What are the most dangerous hidden volcanoes in the world

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The most dangerous (hidden) volcanoes in the world. Photo

There are more than 10.000 and they generate 75% of all the volcanic lava that is created in the world in a year: they are the underwater volcanoes, that is, volcanoes completely submerged by water. Invisible to our eyes and little known, they are found underwater but are still active.

Some hidden volcanoes are also underground in the great depths of the Earth: they are the most dangerous volcanoes in the world because they are the largest and those who have not yet made themselves heard. Yet they may wake up at any moment. Scattered in many corners of the earth from Italy to the world, here are some of them.

The hidden volcanoes in the world

Volcanoes have always fascinated man, who saw them at the same time as a divine manifestation and as a threat. In the world there are still many hidden underground or submerged by the waters of the oceans.

Tamu, the largest volcano in the world

The largest volcano in the world it is located 1.500 kilometers off the coast of Japan. The Massif Tamu it is about 4 km high, 650 wide and has an area of ​​260 thousand square km, more than Great Britain and with an area of ​​310 thousand square km, almost as much as Italy. Its top, however, is located almost two thousand meters below sea level. It remained active until 140 million years ago, but was only discovered by some scholars in 2013. Initially it was thought, given the enormous size of the volcano, that it was a complex of several volcanoes but further studies have stated that it is of an'unique mega-volcano.

In size, the Tamu can compete with the largest volcanoes in the solar system. The Mount Olympus, on Mars, the largest volcano discovered so far: it is 22 km high, but has an area that is only 20 percent larger than that of Tamu. Another incredibly high volcano is the Mauna loa, the volcano located in Hawaii, whose overall height exceeds that of Everest, even if it has a smaller surface area, about 5 km, compared to Tamu (9 meters from the bottom of the sea to the top).

The Yellowstone Caldera

Another supervolcano is there Caldera of Yellowstone, Located under the American park of Yellowstone, in northwest Wyoming. Yellowstone, like Hawaii, is located right above a large area that in geology is called a hot spot, where the layer of molten rock underneath the earth's crust tends to rise to the surface, much like the activity of actual volcanoes. .

The boiling loose rocks found under the National Park, extend over an area of ​​88 km in length, 29 km in width and a maximum of 14 km in depth. The last eruption that occurred in Yellowstone dates back to about 640 years ago, but it is a place heavily monitored by the USGS, the geological service of the United States. If it were to explode, the ashes could bury half of America and the eruption would catastrophic relapses over the entire planet.

The hidden volcanoes in Italy

But also in Italy, one of the most seismic countries in Europe, there are many volcanoes buried under water. They are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the Aeolian Islands.

The Marsili volcano

In our Tyrrhenian Sea a sleeping monster is hiding that could one day wake up, the Marsili, a mountain of 3.000 meters submerged by the sea in front of the Aeolian Islands: it is the largest volcano in Europe and the Mediterranean and is still active. The Marsili volcano (70 km long and 30 wide, equal to 2.100 square km of surface) is one of the most dangerous underwater volcanoes in the Tyrrhenian Sea, together with two others: the Magnaghi volcano and Palinuro volcano.

The Magnaghi volcano and Palinuro

The Magnaghi is a underwater volcano Italian always in the Aeolian Arch. It has an estimated age of three million years and is located 220 km south-east of Naples. It rises in depth between 1.465 and 3.000 meters for an altitude of 2.500 meters. The palinuro is an underwater volcano about 65 km from Cilento beaches. The summit of Palinuro is visible 100 meters below the sea level. It is an active volcano that could be very harmful to the Tyrrhenian coast southern in case of eruption.

We all know the smoking volcanoes in activity, but let's remember that there are others disguised as water basins, or those invisible, like those underwater volcanoes but geologically active. Today, hundreds of expert scientists constantly monitor the volcanoes remained active to try to prevent, as far as possible, environmental disasters that could cause much damage to our planet.

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