on the other, boys cannot do without Ipad, pc, relfex, external hard disk and so on. Needless to reiterate the concept: all these things they are not essential for a dream vacation.
  4. Be methodical: Prepare your luggage wisely. You know the tetris? Well, take advantage of years of gaming experience e optimize the space available. The shoes go to the bottom of the suitcase, over clothes, t-shirts and trousers, in the empty spaces the linen and accessories and finally the overcoat. In this way you will be able to bring in many more things.
  5. take notes: During the holiday, write down on the sheets of a diary the things you would need and those that you did not need at all, this information could prove to be very important for the future travel.

5 things not to forget for a trip

After analyzing the basic rules to not forget anything, now is the time to focus on what is regularly forgottenEtc.
Here what must not be missing in your suitcase:

  1. Brush: it has happened, it happens and will continue to happen to anyone of you who will not learn to use the advice of ForTravelAdviceLovers. The toothbrush is probably the thing that is most often forgotten.
  2. slippers: Even slippers end up in oblivion. It is no coincidence that they are supplied together with the rest of the bed linen in most hotels.
  3. Favorite dress: your favorite dress cannot be missing in your suitcase. Whether it's a pair of jeans, a shirt, a dress or a T-shirt should be the second thing (tickets and documents are the first) to take.
  4. Charger and adapter: The mobile phone charger is another thing that is frequently left at home. If, on the other hand, you are going to go to a country other than yours, get a power adapter.
  5. Any other business: Each of us has different needs. For a nearsighted person, contact lenses and glasses are essential, in the same way as an inhaler is for an asthmatic, so keep an eye on your basic needs!

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