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Is it true that influencers lead "the good life", between expensive trips, aperitifs and selfies? Is it true that the influencer is the best job in the world or is it just a myth to dispel?
Today we will answer these and other questions: here's what it means to be a travel influencer and how to become one.


  1. What is the meaning of "influencer"
  2. Categories and specializations
  3. What does the Travel Influencer do? What do you do?
  4. How to become an influencer?
  5. User questions and comments

What is the meaning of "influencer"

By influencer we mean a person who, through the use of blogs, You tube channels and social profiles, is able to significantly influence the behavior, opinions and purchases of their followers.

Categories and specializations

It is possible to distinguish influencers based on the theme of the proposed contents, the communication channel used and finally on the basis of the audience reached.

1 - Specializations by theme

First of all, a distinction must be made based on the theme of the proposed contents. We will therefore have:

  • Fashion influencer, which offer contents concerning fashion and lifestyle;
  • Food influencer, offering recipes and advice on restaurants and places to eat, specialties to try;
  • Travel influencer, which offer content on travel and holidays, destinations, hotels, hotels, etc;
  • Tech influencer, which offer content, advice and reviews on technology and information technology;
  • Fitness and beauty consultant, offering content on fitness, health, body care, etc.

2 - Distinction by communication channel

Regarding the communication channels we will have:

  • Blogger, or influencers who propose content on their personal blog;
  • Vloggers and youtubers, or influencers who offer video content on youtube;
  • Instagramer, or influencers who propose content on Instagram;
  • Facebok influencer, or those who propose content via Facebook fan page.

3 - Distinction by audience reached

Finally, by target audience they are divided into:

  • Micro Influencer (from 1.000 to 20.000 followers);
  • Professional Influencer (from 20.000 to 100.000 followers);
  • Macro influencer (from 100.000 to 300.000 followers);
  • Celebrity (from 300.000 to infinite followers).

What does the Travel Influencer do? What do you do?

Let's get things straight: whoever is a travel influencer, gets "a bunch like that", regardless of whether he is a blogger, a youtuber or an instagramer.

Among the main tasks are:

  • content production and editing (creation of articles, photos, videos, etc.)
  • management of social channels (facebook, instagram, youtube)
  • marketing and digital PR activities (strategy planning, contact with companies, etc.)
  • commercial activities (search for economic solutions, search for customers)
  • etc.

In practice, the more the fan base grows, the more the amount of work grows, so it becomes impossible to do everything yourself.
Here because successful influencers work alongside a team of collaborators and they often found real companies by hiring staff. Just like what happened to Chiara Ferragni, born as a simple fashion blogger, and today she has become a real icon.

How to become an influencer?

The road to becoming a successful influencer is long and arduous. You have to work hard and consistently regardless of the communication channel chosen to build your audience. Among the many things to do to grow as an influencer you will have to:

  • study in depth the functioning of instagram, youtube, facebook and the web in general;
  • carefully choose your target and carve out a niche;
  • specialize in the production and dissemination of content suitable for your audience;
  • study the competition and propose new and modern solutions.

These are obviously the basic principles; the specific strategies vary more or less significantly depending on whether you want to become a travel blogger, youtuber or instagramer.

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