What is the tallest tree in the world and where is it located

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THEtallest tree in the world is the Hyperion, a sequoia that stands 115,55 meters high. Nature lovers who want to see this giant at least once in their life must go to California. There is the Redwood National Park, inside which there is one of the most beautiful forests in America and in the world. The best time for a stay to discover the Californian parks it is the summer one or, alternatively, the spring one. Although the climate is always very humid and temperatures do not exceed 15 degrees, it is best to stay away from heavy winter rains.

Il Redwood National Park it is found in Northern California, on the Pacific coast. The oceanic climate from which this area is characterized is excellent for the forests of sequoias, therefore, it is no coincidence that the tallest tree in the world is right here. Dell 'Hyperion we only know that it is inside the park, while its exact position is unknown. Unfortunately, the sequoias are an endangered species, therefore, this preventive measure was taken to avoid excessively damaging the surrounding environment. To see the Hyperion, the only way is to venture into the forests and hope for luck.

This unique behemoth in the world has 2500 years, but it was only discovered in 2006. Since then, relatively few visitors to Redwood Park have been able to find it, but while this situation may turn up their noses, it is totally necessary. Less than 50 years ago, in fact, there were dozens of redwoods that reached these heights, but 90% of them were unfortunately cut down to make wood. For to preserve this and other legendary trees, therefore, there is nothing to do but hide the location and let them be found by chance.

To reach Redwood National Park you can leave by car or plane from San Francisco and continue alone or with a guided tour organized by rangers. If you do not reach the Hyperion, you can always be satisfied with theHelios: with its 114,30 meters of height it is the second tallest tree in the world. To see the largest tree in terms of volume, however, you have to move south, to Sequoia national park. It is located just 200 miles from Los Angeles and is home to the great Generale Sherman, only 83 meters high, but with a volume of 1487 cubic meters and a weight of 2000 tons.

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