What are the valid documents for the expatriation of minors?

You have children or grandchildren minors and you want take them on a trip abroad? Or are you teachers or educators about to cross national borders together with boys and girls who have not yet reached the age of 18?
Then read this article to understand what documents are used to bring minors to a foreign country and what precautions must be taken into account in order not to be caught unprepared.


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  2. European passport for minors
  3. Pass for expatriation
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Identity card valid for expatriation

For travel to Europe, one of the documents recognized for minors is cidentity card valid for expatriation.
First of all it should be noted that:

  • There are no particular indications on identity cards valid for expatriation, while vice versa for identity cards not valid for expatriation there is the wording "not valid for expatriation";
  • Not all EU countries accept paper identity cards renewed by means of the stamp.

The identity card can be released to all people, without age limits. This the duration of validity of the identity document for minors:

  • Children under 3: the identity card is valid for 3 years;
  • Minors between the ages of 3 and 18: the identity card is valid for 5 years.

According to the new legislation, the identity card expires on the date of the birthday following the 3 and 5 years elapsed from the date of issue.
Ma what documentation is needed to have a valid identity card for expatriation? Here's the list:

  • Three recent passport photos, identical to each other, with uncovered faces;
  • If it follows a theft or loss, you must have a photocopy of the report with you.

In the request phase, minors must be accompanied by both parents or by whoever exercises authority, with a valid identity card; if one of the two parents is unable to be there, the minor can be accompanied by only one parent carrying theact of consent of the missing parent, with a copy of the identity document attached.
If the authorization of at least one parent is missing, serves theauthorization of the Tutelary Judge, while for minors under guardianship the presence of the guardian is required, with relative documentation certifying the situation.
To have the identity card is enough go to the registry office of your municipality of residence.

European passport for minors

Another valid document for expatriation for minors is the European passport. The passport is valid for travel to Europe as an alternative to the identity card, while it is essential if you go to non-EU countries.
The validity of the passport is the same as the identity card, with the same age groups.
To request it, simply connect to the site, through which you can request a passport and book the time, date and place of submission of the application, avoiding long queues. The minor cannot register: the parent must register and proceed with the request, while the application for the passport and the postal order must be in the name of the minor.

The required documentation consists of:

  • The printed form for applying for a passport, specifically for minors;
  • A valid identity document for the minor;
  • 2 identical, uncovered and recent passport photos;
  • € 73,50 revenue stamp;
  • Payment receipt of € 42,50 to be made via current account slip;
  • Print of the receipt sent after registering on the portal.

Also in this case, the consent of both parents or of the person exercising parental responsibility is required for the passport of the minor.

Pass for expatriation

Il pass for expatriation is now one obsolete tool, which previously had the function of certifying the minor's birth and citizenship for the purposes of expatriation and was valid up to 15 years of age. Following the introduction of the identity card valid for expatriation for all age groups under minors, the pass is no longer required.

Minors abroad without parents

First of all, it should be noted that under no circumstances can a child under 14 go abroad without parents.
In fact, a child under 14 can only leave the country in two cases:

  • Expatriation with parents: in this case, you need an identity card valid for expatriation or a passport with the parents' names on the back;
  • Expatriation with a person other than the parent or legal guardian (teachers, other relatives, etc.): a valid identity card or passport is required, together with a specific declaration issued to the companion by the Police Headquarters.

For those aged 14 to 18, to travel abroad it is sufficient to have an identity card valid for expatriation, and it is not necessary to accompany a parent or guardian either in the EU or outside the EU. .

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